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Establishment GOP’s Desperate Fight to Hold Power

Rick Santorum’s exit from the Republican presidential campaign is a win for the Republican establishment, but it is a win that has revealed the desperate weakness of the Republican Party’s Washington insider culture.

Now completely dominated by acolytes of the Bush family, the Republican Party at the national level has no real philosophical core – it is merely about holding onto power.

But this is not power as it is understood in high school civics classes – the ability to use the levers of government by holding elective or appointive office. The power that the insiders of the national Republican Party seek to protect is the power to receive a share of the spoils from the looting of beyond-the-Beltway America.

The dirty secret of Washington’s inside culture is that the lobbyists, influence peddlers, access sellers and professional political operatives who make-up the inside elite of the national Republican Party will get paid no matter who is President.

Indeed, it may even be more lucrative for them if Obama is re-elected while the House remains in Republican hands. While there would be no ambassadorships handed out to bundlers and major donors, imagine the vast fees that can be generated through lobbying and the constant political warfare that are the hallmarks of divided government.

The Santorum candidacy, and those of the other conservative candidates in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, represented an existential threat to the insider culture that now dominates the Republican Party at the national level.

The last thing the Republican establishment wants is a newly elected conservative President arriving in Washington at the head of a vast citizen movement committed to change and to ending earmarks, midnight tax breaks, crony capitalism and other abuses.

The Republican establishment’s commitment to repeating the strategy that led to the defeat of John McCain – appealing to moderate to liberal voters, while ignoring grassroots conservative concerns – is indicative of their desperation to hold on to power and their complete indifference to actually winning the political and philosophical battle about undoing the welfare state and instituting fiscally sound constitutional government.

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Voters went to the polls and chose the best of a weak field of candidates. There was no "establishment" pulling the strings. But regardless, to think that a career politician who chose to stay in Washington DC and peddle his own influence would somehow shake up the influence peddling culture of Washington is laughable.


Which candidate was not a Washington insider????..Admit it....It's Romney. I am a Christian conservative and can't fathom the pushbadk of Romney by the selr-labeled conservatives. If we keep this up we are helping Obama having another 4 years. this what we want?!

I'd rather see Newt win and

I'd rather see Newt win and appoint Ron Paul as the secratary of treasury, he could straighten out fed ( eliminate t hem ) and i think he would be a valuable addition.The fact that the left wants Romney makes me NOT want him.

Right on!  NO MORE BUSH

Right on!  NO MORE BUSH FAMILY EVER.  They have caused more harm to conservatives than the liberals.  It's time to clean these corrupt RINO's out and restore conservatives and conservative AMERICAN values.  The Bush Family thinks they are ROYALTY.  We did away with royalty here, and the country was doing great until these elitists got involved.

First chore at hand, elect whomever the nominee is, even if it's Romney.  Second chore, clean out the RINO's and progressive republicans who don't abide by our constitution.  If that doesn't look possible, it will be time to start the TEA party and make it national before the 2016 elections.  NO MORE PROGRESSIVES ALLOWED AS REPUBLICANS!

Once Obama is gone there will be a showdown with the cowardly Republicans who failed to stand for American values.

The failure of the GOP-E.

Thank you , Richard. As always, you are right on.

Conservatives are adrift right now without an anchor because our last best hope, Rick Santorum, has had to leave the national stage.

Maybe our country hasn't hit bottom yet and will have to endure four more years of the Obama regime to wake up. If so, that's a sad state of affairs for voters who should have learned from the sorry mistake of 2008.

As for Romney, he'll throw the Tea Party and all that it stands for under the bus before the ink is dry on his nomination papers.

I don 't care who he picks as a VP.

I'll not cast my ballot for him, ever.

Establishment GOP

How right you are Richard.  Proof is in the exit poll democraphics.  Rural Conservative America, with their nose to the grindstone, continue to have their pulse on the Nation.   The love they have for faith, family and this country was not shouted from the mountain tops.  Despite the polls, mainstream media or the establishment, they instead quietly spoke their mind by voting for Rick Santorum.

Establishment GOPs....

Wrong, again, Richard. It is all Americans who are becoming desperate! We're watching our NATION becoming more weak in the economy, in our spiritual principles, in our devotion to freedom, under the Constitution ..... we NEED a committed man of consciounce, who knows & reveres the Constitution. - the law of the land - who HAS the Means AND experience to do for his country what He did for the International Olympics organization (gut the profligate spending, eliminate corruption, and institute fiscal efficiency). W, Republican, need to end our devisivenes & unite behind a winner - MITT ROMNEY!

GOP Government of Desparation

I do realize the horroble urge to desair, we must remember as Christians, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. HE tells us in HIS WORD that all of this would come to pass, in the end days. HE promises to save us from the end evil, as well, as I can understant HIS WORDS.We must work and pray, and pray and work for HIm and to HIM. We cannot, we must not give up on hIS power and HIS love for HIS people.We must remember, "HE IS HERE FOR US. HE IS OUR HOPE.

 Hey - the good Lord has a

 Hey - the good Lord has a competitor in The White House. Hope God is tuned into this election. We will need His help in Nov, 2012. Go God Fearing TEA Party !!!  


Establishment GOP

Very good article. You are one of the few that is writing the actual truth about the Republican party leaders. As you say the GOP has no desire to make radical changes in the way things are. Newt was one of the victims of trying to change things. I believe Palin was selected as the VP candidate to get her out of Alaska. The good ole boys liked the money they were looting out of that state. McCain ran a timid campaign against Obama because the GOP wanted to continue their corrupt policies and had no desire for smaller government. Romney is being set up to lose the contest and place the blame on the "Tea Party". In the eyes of the GOP they need to get rid of the upstart conservatives trying to change things in Washington. We need to vote them all out and get someone different in there. The real truth is that it is going to be very difficult to make real changes. The big money is on the side of corruption. The people are constantly being led in different directions to split the vote and confuse all the "sheep".


The Republican Party is a farce. It is not, nor has it ever been, a conservative party. They talk conservative talk to win elections only. It is dominated by the neocons, a bunch of wacked-out leftists and Trotsky followers. If the GOP was a truly conservative party, they would send the neocons back to the Democratic Party from which they crawled, As it is, we have two leftist parties in this country. The Republican Party, with their conservative ruse, is one the major problems destroying this country. If not for the GOP and their pretending to be conservative for conservative vote, we would have a real conservative party.

REAL Conservative Party

There is a REAL Conservative Party in America - The Constitution Party.

Republican establishment

George Bush and his wife have stayed out of politics and maintained great dignity in not commenting on the current president.  I think it shows "class".  Therefore there was no need to have their picture in your, "Desperate to hold power".  Personally, I'd love to have Jeb Bush as Pres.  - more than George, actually.  Cathy


Jeb was an awful governer.Florida really started going downhill after he got in.He did nothing but pander to special interests and promoted the "anyone but Americans" workforce.His main job was playing golf,tarpon fishing,and rigging elections with Katherine Harris.He had one last chance to do something for Florida before he packed his office into boxes,and he just sat there moping about the election.A small community in northern Florida had their roofs blown off by a rogue tornado.They were too small to qualify for Fema aid,and too poor to help themselves.It was freezing with night time lows in the 20's.Many of the afflicted were elderly.We all thought that surely the governor would fly a helicopter out and declare aid.Nothing.The surrounding rural counties took up donations and helped the best they could.I was living in Tallahassee at the time.I would like to spit chewing tobacco in his eye.

Research the Bushes

They are a BIG part of the problem with the GOP.

H.W. undermined and mocked Reagan from inside the WH.

There's a reason H.W. and Clinton are such best buds.

Read "The Ruling Class" by Angelo Codevilla.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

W.'s probably the best of the lot ethically.

Jeb is his father's son.

No. more. Bushes. ever.

The sooner we beat the Bush stranglehold on the GOP the better.

Restoring America

On September 4, 2011 Governor Palin delivered what some of us believe was the most important political speech in the last year:

Governor Palin's Speech at the "Restoring America" Tea Party of America Rally in Indianola, Iowa (Video and Transcript)

Her speech set the stage for the campaigns for the various conservative candidates, including that of Senator Santorum.

Yes, the inside the beltway Republican establishment is only interested in retaining power.

The picture that was released in January showing former President George H.W. Bush and his son, Governor Jeb Bush meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office told the story.

With news that the Romney campaign has selected Ed Gillespie to lead Romney's VP selection process, it is becoming obvious that former President George W. Bush's people will have their hands all over the Romney campaign.

The end result? Instead of a smashing conservative victory, the general election will be very close and Obama will likely defeat Romney.

But, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Romney is not yet the nominee. Gingrich and Paul are still candidates. While the odds look long, anything is still possible.

The GOP establishment?

What a Joke! It includes Santorum, this website, and every neocon pundit such as Limbaugh, Levin, RV...  You guys just don't get it! Until the GOP stops supporting unconstituional policies such as foriegn interventions, undeclared  wars, deficits, debt, prohibition, useless govt departments, the FED, the surviellance/police state, DOMA, corporatism, and bailouts, youl'll never be able to lay claim to the party of the Constitution! Remember that document that you supposedly extoll??? Until then, I'll be writing in Ron Paul or voting Gary Johnson this Nov. See ya in 2016 when you finally accept the Constitution AND Rand Paul as your nominee. 

We need to restore the Constitution

Electing constiutional conservatives is a good thing, but given the deep entrenchment of the special interests and New Deal Supreme Court precedents which underlie the federal leviathan, the only sure way to restore constitutional government is to move power back to the states.  The most powerful way to do this would be to reform the amendment process so that the states can initiate and enact constitutional amendments without having to go through Congress or the unworkable and archaic mechanism of a convention.  Then grassroots patriots on the state level could amend the Constitution to restate and re-affirm its original limits on federal power.  See

The RNC and the entrenched

The RNC and the entrenched Washington establishment elites and pundits have been at war with the Tea Party and conservatism in general since Reagan. The same ones that dispised him and his legacy. In 2010 they saw the power of the grassroots and everything we accomplished as a threat to their own existence. They feel a need to control us now...However, it's something that can't be controlled in the information/internet age. We will take back our party, and our country, from those entrenched Washington insiders who care about nothing more then preserving their own existence all the while our country sinks deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Romney is the weakest candidate we could have put up against POTUS Obo....he's a serial flip-flopper, has no core convictions and can't even speak about/runs aways from conservatism, so we can't draw enough distinctions to facilitate a win in the fall. Particularly when the base is not fired up to pound the pavement. It's the base that are the soilders in the much vaulted graound game...Will the establishment elites be in the trenches this fall, making the calls, going door to door??  I think not....

Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result? Haven't we been down this road b4 with Ford...HW Bush...Dole...McCain?

Washington needs an enema....Not a pragmatist.

Now You're Cooking With Gas

My compliments, Richard.  I can't imagine anyone writing a more accurate analysis.