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The Pope’s Message the Media Ignored

Today’s liberal establishment is totally mystified by the growing mountain of evidence that the values-free society they have struggled so mightily to create is an abject failure.

Pope Benedict XVIThe notion that, “Family life is no longer about playing the social role of father or husband or wife, it’s more about individual satisfaction and self-development,” as sociologist Andrew Cherlin said to The New York Times -- is accepted wisdom among urban liberal elites.

Naturally, their response to arguments to the contrary is to ignore evidence or arguments that contradict that worldview.

So it should come as no surprise that when Pope Benedict XVI argued against acceptance of this secular gospel in the Homily he delivered before a million worshipers during Mass at the 7th World Meeting of Families at Bresso Park in Milan, Italy it was quietly, but firmly ignored by the major media outlets.

If Barack Obama had drawn an audience of a million for his endorsement of same sex marriage, would it have been ignored? No way.

However, the Pope’s message that, “the family, based on marriage between man and woman… is the first and irreplaceable school of social virtues” gives way too much authority to traditional social values to be given a place in the establishment media’s carefully controlled public square.

The secular gospel that the law and society should be free of value judgments about human behavior has become so ingrained in the liberal mind that even when put in terms of economic success, such an idea must be attacked if necessary or completely ignored if possible.

Thus, Rick Santorum was demonized for his message that those wishing to better themselves economically should marry before having children. These attacks came in spite of the fact that even the liberal establishment’s favorite newspaper has documented that research has “consistently found that children born outside of marriage face elevated risk of falling into poverty, failing in school or suffering emotional and behavioral problems,” and that “children born to married couples, on average, ‘experience better education, social, cognitive and behavioral outcomes’.”

Urban liberal feminists, the media and an amoral government-run education system have spent the past 50-years convincing less educated Americans that marriage and the “role of father or husband or wife” are not only unnecessary to emotional fulfillment and economic advancement, getting married will get in the way of the activities celebrated in the popular media -- such as partying and casual sex.

The Pope’s message is a timeless reminder that not only is this secular gospel wrong; it is a demonstrable failure and damaging to those who accept it.

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Family Values belong in the family & church, not the government

The role of the government is to ensure everybodies liberty, provide for sound money and protection of the country.  Anything beyond that is not constitutional.  While I applaud family values, I do not want them to be incorporated into the government, no matter how desireable it may be.  That only results in the long slide down the slippery slope that we have been descending down for many decads now.  The constitution draws a clear line that is as applicable today as it was 200+ years ago.  There's nothing wrong with the idea that the government is responsible for certain activities, the church others and the family others still. 

If we allow our particularly family values to be incorporated into the government, where does it stop?    

Family Values

Family values in our country have been under assault for decades.  The dawn of "the great society" was a big factor in destroying family principles and responsibility.   I grew up in the '60s and remember very well how the implementation of the welfare system tore families apart.  Fathers no longer needed to stay and take care of their families,  the big daddy government was there ready to take over.  My parents worked with a man I'll call John.   John was a black man and worked hard for his money to support his family.  When the welfare system was put in place things changed for John.   Information about what the democrats could do for black America flooded into his life, especially through the schools.   His teenage daughters were taken into meetings (for blacks only) to be told not to worry if they became pregnant out of wedlock, they would be taken care of.  They could either get an abortion or if they chose to keep their child/children they were "entitled" to monthly benefits.  One of his daughters took them up on it.  She started getting monthly checks for doing nothing.  Then John and his wife found out if they were divorced she would be "entitled" to monthly benefits to take care of their children and grandchildren living in their home.  Of course John was not suppose to be living in the house but they found a way to get around the system.  He simply rented an apartment in his name and his twenty-one year old son's name.   His son and his girlfriend lived there,  John still lived in the home until he and his wife got into an arguement  and separated.  They went from a stable home life to a broken family in about a year and a half.   The welfare system is designed to tear families apart.   I takes away dignity and demolishes personal responsibilty.    Now in the year 2012 not only do we have the welfare system still tearing families apart ,  we now have governments everywhere promoting what the Bible (God) calls an abomination.   It is the reason God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  Yes, just read your Bible,  it is homosexuality.   It is a sin right along with adultery, lying, stealing, and murdering.   But, for some reason the gay movement is being used as a political football.  When are the liars or adulterers going to march for their rights?  The answer is never because they would not be as polarizing.  Who wants to admit they are liars?   But the point is the left is still the proponent of tearing families apart, be it through welfare or pushing homosexuality on us.  God is the judge and he is judging this nation everyday.   If we continue to put up with evil, whether it is abortion or sexual immorality in all forms,  this country is going to perish.   The so called mainstream media will be judged even harsher for covering up the evil. 


We are in the last days and all of this evil, is a perfect example of that. This world can not remain in this evil turmoil for much  longer before GOD takes the reigns, away from the world and into HIS hands. It is coming sooner than many people think.