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Conservative Ideas Scare GOP Establishment

Today’s issue of The Hill, one of the newspapers specializing in coverage of Capitol Hill, carried an interesting story with this headline: "GOP frets Romney’s conservative tack could hurt in November general election."

Our first reaction here at CHQ was, “If there has been a Romney ‘conservative tack’ we (and most other movement conservatives and Tea Partiers) missed it.”

But after reading further the headline made perfect sense because there weren’t many actual Republicans quoted in the article. It was mostly political consultants, a Democrat Member of Congress, college professors and others who rarely leave the armchair to go out in the snow and knock on doors for a February Republican primary election, let alone talk to Republican voters in outside-the-Beltway America.

Their complaint, in a nutshell, is that Romney has been deviating from the content-free campaign script they think Republican candidates should follow to occasionally embrace a stray conservative idea or two.

And they are particularly incensed that Romney appears to have adopted the idea of a federal “personhood amendment” that would define life as beginning at fertilization and, according to its critics, would ban all abortions.

The article goes on to quote the political consultants, Democratic Congressman Charles Gonzales and college professors berating conservatives, and Romney, for taking positions they think are “distancing himself from mainstream America.”

Nothing better explains the rise of the Tea Party (and the various Republican election debacles of the past 50 years) than this sort of nonsense coming from the Republican political class.

As James Taranto pointed out in a recent Wall Street Journal piece (and quoting former Reagan administration official Jeffery Bell’s forthcoming book, "The Case for Polarized Politics"), social conservatism has a winning track record for the GOP.

"Social issues were nonexistent in the period 1932 to 1964," Bell wrote. "The Republican Party won two presidential elections out of nine, and they had the Congress for all of four years in that entire period. . . . When social issues came into the mix – I [Bell] would date it from the 1968 election . . . the Republican Party won seven out of 11 presidential elections."

Santorum is now in the top spot in most national polls for a reason: he is the real movement conservative in the race. In defiance of the conventional wisdom, he has steadily gained ground by working to expand his appeal from his base among social conservatives and national defense conservatives to attract economic conservatives and the small government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party.

As I have noted many times, when Republicans run content-free establishment campaigns they lose. When they nationalize the election and run on the conservative agenda they win.

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Santorum is a prick

Santorum is a prick. He's that boss that you hate, but kiss up to anyway, because he's paying you. Nothing more to him then that. Business as usual in Washington!

He called Obama a snob for saying that he wanted all Americans to go to college. Seriously? Of course all the mainstream conservatives are riding on the coat tails of their party's propaganda. Scare the meak, and ignorant then try and win. Grab their attention with a fake sensationalist headline. That's all they know.

I like how this site now tries to keep with the status quo. Just like the rest of them. Wake up.

Santorium for President!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Mr.Viguerie. Santorium is the person that we need. We need someone that starkly contrast with Obama not someone that is only a few degrees different from Obama like Romney is. I don't trust Romney. I've never heard him say that he was wrong on anything or that he ever made a mistake. Romney is a hypocrite in almost everything that he now espouses to get elected. He will sing the conservative song and then once he is the nomimee, he'll go back to what he was before. People do not realize just how large the conservative base of the Republican Party is. We do not need a moderate candidate. Reagan was not a moderate. I remember hearly his speeches where he believed in protecting the unborn children and the sanctity of life. Don't tell me that a social conservative cannot be elected. That is just hogwash!

Woe Is Me

Thwe population arguing over which RINO rto elct and even labeling some of them Conservative. If Romney or Santorum is elected qwe still won't have qa fgederal government that follows the Constitutiomn and protects our rights and property from the states and corporations. Yo9u deserve what you are going to get.

santorum, establishment afraid of conservatives

Let me respectfully suggest that Mr. Viguerie is out of his mind.  not just establisment types, but ALL TRUE freedom loving Americans are afraid of the liberty hating Rick Santorum.  He quite possibly would be WORSE than Obama.  Both Santy and the left are moral busybodies who do not truly understand or appreciate the founding concepts of America  This ONE clip should be enough for true patriots to disqualify Rick:

And Red State, who is equally misguided in supporting Newt, got Rick nailed perfectly with this documentation:

And Rick thinks separation of church and state makes him puke:


Bottom line, take away abortion and what exactly make Rick conservative?  A>  NOTHING!!!

Santorum LOSES in National Poll Against Obama

Only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Beat Obama in National Head-to-Head polls done by Rasmussen.

Paul 43 - Obama 41
Romney 45 - Obama 43
Obama 45 - Santorum 43
Obama 49 - Gingrich 39

Santorum will NOT defeat Obama in November.  His stance on gay marriage, drug laws, his theocratic stance on many subjects doesn't win over new generations YOUNG or INDEPENDENT voters. Considering that GOP Turnout in the GOP Primaries has been lower this year than in the previous election - that could me lower GOP turnout in this Fall. 

If there is lower GOP turnout and you combine that with the fact that Santorum DOES NOT carry the Independent or Youth vote - you will see Obama handily sweep the floor with Mr. Frothy.  

You don't even know what a conservative is!

I agree with Richard Viguerie. You should read his book entitled "Conservatives Betrayed". There are many more people than you realize that are conservative socially, economically, and constitutionally. Romney is a chamelion. He changes color and principles according to whatever he thinks people want to hear. I don't trust him. He has never said that he has made a mistake. At least Santorium will admit when he has made a mistake. I don't want that arrognant hypocrite Romney to be our president. He is not the stark contrast to Obama that we need. If Romney gets nomination, that may be the nail in the coffin and we may get stuck another 4 years with the dictator in chief. If Obama gets reelected, this may be that last presidential election that will ever be held. All that it would take if for people to riot because of how he is devaluing our dollar etc. and he will declare martial law and take over our country. Bye, Bye freedom. I trust Santorium.

You don't even know what a conservative is!

I agree with Mr. Viguerie and if you believe all of the garbage that Mitt Romney is putting out, you are not very smart.

Santorum the "real conservative"??

How can you still say that he is conservative with the record he has below?

Santorum voted to double the size of the Department of Education… He voted to expand Medicare and add free drugs for senior citizens and he has voted for foreign aid. Those are not conservative principles. Seventy-seven percent of the American people are opposed to foreign aid and Rick Santorum has voted for it every time it’s come down.
Rick Santorum voted with Barbara Boxer with this: S Amdt 3230 – Gun Lock Requirement Amendment 

Rick Santorum voted for H J Res 47 – Debt Limit Increase Resolution – Key Vote

Rick Santorum voted for taxes in the Internet Access Tax Bill

Rick Santorum voted for HR 1 – No Child Left Behind Act

Rick Santorum voted to confirm President William J. Clinton’s nomination of Alan Greenspan to be Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for a fourth four-year term.

Rick Santorum voted for HR 3448 – Minimum Wage Increase bill which allows punitive damages for injury or illness to be taxed.

- Allows damages for emotional distress to be taxed.

- Repeals the diesel fuel tax rebate to purchasers of diesel-powered automobiles and light trucks.

Rick Santorum Voted to confirm President William J. Clinton’s nomination of Alan Greenspan to be the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the third four year term.

Rick Santorum voted for the protection of Abortion Clinics

I would add that this list just scratches the surface of Santorum’s career-long liberal voting record. A few more things big-government Santorum has done:

Voted for taxpayer funding of the National Endowment for the Arts.
Voted against a 10% cut in the budget for National Endowment for the Arts.

Voted for a Schumer amendment to make the debts of pro-life demonstrators not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Defense and Foreign Policy
Voted for the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).
Voted against requiring the President to certify that the CWC is effectively verifiable.
Voted against requiring the President to certify that that
Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North Korea, China, and all other countries determined to be state sponsors of terror have joined CWC prior to submitting the instrument of ratification.
Voted for the START II Treaty
Voted to allow the sale of supercomputers to
Voted to ban antipersonnel landmines
Voted against increasing defense spending offset by equivalent cuts in non-defense spending.
Voted to require that Federal bureaucrats get the same payraises as uniformed military.
Voted to allow food and medicine sales to state sponsors of terror and tyranical regimes such as
Libya and Cuba.
Voted to limit the President’s authority to impose sanctions on nations for reasons of national security unless the sanctions were approved by a multilateral regime.
Voted against requiring Congressional authorization for military action in
Voted to give $25 million in foreign aid to
North Korea
Voted to weaken alien terrorist deportation provisions.   If the Court determines that the evidence must be withheld for national security reasons, the Justice Department must still provide a summary of the evidence sufficient for the alien terrorist to mount a defense against deportation.
Voted against delaying the India Nuclear until the President certified that
India had agreed to suspend military-to-military exchanges with Iran.
Voted against the Conventional Trident Missile Program

Voted for Richard Paez to the 9th Curcuit (cloture)
Voted for Sonia Sotomayor, Circuit Judge
Voted for Richard Holbrooke to be Ambassador to the UN
Voted for Margaret Morrow to be District Judge
Voted twice for Marsha Berzon to the 9th Circuit
Voted for Mary McLaughlin to be District Judge
Voted for Tim Dyk to be District Judge
Voted for James Brady to be District Judge

Voted against National Right to Work Act
Voted against Real of Davis-Bacon Prevailing union wages
Voted for Alexis Herman to be Secretary of Labor
Voted for mandatory Federal child care funding
Voted for Trade Adjustment Assistance.
Voted for Job Corps funding
Voted twice in support of Fedex Unionization
Voted against allowing a waiver of Davis-Bacon in emergency situations.
Voted for minimum wage increases six times
Voted to require a union representative on an
IRS oversight board.
Voted to exempt
IRS union representative from criminal ethics laws.
Voted against creating independent Board of Governors to investigate
IRS abuses.

Voted to require pawn shops to do background checks on people who pawn a gun.
Voted twice to make it illegal to sell a gun without a secure storage or safety device
Voted for a Federal ban on possession of “assault weapons” by those under 18.
Voted for Federal funding for anti-gun education programs in schools.
Voted for anti-gun juvenile justice bill.

Voted for funding for the legal services corporation.
Voted twice for a Congressional payraise.
Voted to impose a uniform Federal mandate on states to force them to allow convicted rapits, arsonists, drug kingpins, and all other ex-convicts to vote in Federal elections.
Voted for the Specter “backup plan” to allow campaign finance reform to survive if portions of the bill were found unconstitutional.
Voted to mandate discounted broadcast times for politicians.
Voted for a McCain amendment to require State and local campaign committees to report all campaign contributions to the FEC and to require all campaign contributions to be reported to the FEC within 24 hours within 90 days of an election.

Voted against increasing the number of immigration investigators
Voted to allow illegal immigrants to receive the earned income credit before becoming citizens
Voted to give SSI benefits to legal aliens.
Voted to give welfare benefits to naturalized citizens without regard to to the earnings of their sponsors.
Voted against hiring an additional 1,000 border partrol agents, paid for by reductions in state grants.

Voted against a flat tax.
Voted to increase tobacco taxes to pay for Medicare prescription drugs
Voted to increase tobacco taxes to fund health insurance subsidies for small businesses.
Voted to increase tobacco taxes to pay for an $8 billion increase in child healh insurance.
Voted to increase tobacco taxes to pay for an increase in NIH funding.
Voted twice for internet taxes.
Voted to allow gas tax revenues to be used to subsidize Amtrak.
Voted to strike marriage penalty tax relief and instead provide fines on tobacco companies.
Voted against repealing the
Clinton 4.3 cent gas tax increase.
Voted to increase taxes by $2.3 billion to pay for an Amtrak trust fund.
Voted to allow welfare to a minor who had a child out of wedlock and who resided with an adult who was on welfare within the previous two years.
Voted to increase taxes by $9.4 billion to pay for a $9.4 billion increase in student loans.
Voted to say that
AMT patch is more important than capital gains and dividend relief.

Voted against food stamp reform
Voted against Medicaid reform
Voted against TANF reform
Voted to increase the Social Services Block Grant from $1 billion to $2 billion
Voted to increase the FHA loan from $170,000 to $197,000.  Also opposed increasing GNMA guaranty from 6 basis points to 12.
Voted for $2 billion for low income heating assistance.

Sponsored An amendment to increase Amtrak funds by $550 million
Voted to use HUD funds for the Joslyn Art Museum (NE), the Stand Up for Animals project (RI) and the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Project (WA)
Voted to increase spending on social programs by $7 billion
Voted to increase NIH funding by $1.6 billion.
Voted to increase NIHnding by $700 million
Voted to for a $2 million earmark to renovate the Vulcan Monument (AL)
Voted for a $1 billion bailout for the steel industry
Voted against requiring that highway earmarks would come out of a state’s highway allocation
Voted to allow Market Access Program funds to go to foreign companies.
Voted to allow OPIC to increase its administrative costs by 50%
Voted against transferring $20 million from Americorps to veterans.
Voted for the $140 billion asbestos compensation bill.
Voted against requiring a uniform medical criteria to ensure asbestos claims were legitimate.
Voted to increase community development programs by $2 billion.

Spending and Entitlements
Voted to make Medicare part B premium subsidies an new entitlement.
Voted against paying off the debt ($5.6 trillion at the time) within 30 years.
Voted to give $18 billion to the IMF.
Voted to raid Social Security instead of using surpluses to pay down the debt.

Health Care
Voted to allow states to impose health care mandates that are stricter than proposed new Federal mandates, but not weaker.
Voted twice for Federal mental health parity mandates in health insurance.
Voted against a allow consumers the option to purchase a plan outside the parity mandate.

Voted to increase Federal funding for teacher testing
Voted to increase spending for the Department of Education by $3.1 billion.
Voted against requiring courts to consider the impact of IDEA awards on a local school district.

Voted to allow the President to designate certain sites as interim nuclear waste storage sites in the event that he determines that
Yucca Mountain is not a suitable site for a permanent waste repository. Those sites are as follows: the nuclear waste site in Hanford, Washington; the Savannah River Site in South Carolina; Barnwell County, South Carolina; and the Oak Ridge Reservation in Tennessee.
Voted to make fuel price gouging a Federal crime.

real conservative?

Bravo to MDLI for enumerating why Santorum is not a real conservative.  The rhetoric of the candidates easily displaces common sense in the public, "the public"  which should be looking at records instead of the fervid rhetoric of candidates in campaign mode. 

New Payroll Tax Deal Another GOP Establishment Betrayal



Republicans “acted” like they really wanted to demonstrate fiscal responsibility last year when they rightfully wanted the Payroll tax cut to expire.  At least they faked a half-hearted, limp-wristed fight before disintegrating.

This time, however, the Establishment just rolled-over like a bunch of fat, lazy “Best In Show” Westminster contestants. They just threw in the towel to get votes.

Think about this: The Republican House and their Senate collaborators stole more than $100B from the Social Security Trust Fund last year by keeping the Payroll tax cut.  That Payroll tax funds Social Security and Medicare. SS will be flashing RED in less than 10 years as currently configured and Medicare is already hemorrhaging more than $400M annually.  And yet Congress continues to mismanage these important programs with total disregard for America’s future. 

The spineless Committees in the Republi-Dem Congress  doubled down this week and took another $110B from the Trust Fund by extending the cut for the rest of 2012. It compounded that treachery by not paying for it with any cuts from any program. Those irresponsible acts will add more than $210B to the already soaring nation debt.  In addition, Congress has not passed a budget in more than 1,100 days.

But even if the Republi-Dems had found cuts in other programs to off-set the loss of Payroll tax revenues, such cuts would just maintain spending at current levels. They would do nothing to reduce debt and deficits. NOTHING.

The Republicans betrayed their recurring promises to cut spending and reduce the deficit..again..because they are afraid to face entitlement-mentality voters during this election year.  Voters will keep about $20/week which does not stimulate the economy by any stretch. America’s financial future is being sold down the river for the sake of election year pandering to the entitlement class.  For 20 bucks a week!!

America’s producers are now officially outnumbered by the takers. The specter of national financial collapse and a Social Security crash is standing in the shadows just around the corner.  Getting elected is all Republi-Dems care about this year and it will be the only thing they care about in the future.

Republicans didn’t even put up a struggle this time. They collapsed without so much as a soft whimper.  And that $20/week multiplied by 200 million wage earners will snowball into a big avalanche that will bury America in mountains of new debt and creates a vulnerable Trust Fund.  Republicans have totally forgotten the lesson for the 2010 election.

Shame on you, Congress! Shame on you, Obama! Double shame on you, GOP!

It’s should be clear to all Americans..again..that the two-party system is a corrupt dead fish rotting from head down.  Where is the Tea Party when we need them?

The obvious solution:


Why are you continuing to deceive folks?

Santorum is no SMALL Govt person.  His track record shows the opposite.  What scares true libetarian/conservative people like myself who support Ron Paul is that Santorum wishes to impose through govt social issue mandates upon me. The foundation of constitutional  conservatism is 100% suppoorting the 1st Amendment religious freedoms.  IMO, your position is NOT born out of ignoarance but willful deception


That is precisely why the GOP will not back RON PAUL , even though he is a libertarian , his conservative stance scares the h--l out of the RHINO republican party .  I am a life long republican who is tired of 50 years of voting for the lesser of two evils , Ronald Reagan being the one exception .  We need RON PAUL for PRESIDENT !!!