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Liberal Media Setting a Gender Gap Trap for Republicans

The Obama campaign and the liberal media (but I repeat myself) are setting a trap for the Republican presidential candidates in hopes of building a substantial “gender gap” in favor Obama and the Democrats. The question is, will the Republicans -- and especially Rick Santorum -- fall in or turn it to their advantage?

That question will be decided by whether or not Republicans can stay on message and keep the discussion focused on religious freedom, the Constitution and respect for the traditional family, instead of getting sucked into an argument over liberal feminist grievances with males in general.

The liberal gambit began January 7, when ABC's George Stephanopoulos hounded Mitt Romney on the issue of contraception as decided in the 1965 Supreme Court case, Griswold v. Connecticut. Romney managed to blunder through the Inquisition without taking the bait.

Rush Limbaugh later noted that, “The design was they hoped Romney would say, 'Well, if the states want to,' they could then allude to the Republican front-runner suggesting that contraception be banned. Then they went out and they found an interview with Santorum where they can take him out of context and say that this is what he intends to do when he has not and did not say that.”

The line of questioning began by Stephanopoulos hasn’t been limited to contraception. Santorum has also been hit for opposing women in combat -- again, with his comments taken out of context in an attempt to spark feminist outrage and demonstrate that the rising conservative candidate is hostile to women reaching their full professional potential.

The liberal message that feminists must rise-up to protect women’s rights from hostile paternalistic Republicans was pushed hard yesterday, when Democratic members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee walked out of a hearing on the separation of church and state because there were no women on the witness panel.

Radical liberal feminists from Nancy Pelosi to Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell are all working off the same set of talking points. One need only read the transcript of the Ruth Marcus/Andrea Mitchell colloquy titled “Santorum criticized for comments on women’s issues,” which concludes, “now we can all focus on Rick Santorum and his women issue” to understand what the game is.

If Republicans want to win the argument with radical liberal feminists, they should make it about freedom and empowerment and protecting the traditional family, not about whether or not some radical law student gets to testify before Congress.

Much as urban liberals hate to admit it, out in real America, people still hope for a happy marriage, healthy and upward-bound children and a stable job to help support those goals. When Republicans show that the burden of the breakdown of the economy and the traditional family falls hardest on women, they win the argument with radical feminism every time.

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Have foot,will insert into mouth

The Constitution is quite clear in its interpretations for mankind of both sexes.By following the advise of the document they are supposed to uphold,despite their own opinions,they would have a clear path through such chicanery.Empowerment of any group over another is anti constitutional.


"Democracy is the theory that the common man knows what he wants, and deserves to get it good and hard".

HL. Mencken

All these "moderators" are

All these "moderators" are (were) liberals who try to push their ideological precepts with leading questions.  These so called "debates" are setups by the left which shouldn't be tolerated by the candidates.  Then best thing to come out was Gingrich's remonstration of John King for an asinine line of questions.  These debates are largely farcial in that the candidates do not pick their platforms and debate how they would counter the  trend of Constitutional destruction put up by the present administration.  To use a Shakespearian quote; "A pox on them" (the liberal/socialist left). However, R, G & S are all pro big government (neo-cons).  The ONLY Constitutionalist is Congressman, Ron Paul, MD.  Voting another big government politician into office will only continue the neo-con statist policies put in place since Nixon and do nothing to return the Republic to fiscal and social sanity.