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The Arizona Debate: Romney Says, “Rick is absolutely right,” but...

Inside-the-Beltway Republican moderates and their facilitators in the mainstream media must have been sorely disappointed in last night’s CNN-sponsored debate.

After a week-long pounding of Rick Santorum for running as a social conservative (and making the social conservative agenda a central theme of his campaign), the moderate establishment’s chosen candidate -- former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney -- stole his best debate lines from Santorum’s script. Romney then capped his performance by saying, “Rick is absolutely right” when talking about the breakdown of the traditional nuclear family in America.

“I don't think we've seen in the history of this country the kind of attack on religious conscience, religious freedom, religious tolerance that we've seen under Barack Obama,” said Romney, who up until last night had tip-toed around such issues as if they were sleeping Rottweilers.

Romney later went on to agree with one of Rick Santorum’s central social conservative campaign themes by saying, “I think as Rick has just said, this isn't an argument about contraceptives, this is a discussion about, are we going to have a nation which preserves the foundation of the nation, which is the family, or are we not? And Rick is absolutely right.”

Romney’s statement “Rick is absolutely right” is an acknowledgment that, despite establishment antipathy for the social conservative agenda, history demonstrates Republicans only win when they nationalize the election and include social issues in the campaign.

It would be nice to think that by saying “Rick is absolutely right,” Romney has adopted the social conservative agenda as his own -- and would actually run as a conservative and govern as a conservative if elected. The problem is, when Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, he was unrelentingly hostile to the social conservative agenda -- and there is no evidence he has changed.

The small government conservatives and social conservatives who represent change in Washington are almost entirely absent from Romney’s counsels. Personnel is policy, and Romney continues to surround himself with -- and take his agenda from -- the same inside-the-Beltway Republican elite who have been walking the Party away from the heritage of Ronald Reagan for the past twenty-five years.

Romney may think he is placating conservatives by agreeing with Rick Santorum on the social issues at last night’s debate. However, his unrelenting hostility to the conservative agenda when he was Governor of Massachusetts, the absence of conservatives from his counsels, and his strategy of having his surrogates try to make Santorum look like a theocratic extremist, make it clear that rather than adopting the conservative agenda, Romney has settled on hypocrisy as his best strategy for dealing with Santorum’s insurgent campaign.

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Romney Lied

Romney blatantly lied about requiring Catholic hospitals to provide abortafacients.He flip-flopped around it while governor, finally requiring that they be provided by ALL hospitals, overriding the 1975 conscience law which provided exemptions for faith based institutions.

Romney will lie about anything he has to in order to win, he doesn't have 1/100th the morals of Santorum.  Santorum is not as slick as Romney, but that is a good thing. We have had enough morally bankrupt megalomaniacs in the presidency, its time for a good and decent man to have the job.

Here is the link to the chronology of Romney's lie.

Romney Hate

Your hate for Mitt Romney is quite disconcerting.  He may not be an example of "Human Perfection" ... but, is he really any worse than the other snakes?  I suspect that Romney would be better than Obama.  Santorum is a flawed "loser".  You like Santorum because he's a Catholic ... not a good enough reason to elect him.  Santorum has a very checkered voting past.

Google Mitt Romney American Family

Dear Sir

I have long respected you as someone for consevative agenda, but I beg to differ with you. If you will just research who actually started the topic of the family 5 years ago in a Presidential Campaign you will see Mitt Romney tried to run on this idea last time only to have the consevative base split with him because of other factors?. I believe Rick Santoum endorsed Mittt Romny in 2008 because Rick believed Mitts commitment to his family and America were more in line with him (Rick) more than any other canidate. Mitt Romney did not take Ricks line, if anything Rick took Mitts line from 2007 campaign, as you can see if you just google Mitt Romney Americam Family youtube.I hope you will post this and reconsider your direction for who to blame for Ricks poor choice of words in the debate. Rick has only Rick to blame,when Rick and Newt ganged up on Mitt in SC you didnt hear him crying foul. Please research Romney and you decide 

Thank you

Romney vs. Santorum

While I abhor abortions, I believe withholding contraceptive devices from women

constitutes an attack on women in general and their families who would all suffer, 

especially today at a time when millions of family bread-winners are jobless.  They

can't afford life's essentials for themselves let alone for multiple children they would be

forced to bear.  I want abortions outlawed, but I think banning contraceptions would go too far in

a so-called "quest to protect life."  Human life doesn't begin until a sperm unites with an ovum,

 and contraceptives prevent that from happening.  Contraceptives don't kill babies; abortions do.  I believe

man and wife must be able to control the number of off-spring they have; but, because I doubt

that such a law against the use of contraceptives would ever pass Congress, I will vote for

Rick Santorum because I sincerely believe he is the best candidate.  Romney is too chummy

with the Bushies; is a multi-millionaire and gung-ho for The New World Order, which is

trying to reduce all of us to peons.    


Romney is Right and he is Conservative

I completely disagree with the premise of this article.  Romney is not just trying to placate anyone.  People who actually know anything about Romney know that he is a man of integrity, holds deep-seated conservative values, is a man of deep religious conviction and a devoted family man.  He is and has always embraced socially conservative values, and we all should be proud to vote for such a man.  He is knowledgeable, competent, and experienced and will be able to defeat Obama.  I can't believe the utter distortions and untruths contained in this article.

Reminds me of lip synchers Milli and Vanilli

arguing over who is the better singer.