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Where Do Conservatives Go Now?

Today, CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie concludes his "Where Do Conservatives Go Now?" series with part nine, "Conservatives Need 'Boat Rockers' as Leaders." Viguerie will show how new leadership from the conservative movement is essential to the future of our country.

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Nine, Conservatives Need “Boat Rockers” as Leaders

As we survey the political landscape in the aftermath of the 2012 Republican presidential primaries two things are clear: conservatives need new leadership and conservatives are looking for new leadership.

And new leadership is essential to the kind of transformational change required to stop the rapid erosion of our quality of life due to the growth of government and the decline of freedom and economic opportunity we are now experiencing.

Like the Biblical Jews of Exodus, to many grassroots conservative activists it seems we will wander in the wilderness until a new generation of leaders, untainted by the past arises.

To them I say, “Be of good cheer, they are out there.”

Many of the longtime leaders of Washington conservative organizations and Republican congressional and Party leaders are fine people, some are friends, but few are conservative anymore.

Many long ago traded their conservative principles for access to establishment power, invitations to the right parties or an earmark for a road or bridge in their District.
However, history tells us that when Republicans present fresh conservative faces who are “boat rockers” they win elections.

That is why Republicans need to clean house and present new, conservative faces to the public – the 1994 takeover of the House and the 2010 Tea Party wave were won, not by the old establishment leaders, but with young conservatives as the faces of the GOP.

Unfortunately, Republicans repaid the trust voters gave them in 2010 by returning to power many of the leaders whose policies caused the routs of 2006 and 2008.  Porker of the Month and earmarker-in-chief John Mica of Florida, Big Spending Hal Rogers of Kentucky and Dealmaker Speaker John Boehner all talked a good game in 2010, but in the two years Republicans have controlled the House the deficit has been over a trillion dollars each year.

The “draconian budget cuts” promised in 2011 actually resulted in a multi-billion dollar budget increase and our national debt is now $15 trillion-plus.

And conservatives who objected were told to “get their asses in line” by the Speaker himself.

After two years of promises and failures it is clear you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, or wean a longtime Congressman from the taxpayer’s wallet.  Like the Biblical Jews, we need new leaders, a clean slate and a new start in order to get to the political Promised Land.

The same dynamic is found in many of our long-established conservative organizations.

They do good solid work in the areas they know and have grown comfortable with, but many in their leadership have become focused on access to establishment power, rather than rocking the boat to achieve conservative victory over establishment power.

Consequently, many refused to call out the Bush administration for abandoning conservative principles and many gave the Republican congressional leadership a pass for opposing Cut, Cap and Balance and other conservative policy solutions.

The good news is that a new generation of organizations led by young conservative “boat rockers” is rising to fill the gaps. 

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas uses edgy citizen journalism techniques to video potential vote fraud, Medicaid fraud and other big government abuses.

Ned Ryun and his team at American Majority have stepped in to train over 20,000 grassroots activists and almost 2,000 conservative candidates – filling a hole left by moribund Republican parties and long-ignored by Washington’s conservative organizations.

Erick Erickson of Red State and the many other young conservative bloggers who hold the establishment’s feet to the fire every day and who have helped build the internet into the powerful tool for conservatives I outlined in my book America's Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power.

During his presidential campaign, Rick Santorum energized a whole new “Santorum demographic” of young conservative activists in state after state.

Running as an unabashed conservative with a platform of conservative change, Louisiana’s 40-year old Governor Bobby Jindal rolled to an unprecedented re-election victory winning about 66 percent of the total vote in a nine candidate field. 

In the House of Representatives young conservative freshmen, such as Justin Amash (Mich-3) Chip Cravaack (Minn.-8) and Tim Scott (S.C.-1) have bucked the House Republican leadership to stand for conservative principles by voting against raising the debt ceiling and for real solutions to our spending, deficit and debt crisis.  Michael Williams, running for Congress in TX-25, has the same kind of promise and qualifications to provide the leadership necessary to return America to greatness and freedom under the Constitution.

Senator Jim DeMint and the young principled conservatives who were elected in 2010, such as Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Rand Paul have inspired a new group of young and young thinking, conservatives to run for the Senate.

Young candidates like Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas, Josh Mandel running for Senate in Ohio, Don Stenberg running for Senate in Nebraska and Mark Neumann running for Senate in Wisconsin are all strong principled conservatives who represent a new generation of candidates unencumbered by the old ways of doing things in Washington.

Young “boat rocker” Dan Liljenquist in Utah is taking on Senator Orrin Hatch, who was elected in 1976, the year after Liljenquist was born.  Young-thinking Richard Mourdock, who opposed the Chrysler giveaway to the UAW and Fiat on behalf of Hoosier bondholders, is taking on Senator Richard Lugar, who like Hatch, was first elected to the Senate in 1976.

It remains to be seen whether any of these new faces have the same commitment to conservative principles that led Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan to challenge the Republican establishment and run for President. 

But one thing is clear – in the 2012 election and beyond, conservatives won’t leave the field to establishment Republicans.  We will hold the GOP responsible and accountable for its actual conduct – what policies it produces, not just its campaign promises.  We will not be intimidated by “the lesser of two evils” argument the establishment makes when it betrays conservative principles, and as we reclaim our independence as conservatives we will act as a Third Force to rock the boat and demand positive accomplishments from Republicans in restoring our liberties and shrinking the federal Leviathan.

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Interesting that....

I find it interesting that Mr. VIguerie derides Rep. Miica as an earmarker yet so solidly supported for President someone who himself bragged of his own earmarking.

A Dream

Our form of government was a fantasy. Human beings do not have the personal integrity to run a Republic. They become corrupted and figure out how to steal what they can for themselves an d so that they can stay in power. It's incredulous that half of the population would still vote for Obama so the population is not without fault. Of course the choice  isn't that much better. It's over boys. We can't do it. We need a king who is smart enough to care about his country.

Appeal to Richard of another sort...

So far, you have ignored logic, polls, conservative values, history and principles in refusing to even acknowledge Ron Paul as a possible alternative to Romney. Perhaps something a little more mercinary will have impact. The Paul supporters are young and a very heavy presence on the Internet.. You have an Internet business.

The Trashing Continues

The voter turn out in last night's primaries confirm the total lack of enthusiasm for Romney's candidacy among Republican primary voters.

Despite this, the Romney campaign has decided to completely ignore grass roots conservatives and tea partiers:

The more that Republicans and their media allies attack Sarah Palin, the stronger the resolve of many of us to provide absolutely no support for Romney and the Republican party, until they change.

That is why some of us are strongly urging Sarah Palin, in her role as a private citizen to stand up and say in a firm voice, No for the reasons set out in this comment:

P.S. Some of us fear that Santorum has ended up being a "cheap date." See this report in the National Journal:

We hope such is not the case.

John Mica

John Mica recently wrote a letter to the nation's busiest airports, urging them to replace the T.S.A. with private security.That was his answer in 2010,after voting to attack Iraq and shutting down the F.A.A.Was he going along with the neocons? Yes.Was that rocking the boat? No.Is he conservative?Yes,on most issues,but he seems to like the private market only when a government contract is involved.Now he says T.S.A. went to far?I did not hear him rail against Donald Forgione and Rick Scott when they tried to destroy the State parks with privatization?Funny,even a Yankee who went to school here should know better than that.

A third way is needed...

Constitutional conservatives are currently unrepresented within America's political system. The left and the Democrat PArty are not our only opponents; the GOP elite have made it quite clear that genuine conservatism is no longer welcome within the party. Instead, the GOP contents itself with being a watered-down version of the left.
Staying within the binary two-party system ststus quo assures that we will never break free of the chains that bind us. What are our options? There are three: 1. Form a third party that represents us and our values 2. Reclaim the GOP for conservatives, and throw out the pretenders 3. Reject the "game" of two-party politics which has been rigged against us, and create a new power center, away from the GOP and the Democrats.

Option #1 isn't feasible at present. Option #2 will take time; it is not feasible at present. Option #3 has possibilities. The new power center needn't be a political party; in fact it might be better that it not be one, at least for the time being. The permanent political class has made it very tough for third-party alternatives to be viable under our current system. Instead, efforts should go toward creating a new group comprised of disaffected voters who are outcasts and political exiles under the current system. Such a group shoukld be nonalligned but conservative in principle, leaderless but as large as possible; it would exert its influence by functioning as an independent center of gravity able to swing elections one way or another, depending on the issues in play. If it is to present a viable option, it must be large-enough to exert political influence, either positively (by throwing its support behind the GOP in a given election), or negatively (by denying it that same support). On those rare occasions the Democrats propose good measures or policies, this group should be willing to cross thr aisle. The GOP/Democrat establishment, at all costs, must not be allowed to co-opt this independent entity.

Does the Tea Party movement fit this template? Time will tell. If the TP proves unable to do the job, then an alernative must be devised.

What measures would our hypothetical "third way" organization support? There are many ideas, but one might be a third-way ballot initiative that puts on all electoral ballots - national down to the local - a choice "none of the above" - which, if it wins a plurality of the votes cast, forces the existing GOP/Dem. tickets to be vacated and new candidates nominated. In this manner, voters could reject defective/corrupt candidates, and would no longer have to choose "the lesser of two evils." At last, voters could choose candidates in the affirmative - we could choose people we actually want to lead us, not simply the least-bad of a predetermined slate chosen by the elites of the corrupt major parties.

Of course, proponents of the current corrupt status quo will attempt to strangle this baby in its cradle, because of the threat it represents to their hegemony - but if we the people are to have any hope of regaining control over our lives and our government run-amok, then we have to learn to think innovatively and - if necessary - be willing to break the rules when those rules have been corrupted.

Rocking the boat

Let me get this straight you want a leader that will rock the boat hmm. Richard you endorsed Ricky boy and he was a status quo Republican. The man that would rock the boat is Ron Paul and it is not too late.

Richard you should join the strongest movement today!

Right now we have a really strong chance for electing a true conservative President - Ron Paul.    Santorum has stepped aside and Gingrich is about to bow out.  

This leaves it down to Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney.   Ron Paul is sweeping up the delegates right now in Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado and many other caucus states where his organization has overpowered the old establishment.

Come with us Richard and we'll push to get Ron Paul nominated as the best Conservative GOP Candidate to beat Obama.  

The "Campaign for Liberty" movement started in 2008 and is building an even stronger coalition year after year.  With Ron Paul in the Oval Office it will bolster the Liberty movement and help us get freedom mind folks into office. 

Ron Paul

I hope you are right. We need a brokered convention. I really don't see why Newt and Paul just don't stop, turn around, and tell everyone a vote for them is a vote for a brokered convention. I mean it literally. Just tell people that have HEARD us, and we will bring this important decision to a brokered convention  -- where all can be given a voice, allow all to speak and all to be accurately heard. Tell this truth to the grassroots, with Newt as VP, and Paul as Fed Chair; with a natural born Citizen at the helm;  we can't lose.

ex animo