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Tossing Conservatives a VP Bone

The establishment media, lacking any real interest in covering the fight for the soul of the Republican Party that the presidential campaign has become, has unilaterally declared the campaign for the GOP presidential nomination over.

The next big thing in their minds is now the Republican nomination for Vice President.

The establishment media narrative on the Republican nomination for Vice President follows a predictable path – the moderate establishment anointed Presidential nominee (in this case Mitt Romney) must pick a conservative to “balance” the Republican ticket.

Lest conservatives forget, the idea that a conservative Vice President would balance the impulses of a moderate Republican President was largely discredited when kinder and gentler moderate George H.W. Bush chose rising conservative star Dan Quayle as his conservative balance. Bush won the election running as the third term of Ronald Reagan and then proceeded to do his best to dismantle Reagan’s policies despite Quayle's presence in the West Wing.

The demand that there must be some conservative vs. moderate balance on the Republican ticket is already starting to lead the media to engage in some comical contortions as various establishment commentators try to bend their favorite Republican elected official’s record and views to be conservative enough to place a Romney led ticket in the conservative camp if their favored candidate is picked.

The problem with this exercise is that by-and-large the names offered are either not movement conservatives or they are not yet power players in national politics with a strong movement conservative constituency of their own.

Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Bob McDonnell, Nikki Haley, Susana Martinez and the rest of the names floated by the inside-the-Beltway pundits all have their good qualities – but none has established their conservative bona fides by being tested on the national scene and none brings a strong base in the conservative movement to add real grassroots conservative credibility to a Romney led ticket.

If Romney is indeed the nominee, an outcome we are not yet ready to say is inevitable, then one thing is certain – conservatives must be unified in demanding that he choose a Vice President who is a movement conservative and who will have some real influence in the administration.

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Why Rand Paul would win our votes

Sure, the Vice-Presidency "isn't worth a bucket of warm s(p)it". But what it does - in the GOP - is place someone as "next in line". Rand Paul as Vice Presidential candidate puts him in position for the Prsidential nomination in 2016 or 2020. This is definitely moving the ball forward.

If the VP nomination goes to a RINO, a culture warrior, or anyone else who isn't in favor of limited government, we Paulites will walk. Personally, I'll vote for (and donate to) Gary Johnson. All due respect to Dr. Ron Paul (and he is due an enormous amount of respect), but his endorsement won't sway me.

Conservative VP would be a plus

I disagree that it doesn't matter whom Romney chooses as VP for several reasons. While the Bush 41-Quayle scenario is possible, it is also possible that we could get more of a Bush 43-Cheney situation. I disagree with the poster who said listening to Cheney didn't help Bush in the long run. If he had listened to Cheney more, we would have been far better off. (Of course, I think Cheney-Bush would have been better than Bush-Cheney.) IOW, the VP may be able to influence Romney at least on some of the issues.

Second, though perhaps more important, whomever Romney picks for VP automatically becomes the front-runner in 2020 if Romney wins. (And perhaps in 2016 if, God-forbid, Obama wins and we still have a country and elections in 2016.) Obviously, should succession become necessary, it would be better to have a strong conservative as VP.

While Allen West has some good military credentials, he is still new to Congress. I think the best choice for Romney would be Bobby Jindal. Unlike some of the others whose names have been mentioned, he has several years experience and has demonstrated competence as governor of Louisiana, which would mark a nice contrast to the Obama-Biden disaster. Rand Paul might help pull some Ron Paul supporters, but he too is new to Congress. (Jindal-Paul in 2020?)

While I'm less than elated with Romney as the nominee, I will be voting for him, because the alternative is unthinkable. In past years when the GOP nominee has been unacceptable and I didn't think the Democrat would ruin the country, I've voted Libertarian. This time, though, I think Obama will ruin the country and I consider Romney marginally acceptable. Unfortunately, the only two true conservatives in the race (Bachmann and Cain) didn't get far, so it was going to be someone barely acceptable no matter what, but Romney is far better than Obama. I will feel better about voting for him if he picks a real conservative, even if it does amount to just throwing us a bone.

Not Romney, Not Now, Not Ever!

I really do not give a flying screw who the establishment RINO jackasses "choose" for "our" VP ... I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY, PERIOD!  NOT NOW, NOT EVER.  The GOP has just given itself a fatal wound.  Mittens will be defeated in November, Obama will completely destroy the Constitution -- and with it, the nation.  Even if by some chance Romney were to win the presidency, he is a trojan horse, a pathological liar -- and, in my opinion, just as much a sociopath as Obama -- that he will do greater damage.  This is so because there is not even one principled individual in the U.S. Congress -- NOT ONE.  Every single occupant within those two chambers is, first a spineless coward, second a traitor, and lastly a charlatan decvoid of any redeeming character.  They -- by their emasculated, feminized "compromising" with evil, and by their constant complacency in the face of certain fascist tyranny -- will yield to evey perverted whim of Willard Romney (the author of homosexual sodomite "marriage," of socialized medicine, and of gun control) Romney is yet one more incarnation of anti-christ. So-called Republicans showed no resolve whatsoever to stop Obama from gutting the Constitution -- AND they gleefully helped him in the task!  So what must we expect of this cabal of power-mad misfits and opportunists when "one of their own" holds the reins?  I would offer that "God help us," but I am certain he has turned His back on this incorrigibly perverted nation ... and left us, deservedly so, to our just ends.  The American Republic is dead.

Movement Conservative

Please Richard, define 'Movement Conservative'. Serious. 

So far it only makes me think of a constiipated one. It must be something else.

I suspect it means one you support. Right? Circular.

If Rand Paul is not the Vice-President...

...Barack Obama will win a second term.

Do you really think that the millions of people who support Ron Paul (and would write him in on their general election ballots if he is not the GOP nominee) would stay with Mitt Freakin' Romney if he is the GOP's choice in Tampa?  If you do, I have some oceanfront property in Iowa I'd like to sell you.

The only way you keep those voters (and the independents who are also supporting Paul) is to add his son to the ticket.  Otherwise, it will be another 4 years (and probably, many, many more) in the wilderness for the Republican Party.  Actually, it may end up destroying the GOP.

It's ultimately their choice.


Don't even mention Rubio.  He is not a naturalized Citizen, so we don't want to be guility of anymore not abiding by the Constitution.  Also he is for a Dream Act.  If we don't get control of this illegal stuff, we are going down the tubes anyway.  I like him and he is a good speaker but not qualified.!!!!

Romney is going to have to make  a point of Obama is not eligible and should not be drawing a lifetime salary after being President since this whole thing with all the information that is now front and forward, has to be dealt with by the American People, since Congress has no balls to do it. 

Sunrise in the west?

Your Obama denial must be very painfull. It's also too bad the sun doesn't rise in the west. Go watch and wait for that.

Maybe Santorum will change his mind and run again. Give you something to hope for. Or do you thrive on impossible frustrations?

Picking a VP

Well as of this afternoon, we are now stuck with the nominee that was picked for us from the beginning, Romney.  He will need a strong conservative as VP, one that holds the line on spending and appeals to the Tea Party.  The best choice is Michelle Bachmann, if she will do it.  Saddened that every 4 years during the Primaries, I never have a choice, because I live in NC and by the time it gets to my state the decision has been made.

Romney will do to save the nation

Now that Rick is out, although I'd now prefer Newt, Romney is what we'll have. To me, the main issue is this. Does the candidate love this country? Romney does. Maobama does not. And that's enough for me. Romney at least thinks in capitalistic terms. Maobama???

I think that now, or very shortly, we must rally around our candidate. If Maobama wins another 4 years, WE have failed our country, children, and the future freedom of mankind! This is not hyperbole!

The only time anyone even knows who the vice-president is,

is when he bumps his head, shoots someone or in the current case... opens his mouth. It's a shame that the establishment (whether you're talking GOP or media) believes that conservative voters will all fall in line... if they just throw in a conservative name to sit on the sidelines for the next 4 years while being "groomed" for the next ensuing debacle. I have tried to be as consistant, honest and open as I possibly can as I continue to tell you, I will not vote for anyone that is not an honestly conservative candidate (as judged according to their voting record). I speak with many others (daily) that are as committed to this as I am. I'm already convinced that if Romney is to be the chosen nominee, we have already lost the conservative fight. It may still be possible to get himself elected, but only if he chose himself to be the vice presidential nominee for a true conservative! In any event, my vote will still go to Dr. Ron Paul as a write in.

Santorum ends campaign!

Now who is RV gonna rally around? Another fake conservative?

I Told You He Would Drop Out

Remember when I said, in effect, it was foolish to support Santorum and asked who would be the non-Romney after he dropped out?  Well, now it's time to answer the question.



You are correct and conservatives must be equally unified in ensuring that our candidates are eligible under the Constitution. Neither Bobby Jindal nor Marco Rubio are natural born citizens. Frankly, I'm not at all sure that Mitt Romney (who I would NEVER vote for anyway) is a natural born citizen. The GOP had best do their homework before the Obummer camp makes us look like idiots.


You are correct and conservatives must be equally unified in ensuring that our candidates are eligible under the Constitution. Neither Bobby Jindal nor Marco Rubio are natural born citizens. Frankly, I'm not at all sure that Mitt Romney (who I would NEVER vote for anyway) is a natural born citizen. The GOP had best do their homework before the Obummer camp makes us look like idiots.

not giving in yet

I'm sick and tired of the media (even foxs) cramming Romney down our throats. It is still possible for Santorum to win. If Romney is the nominee, we can expect to have Obama for another term. The conservative base does not support him and will most likely not campaign for him. I'll vote for Romney rather than Obama but I've heard that some conservatives aren't even planning to vote at all. I hope that is not true. I make phone calls for Santorum and I'll personally do all that I can to see that he is our nominee. There are more conservative states coming up in May and he does have a chance to win even if it is on the convention floor. If he does win, at least it will be a short campaign which gives Obama less time to mount an attack. It seems ignorant to me to work so hard to pick up the independents that you sacrifice your base. Trading 40% of the vote for 20%. Do they actually believe less is more?


I definately agree that the VP must be a movement Conservative to help secure the Conservative vote! I have heard from some Christians, that if Romney is the nominee, they don't think they can vote at all! I strongly urged them that they MUST VOTE, even if it is Romney, or else it is a vote for OBAMA! So VP has GOT to be a REAL CONSERVATIVE. I like the idea of Allen West, or Paul Ryan, altough, the Obama machine has already started beating-up Paul Ryan in the media. Or possibly, Jim Demint.

Speaking of Dan Quayle

It was mentioned in the article that George H.W. Bush picked conservative Dan Quayle as his VP candidate in order to make it look as though he was acknowledging the conservative voices within the GOP, but as I recall, Dan Quayle had very few significant responsibilities in the Bush "41" administration.  Now, George W. Bush, on the other hand, utilized VP Dick Cheney in quite a few major roles, which I am not sure was in Bush's best interests in the longrun.  Depending upon how strong a person and leader Mitt Romney's VP candidate is, I rather suspect that Mitt Romney might relegate his VP to the same sort of non-roles as George "41" did with Dan Quayle--kiss babies and tour public schools giving spelling lessons.

My personal recommendation would be that Mitt Romney pick as his VP candidate a definite constitutional conservative who has expertise in some areas that Romney himself is not knowledgeable in.  Just as an example, perhaps Allen West because of his military knowledge and experience, since Romney has no military knowledge nor experience.  Of course, a President Romney would have his own Secretary of Defense and other military advisors, but sometimes advisers can serve to persuade a leader without expertise in a certain area to do something that turns out in the long run not to be the best idea, such as attacking Iraq before they can launch a nuclear attack on Israel, only to find out that Iraq had no such capability at all.

Mr. Viguerie, you know as

Mr. Viguerie, you know as well as I do, Romney wouldn't allow a Jim Demint or a Rand Paul VP to influence his progressive prowar, Big Brother Administration the same way your example of long time CFR member Poppa Bush disregarding VP Dan Quayle.  And for the record... as soon as Marco Rubio landed in Washington he ditched his hard stand against illegal immigration and put the Tea Party, whose backing won him the Senate seat, out to the curb with the trash ... and rushed off to be seen in the company of Juan 'open borders' McCain and the fairy godmother Lindsey Graham who never saw a country he didn't want to bomb or invade.   Rubio turned out to be a younger version of former RINO Senator Mel Martinez from Florida.   Consequently, as he is a RINO and has come out in support of Goldman Sachs boy Romney, you can bet he's the top choice for VP... and Hannity, O'Reilly, Faux News and the rest of the MSM will brainwash the "conservative" lemmings that Marco is a real conservative.

Rhetoric aside, the Bushes, Clinton's, Obama and Romney are cut from the same NWO cloth. 

Kevan Rowlee


Sorry, no VP is going to change the Romney and establishment R agenda no matter who it is including Allen West. If Romney is the candidate it does not matter who the VP will be because we will have Obamna for another 4 years.