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Where Do Conservatives Go Now?

Today, Parts 1, 2 & 3.

Now that moderate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt is the presumptive Republican nominee for President, many conservatives are asking “What should I do now that it looks like Republicans will not nominate a conservative candidate for President?”

First, don’t be Mitt Romney’s cheap date.

The grassroots movement conservative voters who powered the Santorum campaign can not be taken for granted. During the 2006 congressional elections some 4 million conservative voters stayed home, producing one of the greatest defeats for the Republican Party in the modern era.

Some conservatives were quick to endorse Mitt Romney now that the nomination looks settled. They got it exactly backwards – conservatives should not be rushing to embrace Romney; Romney should be rushing to embrace conservatives.

No one wants to stay home during this important election cycle, however, Mitt Romney has given little evidence he wants, and is willing to work for, conservative support.

If Mitt Romney wants the support of grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers, the next six moves are up to him.

So far there’s no new sign that a Romney administration will result in the kind of fiscally sound, constitutionally conservative government that conservatives saw coming from the other candidates in the race.

In fact, during the campaign Mitt Romney sent every signal possible he wanted to get the nomination without owing conservatives or the Tea Party anything.

Before conservatives give their support to Mitt Romney we must see concrete action. We must see that Romney will campaign as a conservative, govern as a conservative and that a Romney administration and a Romney White House will be dominated by conservatives – anything less means that even if conservatives support him and Romney is elected, we will have merely exchanged one set of Washington insiders for another in DC’s halls of power.

Second, redouble conservative efforts to takeover the Republican Party.

Time after time during the Republican primary election cycle grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers saw establishment Republican Party officials put their thumb on the scale to tip the balance in Mitt Romney’s favor.

From the arbitrary abuse of the winner-take-all rules in Florida and Arizona, to the post-election delegate allocation changes in Michigan, to the burdensome ballot access process in Virginia the establishment Republican Party did everything possible to thwart grassroots conservative activists and keep the power to choose the Republican nominee in the hands of Party insiders.

To prevent this from happening again, and to build a Republican Party leadership that truly represents its conservative base, Tea Partiers and grassroots conservative activists must redouble their efforts to takeover the Republican Party.

This means running for positions in the Republican Party organization – starting with precinct committeeman or woman – and getting involved in the local Republican Party organization. Getting on your local Party Committee is the only way to make sure that your Republican County Chairman, and your State and District Committeeman and Committeewoman, are conservatives who will not tilt the process in favor of establishment candidates.

Go to your state Republican Party’s website to find out how to become a member of your local Republican Party committee. You will likely have to run for election in your precinct, but often no one files and the positions are filled by appointment by Party insiders. To ensure that does not happen, when the last day for filing rolls around be prepared and submit your paperwork – if no one else files you will automatically become the precinct committee member for your precinct.

Third, run for or support conservative delegates to Republican local, state and national conventions.

In many states the delegates to the Republican state and national conventions have yet to be chosen. Very often there is a multi-step process for choosing the delegates to the conventions and it may not be too late to run for delegate or alternate, or to support conservatives who are already running.

Assuming that the establishment Republican Party represents us only ensures that we get four more years of business-as-usual insider government. The only way to ensure that conservatives and Tea Partiers have their voices heard and that our hard work actually pays-off in conservative government is for us to be there on the Convention floor when the roll is called and the votes for the Republican presidential nominee are cast.

In some states Republican Party insiders have set steep filing fees or other financial hurdles to running for delegate. Raising financial support for conservative candidate for delegate may also be important in your state. If you plan to seek, accept or make donations for a delegate campaign be sure to determine what, if any, state campaign finance rules apply.

The Republican National Coalition for Life has published a list of the filing deadlines and other information on how to become a delegate or alternate. The dates for filing for delegate and alternate vary vastly from state-to-state – for example, Florida’s was back in January, while Idaho’s doesn’t close until May 22.

The Republican National Coalition for Life also has good information on the delegate selection process in general on their website at for the list of state-by-state dates go to the Republican National Coalition for Life website at

Today, Part 1 of 3, Thursday, Part 2, Friday, Part 3

Next: Part 2, Remember the Difference Between Republicans and Conservatives

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Pick up your marbles and go home? Shame on you!

 These people sound like brats who pick up their marbles and go home if they don't get their way. Romney isn't my first choice but do we sit back and let Obama go through with his plan to bankrupt the country and turn us into socialists? Right now Obama is planning to fix the election or create enough civil disobedience to screw up the election. As this is going on the Conservatives are going home and locking their doors and thinking it will go away as soon as the can find their messiah who will magically appear and save them from Obama. Well, it just doesn't work that way. Money talks and BS ....well, money talks big, real big. Real Americans support their party and if they can change things at this election, they can put enough pressure on Mitt so he'll either fish or cut bait. But giving up isn't the American way. I think we all understand how important it is to elect strong conservatives to Congress, people who can hold Mitt's feet to the fire. Romney keeps saying he wants to get along. That's a scary statement because getting along with Democraps only occurs when they are in the minority. They always cry  bipartisan  and play to the meida that we won't cooperate. When they have the power they treat us like dirt, we should return the favor. In the past conservatives were terrified that they might offend the media. That's a thing of the past, the cat is out of the bag for the media, they've been exposed. The only service Obama has done for the country is that he lied enough to force the exposure of the media, they can't hide Obama's lies that easily and it can be a great opportunity to get them off our back. This election could be seen whatever way you want, I say it's an opportunity to fix a lot of things. But you can't fix anything if you stay home and hide because you didn't get your way. Grow up and get ready to make some lemonade.

against the anti-Richard Viguerie crew

There are always certain people who continually slam Mr. Viguerie on this site. I wish those of you that are continuously negative would just stay off the website. You obviously don't know what a conservative is and you should go play with the other GOP Insiders and leave us alone. I've read Mr. Viguerie's book about how conservatives were betrayed by Bush and though I'd rather have Bush than Obama, I agree with Richard on practically all points. The things that Richard post obviously do not apply to you because you are not one of us. Take a hike!


Been hearing this same kind of crap from Richard for some 30+ years...truly a slow-learner.....

John Lofton, Recovering Republican

[email protected]

Active Facebook Wall

Exactly Right


I love all the ZZZZZ's and yes, you are certainly not dead yet. :-)

Viguerie always claims he doesn't want GOP lap dogs on his site but it turns out he's one of them. He doesn't seem to understand that changing the GOP is fools gold. He refuses to give the Conservative Party USA a fair hearing despite the fact that we were the first national organization to endorse Santorum. None of his three part articles give us so much as a glancing mention.  

Please visit You'll understand what's up! 

Mitt Romney

Richhard, you miss a big point here. No way will I sell out to a liar and deciever like Mitt Romney. I and millions like me have very consitently stated that we will not vote for the man under any circumstances. We mean it.

When the RNC nominated Bob Dole, we said no way would we vote for him. The RINOs laughed at us, spit in our faces caled us traitors and fools and nominated him anyway. How could they be surprised when he lost?

We said we will not vvote for liar and Liberal renegade John McCain under any circumstances. The Rinos laughed at us, spit in our faces, called us traitors and fools and gave us John McCain. We did not vote for him. How can the RINOs be surprised that he lost?

Now it is Mitt Romney, and again the RINOs are laughing at us and spitting in our face and calling us traitors and fools and giving us Mitt Romney. Millions of principled, values driven Republicans will never vote for Mitt Romney, nor matter how many lies he tells. There is absolutely nothing that Mitt Romney can possibly say that will ever change that.

We will not sell out to RINO candidates. When will the RINOs wise up and learn that only Principled Conservative, family values Candidates will get the support of all Republicans? Will the RINOs once again be surprised when millions  of Vales driven Republicans refuse to vote for him? When their RINO candidate loses?

They should have learned by now.


In absolutly hate the thought of not voting in  a national election, BUT, for those of you who have written in defense of Mitt or wish to see him as the Republican nominee, it is clear that you have NOT done your due diligence of this man. It is sooooooo very important that every voting American do their own extensive due diligence before voting. We can not afford to get this wrong. The nominee has NOT been chosen yet, and I am still hoping/praying it is NOT Mitt.  I have done my due diligence and I know the continued trouble we will be in if he or Obama are president.

stay at home voters

Please, for the love of God, YOU ALL MUST VOTE out Obama in Nov. 2012!! Are you crazy? I know exactly the point you are trying to make, but the rest of us can NOT stand another 4 years of the LIAR-IN-CHEIF, Barack Hussein Obama! Remember when we all said "I don't care if its Mickey Mouse- we will vote for anyone but Obama"! This is no time to stand on principal with so much at stake. If Obama was just some mealy-mouthed do nothing run of the mill Democrat, then maybe. But Obama is fundamentally changing America- for the WORSE!!! He is a traitor, a fraud, a Marxist, and has our destruction in mind, plus he hates Israel!! So get over it!! WE MUST NOT ALLOW OBAMA TO BE RE-ELECTED!!! Please STOP this ridiculous rhetoric about not voting for the Republican nominee in Nov.. Thats how Obama was elected in the first place! He has done irreparable damage, and must be stopped, at any cost! Changing the Republican party will have to be gradual, over time, into a more Conservative ideology. But DON'T make it an all or nothing deal in 2012! Get Obama out first!!




Ron Paul Supporters Will Vote This November

No matter what, they will vote for Ron Paul.  They will not stay at home.  If the GOP doesn't nominate Paul, his supporters will write him in.  He is getting their support no matter what.

Have you looked at the Ron Paul web sites?  Daily, there are rallies with 2-7 thousand people attending each one.  4,300 people standing in the pouring rain for 3 hours to hear him speak in Pennsylvania just this week.  His supporters are fervent. They are the ones expending effort and personal funds to support him. His supporters have been lied to and maligned by the media and the GOP, they know how to stand up to pressure and still deliver.  They have Ron Paul as inspiration and example of how to persist despite long odds.  

It has been a discussion on his web sites for months that they will vote for nobody but Paul.  If Ron Paul is not on the top of the GOP ticket, you can count on losing 10%+ of potential GOP voters through write ins.  The Ron Paul supporters see little difference between Obama and Romney.  If you really want Obama out and are still supporting Romney, you must be the crazy one.

Think forward

"This is no time to stand on principal with so much at stake." That's exactly how we got where we are. You better be thinking forward to 2016 and beyond and real recovery. It's time to send the GOP a message. If you consistently vote against your principles, values and conscience, the GOP will never take you seriously and will continue to jam globalist  rinos down your throat. We are divided from within, and the fact that many will vote on party instead of principle is de facto evidence. Consider that, if Rs regain the Senate and retain the House, O will have opposition at every turn. Under those conditions, a Congress full of "yes men" will prompt Romney to spend us into oblivion. The former would be better than the latter, and hopefully the GOP will get the message. They will not have engineered Romney's nomination fairly, as there are many cases of election fraud in this season already, affecting the campaigns of all the candidates. And Romney will not beat O. Concentrate on congressional elections, pray for the best, and vote your principles, values and conscience!

do you NOT hear yourself???

"This is no time to stand on principal with so much at stake" Good God!!! The Republocrats haven't used any conservative principles in soooo long they don't seemingly have them any longer. Not standing on principle is what brought us Dole, McCain, the New World Order Bushes and made sure we have few Conservatives to actually put a check next to their name on a ballot. Romney is just a continuation of the "Let's not vote using principle" ideology! So get a grip and hold YOUR nose and vote on the only presidential candidate who has stuck to HIS principles for all the years he's been in public service. (And btw... learn to use spell check... or... learn grammar/english. I don't care if you're inept at either, it's just the principle that annoys me. The Principal in my grade school made sure our grammar was gooder than most!)

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron

Ron Paul has been the only GOP Conservative for decades and he is still running,

You vs. Republicans

If you are going to sponsor a fight within the Republican party, you might as well shut up and vote for Obama. Romney not only needs conservative votes, but he also need moderate votes. When you succeed in your mission to tear the Republicaan party to shreds, you will be responsible for the re-election of Obama. Congratulations!

Where Exactly do Obama and Romney Differ?

Grandy12, you have it backwards.  You want to have 4 more years of Obama, then support Romney.   This is for two reasons:

1) Romney and Obama are essentially identical.  Both have the exact same groups as the main supporters of their campaign, both are for big government,  both want government run health care, both support the Federal Reserve and clandestinely diverting America's wealth to the 1%,  both support NDAA, both support TARP, both support restricting gun rights, both will start war with Iran, etc. etc. etc.  If you don't believe my words, see the following video where the two are shown with their own mouths saying virtually identical policies on these issues.

2) With both candidates having the same policies, they're competing for the same voting blocks.  Then, the advantage goes to the incumbent.  Romney doesn't pull in substantial numbers of independents, he doesn't get the disaffected democrat vote, Romney gets tepid support at best from the GOP base and little from the religous or truly conservative wings of the party.

Ron Paul is doing better than Romney now against Obama, and this is without any support from the GOP, media or supposedly conservative web sites like this one.

You want to guarrantee 4 more years for Obama, keep supporting Romney.  If you really want Obama out, start researching Ron Paul on the internet.  Find out all the lies you have been told from the main stream media.  Then support a true conservative, a constitutionalist and someone who can win in November.  Ron Paul.

Romney isn't the answer - he's not even close!

Romney?  Romney's not even polling the best against Obama, Ron Paul is!  And Ron Paul is a true conservative, not a fake one that only talks the talk.  Why anyone would vote for Romney is beyond me - Romney lost to McCain who got destroyed by Obama.  How could any logical person believe Romney has a chance against Obama?

Ron Paul is the only candidate who makes any sense if you're aim is to get Obama out of office.  Ron Paul is currently beating Obama according to the Rasmussen poll (Romney ties Obama at BEST) and Ron Paul is collecting delegates at a much faster rate than Romney is.  Plus Romney pulls in the exact same demographic groups that gave Obama the election in 2008 - the young/first time voters and the independents.  Plus Ron Paul has the advantage over both Romney and Obama that he brings in the anti-war voters, who went to Obama in 2008 because he said he would bring everyone home.

The media is so busy reporting that Romney already won that they haven't been covering the fact that Ron Paul *swept* several districts in Missouri and Minnesota, with Romney getting NO delegates.  All those nice delegate numbers you see in the news (which all come from the Associated Press) are fantasy - they haven't updated them since the actual delegate numbers were announced.  If they actually reported the TRUE delegate numbers you'd see that Romney has nowhere near as many delegates as they are saying, and Ron Paul has several times MORE than they are saying.  If you watch closely you can see them playing their games - for several days after Ron Paul won the majority of delegates in Missouri, the associated press actually had "0" delegates up for Missouri, because they couldn't bear to show how Ron Paul had destroyed Romney.  But if you do your research, you can get a better idea of the true delegate count, and it's showing one thing clearly - Ron Paul is pulling in delegates faster than Romney AND Romney is not going to get 1144 delegates before the convention!


The problem with cooking up amendments to enforce the Constitution is that they won't be followed any more than the actual Constitution. It is an exercise in wasting your time. That time would be better spent in educating the people around you, your neighbors, family, friends, teammates, co-workers and those with whom you worship as to just what the Constitution is and how it is being violated and why this should be viewed as a serious threat to our freedom and our future. The Constitution as it is - or as it would be with some amendments repealed, such as the 17th, and a better understanding of this document - in fact, the most important work composed by man - would go a great deal farther than one more amendment stating that the others are to be "enforced". That would just be plain silly. The key is education and it should begin with your own children. If they are in public school take them out and home school them. If you already are, or if you have found and vetted an alternative school that provides a decent education in American history and the Constitution, then focus on discussion of it, with reference to current events, especially, at the dinner table (if you don't sit at the dinner table every night with your family, REORDER YOUR PRIORITIES - NOW!) and in time the Constitution will become as important in their lives as it truly should be. This isn't something you can put effort into for a couple of months, get signatures on petitions, write letters. This is a deep-seated problem that needs our attention every day for the rest of our lives and pass our passion for freedom on to our children and grandchildren. This is how it is done. This is how it works. We have the best constitution possible if we don't abuse it. It is not a "living, breathing" document subject to the unfettered urges of socialists. It is a granite-solid body of law that if we hold our representatives accountable to it will serve magnificently.


When Did Romney Become The Nominee

FYI - Obama flips, re-labels likely foe Romney as hardcore conservative

Returning to the post, the questions remains, when did Romney become the nominee?

He has yet to win the support of 1,144 committed delegates.

If conservatives want to make a stand, why not rally behind Speaker Gingrich in Delaware and throw a spanner in the works?


Hey I would love for Newt Gingrich to be the nominee, instead of Romney. But how could we pull this off?



"So far there’s no new sign

"So far there’s no new sign that a Romney administration will result in the kind of fiscally sound, constitutionally conservative government that conservatives saw coming from the other candidates in the race."

"other candidateS????"  There is and always was ONLY ONE constitution based candidacy in this race, and YOU Richard Viquerie have been just as remiss in honestly reporting about him as any in MSM or the party establishment.  In fact, there is STILL a chance to get a constitutional President if YOU and the many folks who errantly supported those who have fallen far short of the mark, like Santorum and Gingrich unite behind RON PAUL.  Other wise, your rhetoric is just as useless as that of the many candidates who talked the talk, but whose voting records fell far short of the mark.


It ain't over til its over, and with fewer than 700 delegates even by "official" MSM count, there is still a long ways to go.  BTW, Romney's delegates are likely overcounted by at least 150, and maybe 200, and Ron Paul's undercounted by that many as well.  CA and TX could tip the scales.  Going to get on board, or be the obstacle that you complain about?

Re: So far there's no new sign

You are absolutely correct, both in your assessment of Ron Paul as the only true conservative candidate in the Republican primary race and the role which commentators such as Richard Vigurie (whom I generally like, I just think he's been off-base about Ron Paul) have played in helping Romney to be perceived as the Republican nominee.  It is not only the MSM which has been ignoring Ron Paul, but also many so-called "conservative" media sites.  The reason?  Ron Paul, being primarily a libertarian, is not liked by many supposed conservatives because of his opposition to the use of military force as the primary tool in America's foreign policy arsenal.  Add to that his lack of support for such conservative hobby-horses as the "Defense of Marriage Act" and the many anti-gay "conservative" initiatives and most who call themselves "conservative" don't like him.


What these people fail to see is that, by espousing the continuation of our current foreign policy there will be no significant reduction in the size of our military and the amount of money it sucks from our pockets every year.  Furthermore, many who call themselves "conservative", such as Rick Santorum, are in favor of using the power of the Federal government to enforce their view of a particular moral code.  In the first place, how does this distinguuish them from their "liberal" opponents?  It is hypocrisy of a high-order to condemn one's opponents for using the same government-based coercion that one favors for pushing one's own agenda.  Secondly, it has been the use of the power of the Federal government to force adherence to a particular set of moral rules (granted, mostly those pushed by the Left at this point) which has led to the explosive growth of the size and power of the government.  It would be no different, and there would be no significant reduction in the size of the Federal government, merely a re-direction of effort and resources, if a candidate such as Rick Santorum were to reach the Oval Office.  Thirdly, many so-called conservatives have forgotten that this nation was founded on the idea that people were to be allowed to live and direct their own lives, so far as consistent with maintaining public order, without interference by the government.  As Thomas Jefferson said, "What matters it to me if my neighbor says there is no God, or twenty?  It neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket."  His point being that, so long as an individual's actions cause no harm to anyone it is no one's business how that person chooses to live - a point many modern conservatives seem to have forgotten, over-look, or have never adhered to.


So, keep pushing for Ron Paul.  He's the only man whom we can be certain will work towards seriously reducing the power and size of the Federal government and returning the U.S. to truly constitutional government.


Just my $.02,



The GOP is unwilling to put forth any true conservatives, believing they don't stand a chance...they are totally out of touch with the people!!  They gave us McCain vs Obozo, our Liar in Chief, I would vote for neither one as couldn't determine any lessor evil...I will not vote again if it's Romney vs Obozo!  If Ron Paul, whom I dislike intensly is on the ballot, I will vote for him, as he is a true conservative!

Romney - A NO vote for me

Oh I may change my mind.

I have not been a Ron Paul supporter, but at this point I would rather back him over Romney. As someone else said, he changes his story depends on who he wants to impress and he has been against the fine people that are part of the Tea Party.

I'm just afraid he is an other Soro stooge. 

POTUS is important, but the Constitution is more important

It is critical that we get rid of Obama, even if it means voting for Willard M. Romney in the general election.  However, we need to look at a wider field of endeavor.  Even Presidents come and go, as do Congresses and Supreme Courts, and so far none of them, even supposedly "conservative" ones, have rolled back a national government which has expanded and continues to expand far beyond its original constitutional limits.  I suggest that some effort should be devoted to going to that core issue, and restoring those original constitutional limits on federal power.  To do so will require that we resort to the ultimate power the Framers gave us - amendment.  Of course, Congress will never initiate amendments restricting its powers.  Therefore, the first step must be to reform the amendment process so that the states can initate and enact amendments without having to go through either Congress or the unworkable and outmoded mechansim of a convention.

Such a proposal would also make a great campiagn issue for conservatives.  Since it is content-neutral and is all about returning power to the people, anyone who opposed it would be shown up in the starkest terms as favoring keeping power over our fundamental document in Washington over moving it toward the people in their states.  See

Excellent Reminder!

Thank you for this important reminder ... we cannot give up in our hope of returning to our nation a renewed sense of constitutional conservatism.  I was silent too long, and no longer am ... each of us must do something, even if it's small.  For me, I began, and I continue to comment through, my own political blog dedicated to constitutional government:

"Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."

Romney will lie to you, then do what he wants

Richard, you've been played.  Again.

You knew that Santorum would not win, yet you supported him.  Now you want us to believe you that the conservative cause can extract some concessions from Romney?  He has demonstrated himself over and over again to be a liar.  He will make some 'promises' to support our conservative causes and with that assurance in hand, we'll give him our support?  Like this time, he will follow through on his promises should he get into office.  That's another losing strategy that will play into Obama's hand.

Look at what Ron Paul has done already, without any support from the media.  Go to and look at the size of the crounds that he is attracting.  This is real ground swell support. He is single handedly rebuilding the GOP party into something a conservative can be proud of again. State after state is replacing their GOP chairs with Paul supporters and delegates.  You want to get a conservative agenda implemented?  Support Ron Paul.  Help him get the delegates needed to implement a conservative agenda.  He can win the nomination and the November election.  He will honestly strive to implement all of the platform you so fervently believe in.  And you won't have to plead with him to tell you lies so you can give yourself an excuse to be a really cheap date.

Ron Paul

Could not agree more with Holistic Musician. Ron Paul is the fastest way to restore the republic. With one executive order he can peel back and nullify all the other executive orders that have infringed on liberty. Romney does not tell the truth. He does what most all politicians do; he matches his message to the moment. Do the right and the smart thing, support Ron Paul. He is drawing huge crowds as Holistic Musician stated. Here's a video of a recent speech he made at Chico State in Ca.

Mechanics of Movements

Mr. Viguerie  completely ignored Santorums applause for anti-life, anti-Christian, anti-conservative (video - as well as Santorum's habitiual lying validated by a 22 year old acquiantance who was Best Man at various Santorum staffer weddings.  (  Mr. Viguerie excused and covered up for Santorum's lies that he HAD to vote for Specter to get Alito/Roberts appointed although Santorum didn't bring up this argument for 4 years and when he did in 2010 Specter IMMEDIATELY denounced it as a lie.  it has been proven that not only would Alito/Roberts STILL have been appointed if Toomey lost ( Santorum has known it all along.  Worse - when Sotomayor was nominated by Clinton, Santorum voted for her over objections by Rush Limbaugh, LifeNews and EVERY CONGRESSIONAL CONSERVATIVE even including John McCain.

Santorum should have gone to jail for his lobbying and even changed votes that would have harmed Americans (

Why is Richard so blind to the truth of Santorum's false religious and conservative "princple" to begin with?   Who knows.

Both Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are representing the last hold out against the GOP Establishment.  Instead of just coming out and endorsing either one - Viguerie somehow expects people to support a nebulous conservative ideal which he himself didn't support in Santorum.

And this is supposed to be a marketing guy?  Remind me not to have him do my direct mail campaign.

Movements are made of momentum AGAINST something but go nowhere however without leadership.  The Tea Party is a great example.  There are no real national leaders which is great, until coordination and direction is needed.  Try going to war without a general or a coordinated chain of authority.  A heavily armed mob won't beat a fighting unit EVER unless they are suicide bombers. The Tea Party is now dead, slowly falling in line to support a candidate that Moral Majority/Heritage Foundation founder Paul Weyrich felt was so dangerous - he would have split the GOP party if McCain had chosen him as a nominee.

How does a guy named a top 10 RINO by Human Events only 7 years ago become the choice of conservatives?  Conservative media like Viguerie who had a chance to be HONEST about his own candidate but instead tried to shove falsehoods upon the conservative movement in Santorum. 

Mr. Viguerie no longer has any credibility except with the remaining Santorum compromoisers he helped create.

But without an endorsement of Paul or Gingrich - his cries for the conservative movement merely reflect the same selifsh stance of his original endorsement.    Santorum wants to hold on to his delegates rather than release them to either Paul or Gingrich because he cares more about his own power than defeating the charging the RINO.

Just like Santorum did in 2008 when he threw Huckabee under the bus for Romney who he called a "principled" "true" conservative who shares our "values"

Mr. Viguerie, maybe you should go back and read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" just one more time.

And if you won't to prove your "principle," endorse someone who can actually carry those values against Romney for the next few months. 

.Otherwise you will prove yourself to be nothing but a cheap politician who not only can't evaluate the true credentials of a conservative, you will continue to compromise the cause by allowing your pick keep the conservative movement split.

100% agreed. I'm not sure what Richard is trying to do...

I couldn't have said it better myself HollisticMusician.  I tip my hat to you.  




Richard I think you may be setting yourself up to repeat history.