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Gov. Christie Scolded by Marine Mother, Conservative Activists

85% of respondents to the CHQ Poll agree with the fallen Marine’s mother who thought it was inappropriate for Gov. Christ Christie to lower the flag on the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral.

We asked you:  “By order of Gov. Chris Christie, flags in New Jersey will be lowered on the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral.  A fallen Marine’s mother has nothing against Houston, but is offended by this action.  Christie defends his action as honoring a cultural icon.  Do you believe Gov. Christie’s action was a good idea or an inappropriate idea?”

Here is how you responded:

85%  It was an inappropriate idea

7%  It was a good idea

7%  I am undecided

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flag at half staff for Ms. Houston!

Totally inappropriate, it belongs to fallen soldiers and Presidents, and fallen officers of the law killed in action or duty trying to track down Bobby Brown~

U.S Flag at half staff for Whitney Houston's funeral

With her being a face and voice know world wide and being from New Jersey, I think him being there was the fight thing.I don't think the U.S  Flag should've went to half staff. I would not have had a problem with the state flag at staff.