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Viguerie's Bold Election Predictions

Since January of this year, I've said in many speeches, articles, blogs, and media interviews, that a wave of biblical proportions was going to sweep the Democrats out of office.

Also, until the primaries were over, I would quote James Carville in 1992, who as a key Bill Clinton advisor would regularly say, “It's the economy stupid.” This was his way of communicating to Democrats  - stay on message and stress the economy.

Paraphrasing Carville during the primary season, I said as often as I could to conservatives --“It's the primaries stupid.”  

Because when this wave of biblical proportions sweeps the Democrats out this year, if most all the Republican candidates who are on the ballots are big-government establishment types, we will have wasted the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Well, as you and I know, hundreds of Tea Partiers and conservatives ran in primaries at the local, state, and federal level.

Of course we didn't win all the races, but small-government, constitutional conservatives won more primaries than at any time in my lifetime (and that's a long time).

When all the votes have been counted for the Nov. 2nd election, a high percentage of principled conservatives will have won. And it happened because of you. Give yourself a pat on the back

It was tens of thousands of conservatives like you who ran for office, donated, volunteered, made phone calls, attended meetings and rallies and in so many ways made a real measurable difference.

Since January of this year, through good primaries and some not so good, through good poll numbers and some discouraging ones, I've stayed with the same bold predictions, and I see no reason to change -- here they are:

88: The number of net House seats GOP will win
9: The number of net Senate seats GOP will win
36: The number of Governors the GOP will have next January
650: The number of net state legislative races the GOP will win

However, if conservatives have a good election outcome this year, and an even better one in 2012, please, please keep in mind this is not the end.

To quote Winston Churchill, “It may be the end of the beginning” - but that is all it is.

Because, except for the military, the leadership of every major institution in America is arrayed against us.  So we're looking at a very long and difficult road before we return America to the vision of our Founders.

Tomorrow, I'll write you about my advice for conservatives starting November 3, the day after the election.

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