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Romney’s Vicious Attack Ads Against Conservatives May Doom Romney Now or in November

Coming off of his primary wins in liberal Maryland and DC and a relentlessly negative campaign in Wisconsin, Mitt Romney’s campaign has signaled to the other candidates for the Republican nomination for President that there will be no let-up in the negative tenor of his campaign going into Pennsylvania and the other spring primaries.
Mitt Romney
As Bloomberg’s Heidi Przybyla noted, the “defining feature of the 2012 Republican presidential primary race” has been Romney’s relentlessly negative campaign.  According to Przybyla’s research, “Since the contests began, Restore Our Future has spent $35 million on commercials attacking Santorum and Newt Gingrich” and “just $1.1 million promoting Romney.”

According to Przybyla’s reporting, Kantar Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group, Romney’s super PAC Restore Our Future aired 16 negative ads 41,612 times in GOP primary states such as Michigan, Florida and Colorado.

Romney’s negative ads, many of them factually questionable, have carpet bombed the conservatives in the race.  As Romney has unleashed this wave of negativity, the campaigns of conservatives from Rick Perry, to Michele Bachmann, to Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich have withered, leaving Rick Santorum as the last conservative standing to bear the brunt of Romney’s attacks.

However, these attacks have done nothing to build support for Mitt Romney, especially among movement conservatives, and to the extent that Romney can claim front runner status it is because he has come to be seen as the “least worst” alternative by rank-and-file Republican primary voters.

Romney’s campaign has already made clear that it will employ the same hard-edged tactics that he used to crush Newt Gingrich in Florida and overtake Santorum in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin, to defeat Santorum in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Whether Romney’s slime machine campaign will work against Santorum in Pennsylvania remains to be seen – it didn’t work against Gingrich in his home state of Georgia where Newt buckled down and ran like he was running for county sheriff to neutralize the charge that he was an out of touch Washington insider.

Even if one accepts the fuzzy math that Romney claims puts him half way to the 1,144 delegates he needs to clinch the Republican nomination – and we don’t – his negative campaign has left him with a substantial enthusiasm deficit, and no real base upon which to mount a winning campaign against Barack Obama.

As long as Romney relies solely on negative advertising to tear down his more conservative Republican opponents, without making the positive case for his own bona fides to be the Republican standard-bearer, conservatives will have little reason to support him. 

Given the huge hole that leaves in the Republican base, the other candidates should prepare to stay in the race all the way to Tampa, knowing that if Romney’s delegate count doesn’t give him the nomination on the first ballot, conservatives whom he has failed to convince during the primaries will continue to look for an alternative until the roll is called and the last vote is counted.

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How To Lose in 2012

Some of the posted comments are saddening and scary.  I, too, am outraged that Romney has been forced on us and I resent that I may have to vote for him, but vote for him I will because to do otherwise will give the White House to Obama for another four years that will unredeemably doom this country.  So, please rethink your attitude--don't let the RINOS cause us to lose the election--it will play right into Obama's hands.  America will not survive another four years of Obama and his czars. 



For those of you who have written in defense of Mitt or wish to see him as the Republican nominee, it is clear that you have NOT done your due diligence of this man. It is sooooooo very important that every voting American do their own extensive due diligence before voting. We can not afford to get this wrong.


The hoary old lie is that if values voters will only swallow their principles and vote for the RINO, just this one last time, next time we will only nominate Conservative Values Driven Republicans. We, the no values folks who nominate the RINOs promise this.

We hear that lie every election from no values Republicans.

Sorry folks, but I do not fall for that one any more. Nominating RINOs only guarantees that more RINOs will keep running and getting nominated. The numbers are that RINOs and uninformed Republican voters do form a sizeable voting block, Conservative candidates split the vote, and that can get the RINOs nominated.

The problem comes in when you add in the millions of Democratic voters. Now the RINOs alone can not win the election.

Shades of Bob Dole and John McCain, and now most likely Mitt Romney.

I did not voter for Bob Dole or John McCain and I will never vote for Mitt Romney. Dont like that? The answer is simple. Only nominate Conservative, Values Driven Candidates that we can all vote for.

You can never spit in my face by nominating a RINO, then expect to coerce or blackmail me into voting for him.

I will not do it. Never.



Mitt Romney is just as illegal as Obama for the Presidency

I have spent the last two days pouring over the life and times of Miles Park Romney: Mitt Romney's great-grandfather(paternal), Helamen Pratt: Mitt R7omney’s great-grandfather(maternal), Gaskell Romney: Mitt Romney's grandfather (paternal), George W. Romney: Mitt Romney's father.

I have found overwhelming prima facie evidence, including a copy of Mexican Naturalization papers for Helamen Pratt, (Mitts maternal great-grandfather) that suggests Mitt Romney's grandfather, Gaskell Romney, was not a US citizen at the time of George Romney's birth, making Mitt Romney a 14th Amendment Citizen and not a natural born Citizen.

George Romney was born in Mexico to expatriated Mormon parents who left the jurisdiction of the United States to avoid proseqution for the crime of polegamy. Under the Immigration laws applicable at that time, if the Romenys stayed out of the US jurisdiction for more than five(5) years under these circumstances, they would have lost their US citizenship.

Please believe me when I say this issue has nothing whatsoever to do with politics or Mitt's religious beliefs. It is just upholding the provisions of the Constitution, and nothing more.

Since the doubts concerning Obama's and Mitt Romney's "natural born citizen" status are Constitutional in nature, the honorable thing to do, if either one of these two men are, indeed, honorable in this regard, is to ask the Supreme Court (not Congress, not the voters, not the consensus of legal opinion) for a declaratory judgment in resolving these doubts before the next election in 2012.

Romney and his supporters


ex animo


Yes, Romney and his SuperPac are buying this primary election thru their negative campaigning.  Mr. Obama, the MSM and unfortunately, the GOP all want Romney.  So, I very emphatically say to all you people who say you will not vote for Romney in the General election if it ends up he's the candidate...Go ahead.  Make Obama's day.  You will be helping to re-elect him.  Now, what happens to the country if he is re-elected?  He has already proven he will get his agenda done thru E.O.s and his agencies like the EPA, so...even if we keep the House and win the Senate, it will not matter diddly squat.  We will be losing our country.  So..if he is the nominee, all you people had better vote for him so that hopefully we can get rid of our soft (soon to be hard..coming in Jan 13) dictator.  Oh, and my other suggestion is..the day after you vote for Romney..go to the Dept. of Elections and change your party affiliation to Conservative Independent which is what I am planning to do.

Excellent article

The writer of this article definitely seems to have his head screwed on straight.  The race is not even close to being over, and Romney is not the inevitable nominee.  This needs to keep going all the way to the convention.  If it does, Santorum has a great shot.  

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron

The good thing about this election is the massive wave of young people who have been acivated and support Ron Paul. The country won't be saved this time but it will in the future. We have won and that's what you have to look forward to in the future if whoever you elect doen't manage to kill the country off. This election means nothing.

Romney's slime machine? 

Romney's slime machine?  Thanks to the anti-Romney folks I, a person who has never cast a vote for a Democrat or missed voting in a national election, have been labeled the establishment, a RINO, not a real Christian, not a real conservative, etc. etc. etc.  At least Romney has focused on his opponents, not his opponent's supporters.

It's a two-way street.  You can all threaten to pick up your toys and go home but so can all of those who support Romney. Grow up.  We have a Marxist in the White House. 

Romney's Negative Attacks

Why would one expect anything else from Romney but negative ads. He has committed his soul and spirit to a satanic pagan cult, and no one calls him on it. LDS committs the vilest heresy against Mother Mary, and the Catholic Church stands silent. LDS calls black people Satan's representative people here on earth, pre existing evil spirits that can only be redeemed by committing to LDS and obeying all its beliefs and teachings, thus saying a man like Martin Luther King is in Hell because he did not committ to LDS, and the African Americans stand silent. LDS baptized and ordained into the LDS Melchizedec Priesthood, Adolph Hitler, and members of his high command, including the author of the Final Solution, saying that now Hitler is in Heaven eternally bound with Eva Braun, awaiting his time to become a god and have his own planet, and the Jewish people stand silent. Denial of the Virgin Birth, denial of the Blood Atonement, God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit called liars, not who they say they are, and the Christians stand silent. Mr Romney gets away with the things he does, because no one calls him to account to the Truth, and the country is headed toward telling God we do not want You anymore, we do not need You anymore, leave us alone, we want Satan's representative in the White House, and is that what the country wants? Well known show hosts at Fox News, and other newspaper and radio venues know these things, but stand silent, and will not put forth the Truth, and why? If Mr. Romney is not made to account for the heresy. lies, and abominations, he has committed his soul and spirit to, then the country will get what it appears that it wants.

If only one were true

The article does have valid points, however Americans love to engage in our blessed freedoms while seeming to hum, 'twitter' and chatter out loud the whole time Truth is calling out.

Even if only one item in the preceeding comments were true, isn't it enough?

The Hebrew word translated belief in the Bible/Torah, requires a change in behavior.  BELIEVE AND LET'S ROLL!!  :)

2012 Presidential election

If Romney is the GOP candidate, I won't even be voting this year.

re: not voting?

You'll be joined by millions like you.  Not your fault.

may be looking towards a 3rd party option

I agree... IMO, we will not be any further ahead with him as President.

While Romney was not my first

While Romney was not my first choice, I am concerned that your constant negative comments will tend to cause conservatives to sit on their hands come November.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda run Positive, but he didn't

Mittens, R-Money, has made Conservatives more determined than ever to block his nomination, and while rank and file republicans tend to fall in line behind the nominee, as opposed to the Paulies, who take their toys and go home, he will have the same kind of enthusiasm gap that cost McCain the presidency.

Had he simply run a positive campaign on his accomplishments, including "so what if I got rich, you can too", and a clear simple program of cutting both government and taxes, he could have won hearts and minds. Instead, it took way too long to convert his 59 point tax plan into something comprehensible, and even then, he'd rather adopt Paul Ryan's tepid but practical budget plan than something radical.

This, folks is a good businessman, a decent manager, and a lousy leader. He's wooden enough to qualify as Bob Dole's replacement selling little blue pills!

There is no attribution by

There is no attribution by name for the story that opens the blog below, and that is perhaps a bit too bad because one is not absolutely certain of its ultimate source.  But I would have a hard time believing it is made up.  For me, a Latter-day Saint, the blog, in general, has the ring of authenticity.


If Mitt Romney becomes the nominee and then the President, I believe he will surprise alot of people and reassure his skeptics.


Mitt Romney, a leader.



blog link:

Romey is hurting the GOP?

Are you kidding - Mr (whinny) Santorum can't raise enough money by complaining constantly about Mitt and his money (campaign contributions not his own money) - - - - do you really think the same strategy will work against Obama and his BILLION dollar warchest???????????  He should cut his losses - he is the loser!

Romney’s Vicious Attack Ads Against Conservatives May Doom Romne

A house divided..........

Wake up America

Romney - the Establishment's "Etch-A-Sketch" RINO Clown

I will not vote for him. Period. Already made up my mind about this a-hole ... He can go pound sand in the Utah desert with the rest of his GOP "Etch-A-Sketch" establishment clan.  I am tired of his disingenuous sideshow.  The GOP is now officially a three-ring, rope-a-dope circus, and Romney is its utterly incorrigible ass-clown.  Well, come November 4, the joke will be on him and his GOP establishment sociopaths -- and the gutless, spineless eunichs that comprise most of the GOP rank and file.  Eff 'em all.


I will not vote for him either bruce. 

And no, it won't be our fault if Mittens loses.. IF he is the nominee, and IF he is defeated by Hussein, it will be due to a stupid, out of touch GOP-E who forced a dishonest Rino/Lib from Mass. down our throats when we wanted Rick Santorum...and an equally stupid drone population who just might make the same mistake they made in '08 due to intense stupidity.  :-)

Santorum isn't the answer...

Santorum serves a useful purpose, in that he helps coalesce the "not Romney" vote, but Santorum has less of a chance in the general election then Romney does.  The best thing Santorum can do right now is keep enough delegates away from Romney that we get a brokered convention, at which point we can be sure Romney won't win.  He's winning the "beauty contests" because he has strong SuperPAC backing and the general populace isn't smart enough to see through what they see on TV, but the actual delegates are a completely different story.  You don't become a delegate unless you understand the process and know the candidates, and even though some number of the delegates will have to say they are "Romney" delegates when they go into the first ballot at the convention, if the "not Romney" candidates can keep enough delegates away from Romney to cause a brokered convention, Romney won't have nearly as many delegates as the press is reporting he has.

Agreed, Santorum isn't the answer

Santorum was one of those Republicans who caused us to get crushed in 2008.  He was only a Social Conservative at best.  He voted with the rest of the Big Spending Republicans from 2000 to 2006.  Romney won't be able to erase his liberalism to where conservatives forget.  Many will stay home come November, if Romney is the nominee.  The best we can hope for is a first ballot failure by Romney.

Replace RINO Romney with Conservative Santorum to Win!

Romey will not energize the party base because he is not a conservative.  Rather than waste time tearing into Romney, conservatives across America should be using the occasion to get out the vote for Santorum everywhere that primaries remain to be undertaken and should a brokered convention be the result, then we REALLY need to get out the vote for Santorum there to put him over the top and have the best possible chance to beat Obama in the Fall!

re: Replace RINO Romney with Conservative Santorum to Win!

I have to agree with this except that I don't believe that Rick Santorum is the best alternative to Romney.  My choice for the Republican candidate is, and has been since the beginning, Ron Paul.  The reason for this is that Dr. Paul firmly believes in reducing the size and authority of not only the Federal gov't, but gov't at all levels.  That is what his message concerning individual freedom and responsibility is about.

What concerns me most about conservatives such as Rick Santorum is their willingness to use the coercive power of the Federal gov't to enforce a particular moral code on the American people.  So long as this willingness to use naked power to force others to act in some way that is deemed "acceptable" by any particular candidate or gov't official exists, any claim to be in favor of reducing the power of the gov't rings hollow with me and, I suspect, I'm not the only one.  After all, it was the willingness, indeed the driving force behind FDR, to use the Federal government's coercive powers that rapidly increassed this nation's descent into the abyss of socialism and increased governmental regulatory power.  It has been the willingness of other politicians (of both parties) to use this power to put in place their favorite policies - whether those be banning the use of "junk food" or decreasing the applicability of the 4th Amendment in order to make it easier for police to gather evidence to use against drug dealers or "terrorists" - which has led us to our current situation.  Until politicians eschew the use of governmental power to enforce their particular moral code this will not fundamentally change.

Now, does that mean that I'm personally in favor of such things as "gay marriage" and other "leftist" goals?  Not necessarilly, and that's just my point - it is no one else's business to tell me how I must act in regard to issues which do not cause direct harm to others.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”  His point being that so long as private actions or thoughts cause no direct harm it is no one's business to interfere.  It seems to me that anyone calling himself a conservative needs to understand that the use of government power to control private behavior is incompatible with reducing the overall power of the government.  After all, when push comes to shove, how is the conservative call stop the implementation of the "radical gay agenda" from the 'liberal" desire to use government power to control speech by enacting "hate speech" laws?  Both rely on the use of government power to enforce their particular view of Utopia - an idea which the Framers of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers would have found dangerous on its face.

Until Rick Santorum declares that he has no desire to control individual, private behavior I will continue to doubt his true motives and his committment to reducing the power of the Federal gov"t.

Just my $.02,



 I agree with alot of what you have to say especially the part of getting the government out of special interest issues that take them away from managing our country and the important matters they were elected to deal with. We need a President who will promote and support man's law of right and wrong and do whats smart no matter who's idea it is. I pray for a brokered convention so America will have one more shot at putting a candidate on the ticket with enough back bone to say no if no is the right answer. We must get rid of our current president because he does not care about the United States of America or the principles our country were founded on. We need a strong leader who believes in God . We need a president who knows what our problems are who WILL hit the floor running on day one to get rid of the criminal acts currently going on and put us back on track to do smart business as a country. I wonder why the Democrats and Congress don't like Newt? Is is because they fear he will hit the floor running and upset their apple carts? I think he or someone like him is what we must have to get us back on track. Please stop and take a hard look. They all talk a good show but do they have the fortitude to do the right things?

Santorum Not a Conservative

The candidate who is not a conservative is Santorum.  He has harped on his conservative rhetoric so long that many people are actually believing him.  All one has to do is look at his voting record in the Senate--a disgrace for a conservative.  The ads Romney put up were factually accurate.  It is ridiculous to keep up this charade that Santorum has a chance when he doesn't.  Look at the votes in Wisconsin, D.C., and Maryland.  He has the support of major conservatives--not what Santorum calls "establishment," but hard-core conservatives.  It's time to get on board and support the nominee who will face and defeat Obama!

Forcing Opponents to Lose, is Not the Same as Winning!

Thank you for posting this article.

As a resident of Wisconsin who has seen establishment politicians coronate candidates for decades I believe I understand where this author is coming from.

The endorsement of Romney in the last 48 hours by James Sennsenbrenner, Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan was an attempt to  rescue Mr. Romney's poor showing in the polls.  Wisconsin is a state that Romney should have won by double digits ... he didn't.  Even with a full court press to block Sen. Sentorum out of the race, he prevailed in three times as many counties as Mr. Romney.  This is the pattern we have seen nationwide.

The bombardment of acid rain in the form of attack ads against Rick Santorum became noise for most of us who are conservative or more to the point/ believe people "should believe what they say."  The sincere candidate with principle still standing on the conservative stage is Rick Santorum.

The key in Wisconsin was to "kill voter turn out, so that Romney could turn his identified voters out and win." It worked! The suppressed voter turn out at only 23% delivered a single digit win for the coronated candidate. This turn out was abysmal in that the projected voter turn out supposed to have been 35%. Suppressing your own party from voting is hardly a victory.

Forcing voters to stay home may have gotten Romney through the primary, but it will not get him through the general. Suppressing the vote in a republican primary by "forced" manipulation of the vote by party puppets who were loaded up with goodies and rewards to fall in line is hardly leadership.

The trio that pre-primary endorsed in Wisconsin's key primary showed themselves to be "fall in line" cowards and undoubtedly worse. Mr. Johnson remarked on Meet the Press in his endorsement of Romney that he would be rewarded with an appointment by Mitch McConnell to "oversee the policy for the GOP's nominee." the budget director is now proclaimed the VEEP Sweepstakes winner ...

As for the "Dean" of the WI Delegation, coronating Romney at a Lincoln Day Dinner seconds before Sen. Santorum was to take the microphone, poor taste?  poor judgement? Or just crude behavior?  No doubt the "Dean" of Wisconsin's Congressional Delegation may take credit for all three.

The Trio pre-primary endorsing just hours before the Wisconsin Primary may all take a bow.  They succeeded in suppressing the vote and electioneering the vote away from the Wisconsin People they have forgotten they represent.

Unlike the last conservative presidential candidate Mike Huckabee who was loved in Wisconsin, Rick Santorum isn't taking the harrassment and blocking sitting down.  The day after Wisconsin's primary in 2008, Mr. Huckabee was quoted on Morning Joe saying; "They threatened to break my arms and legs if I didn't get out of the race."  

Rick Santorum, a man of deep faith and conviction doesn't need to put his finger to the wind. His convictions hold him far more than he holds them. He is in this race because he truly believes he can make a difference for this country. Unlike his counter part who has had every establishment figure interfere in "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE's PRIMARY"

Rick Santorum is showing true character and the conservative principles we need in our next president..

On to do it.

the only one with the proper guts is Ron Paul, he can can and will do it. As long as you are not on the goverenment dole you don't have anything to worry about, If you are on the freeloader list then what you have to benefit is your return to intregity and believing that you don't have to have mother and father government holding your hand and telling you its time to go potty.