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Where Do Conservatives Go Now?

Today, Parts 4,5, and 6.

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Fourth, Remember the Difference Between Republicans and Conservatives.

Conservatives look at the endorsements Mitt Romney has garnered from such establishment figures as former President George H.W. Bush and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and most importantly from business-as-usual Washington insiders, such as lobbyist Ed Gillespie, and they see advocates of positions they often opposed, not friends of the transformational agenda that won the Tea Party wave election of 2010.

Surveying Romney’s record and agenda, and most importantly the people he is likely to bring to Washington to implement his agenda, movement conservatives see little likelihood a Romney administration will differ from a Bush administration, or a McCain administration, or a Dole or Ford administration.

This is why conservatives remain so deeply skeptical of Mitt Romney’s candidacy for President. They look at his record as Governor of Massachusetts and the policies he espouses and see no commitment to the kind of transformational change the conservative movement has been working for the past 50 years to achieve.

Republican Party insiders still can’t come to grips with the reality that the rebellion of the small government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party is as much a rejection of their stewardship of the government – the earmarks and massive spending and debt of the Bush years – as it is a rejection of Obamacare and Obamanomics.

Let’s be quite clear – there is a difference between Republicans and conservatives. The goal of the Republican political party is to elect its candidates to control the levers of government power. Conservatives should not get so swept-up in the Republican Party’s campaign for power, that they loose sight of the fact that the goal of the conservative movement is to hold the government to constitutional principles, no matter what political party is in power, and in the process rejuvenate our society and culture.

Fifth, Don’t Get Suckered into Supporting the Republican Party.

If the difference between conservatives and Republicans is based in the conservative movement’s commitment to holding the government to constitutional principles, no matter which Party is in power, then one of the most important things conservatives can do is to support organizations that are committed to that same goal.

This also means declining to support organizations, including the national, state and local Republican Parties if they are not committed to holding the government to constitutional principles.

The folly of conservatives supporting the Republican National Committee, and many state Republican Party committees was made readily apparent during the presidential primary. In state after state the establishment GOP did its best to thwart the will of the grassroots conservative voters by using its power to tip the scales toward Mitt Romney to the disadvantage of the conservative candidates in the race.

In the same vein the Republican National Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee have become virtual incumbent protection rackets – appearing to sell influence and access in return for donations to keep incumbent members of Congress in power.

Thanks in part to the ability of the new and alternative media, especially the internet, to empower grassroots activists it is now possible to bypass the establishment Republican Party. There are now dozens of sound organizations committed to constitutional conservative principles that are doing everything from training volunteers in grassroots campaign techniques to recruiting and training conservative candidates to run for Congress and their state legislatures.

Just because an organization has conservative in its name doesn’t mean the organization is actually conservative – especially if it is headquartered in Washington DC. Too many Washington-based organizations, even ones that began with the intention of fostering conservative government, have become part of the inside-the-Beltway Republican establishment.

Very often the best organizations to support are not the state parties and national committees, but the local groups; County Republican Committees and Tea Party organizations who share our values and are doing the hard work to elect conservative candidates to office up and down the ballot. By supporting these local organizations, which are always struggling to raise money, it is possible to know their leadership, know whether or not they share our values and determine whether they are accountable and effective.

During the Bush – Hastert – Frist years too many Washington-based policy organizations sold their souls for a few tickets to the White House Christmas party or a seat at the State of the Union Address. They failed in the real test of whether they were effective advocates of conservative policy – holding the government to constitutional principles, no matter which Party is in power.

Don’t get suckered into supporting the Republican Party’s incumbent protection racket. Donate only to small government constitutional conservative organizations and committees dedicated to holding the government to constitutional principles, no matter which Party is in power, and electing small government constitutional conservatives to office. Avoid establishment Republican-oriented organizations and Party committees that don’t hew to conservative principles, and work against conservative candidates and blindly support Republican incumbents even when they oppose conservative policies.

Sixth, It’s the Primaries, Stupid – Support Small Government, Constitutional Conservative Candidates

If 2012 is another big wave election, like 2010, but it sweeps into office the usual big-government, establishment Republicans, then we will have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

Supporting small government, constitutional conservatives, no matter how far down the ballot they are is crucial to our long-term success, and running for any office, no matter how far down the ballot, is worthy of your efforts.

If constitutional conservatives are to govern America, we must not only elect a President and a Congress, but also city council members, school board members, state legislators, Secretaries of State, Lt. Governors, etc.

Of course, there are many good candidates already running who are with the Tea Party movement. However, the vast majority of positions on the ballot this year do not have small government constitutional conservatives running, and many will have incumbents who have not faced a contest in years.

We who want constitutional, small-government should be running candidates even when it appears they have little or no chance of victory. The mistake of assuming good candidates will emerge from the regular party process does not work most of the time because the establishment Republican Party has no real interest in the kind of transformational change sought by conservatives.

Do you really trust Party leaders like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to build a Republican majority of small government constitutional conservatives? If we leave it to the national congressional and Party leadership to recruit the candidates we will end-up with a Congress just like them; incumbents such as Bob Bennett and establishment figures such as Charlie Crist, and Trey Grayson.

When making decisions about where to put their financial support, conservatives should remember that if the national Republican committees had their way, such now-stalwart conservative Senators as Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Mike Lee would never have been elected.

The only time we are guaranteed to lose is when we don’t compete. In today’s volatile political environment, no establishment candidate is truly safe. The American people want the chance to take out the big-government, establishment politicians; put your money and your hard work directly behind those candidates who are committed to small government, constitutional principles.

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Protecting Your American Birthright

43 out of the last 44 elected Presidents of the United States thought our American Birthright important enough to honor it. That birthright is being destroyed right before our eyes. Is it important?

Yes, of course it is. It is the very basis of American exceptalism. It is who we are.

At the very least, it can be seen as a Minor's canary, suddenly popping over dead deep in the dark bowels of our democracy. Not a good sign for those who believe their voices are no longer being heard by that democracy.

ex animo


I find it a bit ironic....

... That Mr. Viguerie talks about supporting limited-government, "Constitutional conservative" candidates, yet supported big government "conservative" Santorum for the Presidency.

I also notice how he selectively mentions the endorsements; yes, Romney got the "establishment" endorsements of Jeb Bush, but he also has gotten endorsements from people like Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Marco Rubio.

While I'm not a huge fan of Romney, to compare him to Dole, Ford, or McCain is unfair; each was a lifetime legislator (like Santorum). Romney at least has real world business and executive experience.

Remember the difference

Remember the difference between Republicans and Conservatives. Also remember the difference between Conservatives and Libertarians. The Constitution says Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It does not say religious principles or morality shall have no part in the public debate or influence thereon. Ron Paul has many good and valid ideas on reducing the size of governement and fixing our troubled economy. He is also way off base on what the greatest threats are to this country, both internally and externally.


Why does everyone dismiss Ron Paul so quickly? The only true constitutional conservative to run for president in the last 50 years. You care more about your traditions and religious values than you do the constitution. Yes, the constitution was partly based off of religious beliefs, but the idea of individual liberty and freedom from tyranny does not come from religion. Morality should not be so strictly linked to religion. Over the past 2000 years religion was used by government as an excuse for some of the most immoral acts the world has ever seen. We need leadership and a culture that lets people live their lives the best way they see fit instead of condemning people. Dont tax the rich, in fact dont tax anyone, and also dont condemn gay people. If you cant learn to be tolerant of people and let people live their lives freely then you will have to at some point live your life without freedom as well. Stpe trying to find an enemy in everyone, do you remember WWJD? Ron Paul 2012.
Oh yeah, see how Richard took down the nomination poll as soon as Santorum dropped out? Funny huh.

Re: Dismissed

Absolutely correct - especially your last point about those who wish to impose their morality on others eventually losing their own freedoms.  People in this country need to discard the idea that the Federal government, no matter which party or "movement" is in power, is the source of all that is good and wise.  Government should be used only as a tool for ensuring public safety, using its police powers, and territorial integrity, using the military and laws regarding immigration and citizenship.  Any other use of government power is corrisive of individual liberties and the right to live unmolested by others.  Too many so-called "conservatives" have forgotten this and are only too willing to use the power of the government to enforce their own view of a "proper" moral code.  Ron Paul is the only hope we have of really making a serious start towards reducing the size and power of the Federal government and conservatives who refuse to vote for him because he is "soft" on their favorite moral issues are fools whose actions will only result in more fo the same government growth we've seen for most of the last century.


Just my $.02,



If you are going to talk about Conservatives, talk about Conservatives. Don't talk about the way that the establishment wants them to be. Remember the difference between the government and how it's supposed to be. There has always been only one Conservative running and he's still there, Socialists. Take note less you go the way of Europe.


The GOP is totally out of tune with the rest of the country!  They gave us McCain to run against Obama...there was no lessor of two evils, so I didn't vote for either!

Now the GOP is forcing Romney down our throats, saying that a true conservative cannot win, so they give us moderate leftist, like Romney, Perry,

Gingrich etc. and fighting against Ron Paul the only true conservative in the package, even though I detest Ron Paul, I would vote for him..if it's a choice b etween

Romney and Obama, I will not vote, knowing Obama will do us the far more damage, but either one of them spells the end of the Conservative party, because in 4 ,ore years, we won't be voting, we will be a total police state, beyond what Hitler or Stalin ever thought of..It's over folks!! Sad to say, but true!!  This is our last chance!!

Where can Conservatives go?



Here is the alternative:

Richard it's time you looked again at Ron Paul

"The folly of conservatives supporting the Republican National Committee, and many state Republican Party committees was made readily apparent during the presidential primary. In state after state the establishment GOP did its best to thwart the will of the grassroots conservative voters by using its power to tip the scales toward Mitt Romney to the disadvantage of the conservative candidates in the race."

You are aware that the GOP and Mitt Romeny's campaign have tried to block placment of Ron Paul delegates all across this nation.

I think it's time you looked again at Ron Paul's platform.  
Read his book called "Liberty Defined".  

I think at that point you will find your heart and mind will be swayed toward's Ron Paul's Constitutionally based principles.  I know that after reading his books, watching videos of him and reading as many of his Congressional Weekly updates I have come to learn a great deal about the princple of Liberty which is the basis is freedom.

Please come with us and join the Revolution.  We'd be happy to have you on board.  I know in your heart that you probably agree with Ron Paul except you have some kind of reservations.  Whatever those reservations are, just open you mind to the ideas in that book.


I hope to see you coming around and promoting Ron Paul as the truely Conservative choice in this race.   





Most polls show a match up to be pretty close,but Obama usually beats Mitt by a few points.Even if Mitt won there really is no difference in his platform or financial backers.Ron Paul has shown in polls to best Obama with more consistency.The reason is the young vote,the Blue Democrats,Libertarians,and Indys find something in his platform they like,and even if they disagree with certain issues,they trust him.

Voting the lesser of two

Voting the lesser of two evils is how we *got* here.

Did you listen to Obama's campaign speeches?  Half of them would lead you to believe the US Constitution was his baby blanket. 

Assuming you cannot within without Romney is another fallacy.  Look at the polls, look at the gigantic crowds showing up NOT FOR ROMNEY but for Ron Paul.  Consider that the conception of "voting for the winner" defines who wins.  We the people want to return to constitutional government, states rights, and vote our local elections with your suitcase in the other hand.  If you want socialism, the welfare state, cameras in your bedroom, etc... Move to California, New York, and cast your votes there.  Let the rest of us protect ourselves, our families, and our communities how we see fit.

I, for one, will not be compromising my conscience AGAIN in the Fall.  I strongly suggest you put aside your party politics.  Let's say a corporatist, big-banker, finger on the nuke, police-state advocate was running against Obama, and you want Obama gone.  You win.  What's your next 4 years look like?  How many of your freedoms will you have by the next election (assuming there is one)?  More or less than Obama?

Get real, wake up, *read* the Constitution, and *remember* where we came from and where we've been.