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Liberals Take Advantage of GOP Strategic Error

During the Republican presidential primary elections, by spending millions of dollars on negative advertising, so-called Super PACs played a major role in making Mitt Romney the nominee and in defining the campaign as the most negative in recent memory.

Liberals, including the notorious George Soros, have decided to take a different direction to reelect President Barack Obama. According to an article by Nicholas Confessore in the May 7, 2012 online edition of The New York Times, liberal financial interests are preparing to “inject up to $100 million into independent groups to aid Democrats’ chances this fall.” However, according to the NYT, instead of going head to head with the Super PACs that have flooded the airwaves with negative advertising, Soros and his liberal allies are focusing on grass-roots organizing, voter registration and Democratic turnout.

This is a very smart strategy that focuses on the Democrat’s union powered “boots on the ground” advantage in some regions of the country, but it is also smart in taking a page from the lessons of the 2010 Tea Party fuelled congressional elections and the insurgent Santorum campaign.

The Tea Party wave election was powered by grassroots volunteers, not millions of dollars in negative advertising.

Likewise, Rick Santorum won 11 states despite the millions of dollars of negative advertising spent against him because he had a base in the “Santorum demographic” of young families and an army of social conservative volunteers working for him.

Starting in January when conservative leaders met in Texas and coalesced behind the Santorum candidacy, the word Santorum was the conservative candidate to back flowed quickly to the grassroots and enthusiasm behind his campaign built rapidly after that.

In contrast, Newt Gingrich had no base; his popularity was based on his performance in the TV debates. He had no grassroots base and was fatally wounded by the negative ads against him because, while he had pockets of well organized volunteers, he was never able to put together a national volunteer organization to make a personal neighbor-to-neighbor case to rebut the charges blasting over the airwaves.

“There is a bias towards [liberals] funding infrastructure as it relates to the elections,” said one liberal strategist quoted by The Times. “That means get-out-the-vote efforts” directed toward young voters, single women, black voters and Latinos.”

While the liberal donors and strategists don’t dismiss the Super PACs, calling them “critically important” in the NYT article, they are quoted as noting that they “believe that local efforts and outreach through social media ‘can have an enormous impact in battleground states in 2012.’”

We understand that negative advertising works. However, negative advertising can only take a campaign so far – particularly against an incumbent President whose personal popularity remains higher than it should be based on his frightening agenda, public disapproval of Obamacare and the abysmal results his economic and job creation policies have achieved.

It would be a grave strategic blunder for Republicans to stay holed-up in their country clubs writing checks for negative ads while the liberal interest groups are out knocking on doors. If Republicans want to defeat Barack Obama, take the Senate and hold the House, they must organize and excite the grassroots -- especially the social conservatives who are the base of the Party.

To have an effective grassroots campaign, the Republicans don’t have to match the Democrats, the unions, Soros and his allies dollar for dollar, but they are going to have to put real money into organizing their local Tea Parties, Republican precinct organizations, Right to Life, Second Amendment rights, home schoolers and other grassroots conservative interests. And they are going to have to have an agenda that will fire up grassroots conservatives and get them off the sidelines and into the game.

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Democrats Have the Grassroots Advantage Hands Down

This article in the NYT will go unnoticed by the entire GOP establishment.  As George Rasley correctly observes, it is a Strategic Error, and the Achilles Heel of the Republican Party that Republicans do not have any Grassroots Organization.  The Tea Parties are leaderless nationally and electorally impotent for the most part. 


The Progressive Democrats will pour millions into their already formidable Voter Activation Network/Catalist machine that puts the voter file and voter contact management tools in the hands of their Grassroots organizers.  Meanwhile, Republicans will raise millions to use on negative ads that have the effect of making the base happy while turning off the independents and undecideds.  Republicans had to resort to carpet bombing of negative ads in the primary because they lack any grassroots organizing that would allow voter-to-voter contact with a targeted positive message.


Until Republicans (or Conservatives) adopt an organizing tool like rVotes that puts the power in the hands of grassroots organizers, they will continue to lose ground to the Democrats while wondering why their elected officials always drift to the left once elected.  The Left supports their elected officials and holds them accountable through the data in the Voter Activation Network system--Republicans elect office holders and then abandon them.


With a tool like rVotes [] Republicans could at least be on a level playing field with the Democrats.  Until Republicans have it, expect the Democrats to do a better job of GOTV and turn out more of their voters in November.


George, I'm glad you noticed this gaping whole in the Republican game plan, but the entire Republican electoral and consultant establishment does not want the Grassroots to have a unified, distributed, web-based voter-file that would empower Conservative Activists.  I hope Republicans wake up in time!


It's hilarious that the author Rasley mentions grass roots campaigns but bends over backwards NOT to mention Ron Paul.  Rasley mentions Santorum and Gingrich, both of which are out of the race, and neither of which have as many delegates as Ron Paul.  Who cares about Santorum and Gingrich at this point?

Instead, Rasley completely ignores the fact that Ron Paul is catching Romney on delegates specifically *because* of his grass roots organization, and DESPITE the huge advertizing budget of Romney.  And of course it must be said that Ron Paul is succeeding despite writers like Rasley who is purposely went out of his way to mention the most conservative candidate in the race.  

So basically, instead of making the intelligent point that Ron Paul is a better candidate to beat Obama because he already crushes Romney in terms of grass roots support (just look at his ability to get 10x as many supporters as Romney at every Rally), instead Rasley hides from the facts.

It's just so sad that sites like this, who are supposed to help conservatives, make themselves inconsequential by their treatment of Ron Paul.  Viguerie would have a chance to make an actual difference in the direction of the country if he would just buck the mainstream media trend and actually cover Ron Paul in an unbiased fashion, but alas, Richard is just another presstitute like the rest of them.

grass roots have been effectively organized...

By the TEA PARTY!!! And it really has no organization!  Can't the GOP and RINO "conservatives" get the message?  We're fed up with crony capitalism as much as we're disgusted with union strong-arm tactics, courtesy of the NLRB, and Black Panther lawlessness with Al Sharpton and his "lynch Zimmerman" Klan. Ron Paul's message is his message... not slick advertising or robocalls. Out of endless, needless wars, courtesy of the military/Industrial Establishment, ! Close down the Energy Department of winners and losers. Send the Nanny state packing. Government out of our lives! Tax and "entitlement reform NOW!

The only way anyone can beat

The only way anyone can beat Obama is if we have voter I.D.,and fix the ballot process.How can we do this?I have already made calls to my election superviser,have you?I also asked for a receipt stating when and who I voted for.Verifyable recount is important in combating election fraud..

The GOP's strategic error....

was the treatment given to Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, one of which will be getting my vote over Willard.

To motivate conservatives restore the Constitution

It is too late for Romney to excite conservatives.  However, one campaign which could unite conservatives would be one to return to the states their original status under the Constitution and roll back the federal government's unconstitutional expansion of its powers since the New Deal.  This could be accomplished by a reform of the constitutional amendment process to permit the states to initiate and enact amendments without having to go through either Congress or the unworkable and outmoded mechanism of a convention.  See

Romney Does Not Excite, Paul Does!

"...they must organize and excite the grassroots..."  Take a look at the events that Dr. Ron Paul has been holding the past few months.  Two to five rallies per week, and each one attended by 2,000 to 10,000 people.  This is a candidate that excites people.  Who shows up at Mitt Romney's stops?

Take an honest serious look at the Paul campaign.  Don't rely on the Main Stream Media.  They are woking for their sponsors.  Check or you tube.

Romney does not excite the GOP, independents or disaffected democrats.  This is an impossible situation to win in November.  There is still time to achieve your hopes for this country.