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Romney Still Has to Get Conservatives

 Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has been vocal about the battle to win over conservative voters that Romney faces. “He’s got a mountain to climb,” he says. “There’s some hard feelings.”



Following are some excerpts from Mr. Viguerie's recent remarks:

Richard Viguerie: “After having destroyed every conservative that came on the scene, you can’t say ‘You have to line up behind me.’ No, no, no. Conservatives are not going to jump until they hear where Governor Romney wants to take everybody.” On - First Thoughts: What we learned from the GOP race

“there’s some hard feelings among conservatives.” Such attitudes stem in part from the millions of dollars Romney’s campaign and its allies spent on advertising to “crush” Santorum and other conservatives in the race, Viguerie said.“He’s got a mountain to climb,” Viguerie said of Romney. On - Romney Will Keep Feeling Santorum’s Sting

Richard Viguerie: "Romney is seriously behind with committed conservative voters. To catch up, he must make the case that he merits the support of movement conservatives and that a Romney administration, if elected, can and will produce conservative government." On - Republicans react to Santorum suspending campaign

“To date, Mitt Romney has spent about $100 million to drive the conservative candidates from the field, in some case through personal attacks,” conservative organizer Richard Viguerie said in a statement. “However, he has spent little effort making the case for his own candidacy to grass-roots movement conservatives. The first great challenge facing conservatives is whether or not Mitt Romney can heal the wounds created by his negative campaigning.” - Mitt Romney’s Tough Job: Wooing Conservatives

Viguerie: "There are a lot of hard feelings towards Romney, the next six moves are up to him... We need to hear from Gov. Romney." Viguerie said Santorum still "has an opportunity to provide major leadership for the conservative cause" and could serve as a bridge between Romney and social conservatives. "I think a lot of conservatives would welcome having one articulate voice speaking to the Romney campaign for us," he said. "He's that only person that could fill that role right now." - After Rick Santorum's exit, will social conservatives rally around Romney?