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Has Matt Drudge Joined the Republican Establishment?

Drudge Report is one of the highest traffic sites on the web. Matt Drudge rose to prominence as a guerilla journalist putting articles online that the mainstream media couldn’t get or wouldn’t publish, but two recent incidents have made us question whether Drudge has surrendered his guerilla street cred to the enticements of the Republican establishment.

In the run-up to the February 28 Michigan primary, Drudge has been running a steady stream of articles trashing rising Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. It is as if the Romney campaign hands over a chapter or two of their opposition research file every day -- and Drudge obliges them by first publishing the material that would make Santorum look bad, and then following-up with the predictable reaction stories from Romney shills and Democrats.

This pattern is similar to one Drudge followed in the lead-up to the Florida primary in which Newt Gingrich was savaged on a daily basis, culminating in a sustained three-day attack so virulent that even the mainstream media noticed.

Drudge Report still carries some great material on the economy and Obama that is difficult, if not impossible, to find in the mainstream media. However, we liked Matt Drudge a lot more when he was wearing the mismatched plaids of the guerilla journalist instead of the gray pinstripes of the Republican establishment.

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Sleeper cell mole?

Newt,Santorum and Romney are easy to trash.They did it to themselves by the way they lived their lives and still do.The only way Romney can fool anyone into supporting a viewpoint is by simply saying whatever people want to hear.He is good at that.Somebody should tell him that his pants are on fire.

Religious Freedom?

What difference does it make if the 1st Amendment is violated by the Democrats or by the Republicans when they use Big GOVERNMENT to tell us how to behave.   It's an R violation or a D violation.   What we need is someone who honors and follows the big "C".

Santorum Conservative?

When oh when will someone define what "Conservative" means?   If we take the Rick Santorum definition it accepts lots of Big GOVERNMENT and higher debt along with gun control and other noxious ideas of the Left.

Has R.V. joined the Republican Establishment?

By touting big government, anti-liberty, pro gun control, etc... candidate Rick Santorum?