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Scott Walker is the Conservative Movement’s New Leader

Since Ronald Reagan left the national stage, many have auditioned for the role of leader of the conservative movement, but no one filled the Gipper’s shoes until Scott Walker came on the scene.
Gov. Scott WalkerGovernor Walker shares with Reagan a trait that has been sorely lacking in the Republican Party for the past 23 years--a refusal to accept the status quo.
In acting to end the corrupt bargain between Democrats and public sector unions, Walker followed Reagan in acting to rollback the failed policies of his predecessors, be they Democrats or Republicans.
Of course, different times bring forth different issues, and in Reagan’s time, the transcendent issue was the fight against communism.  Today’s transcendent issue is the fight against the endless and all-consuming growth of government, championed by public sector unions and their liberal allies.
In taking on communism, Reagan had a simple philosophy: we win, they lose.  Scott Walker likewise recognized that, in the fight against the growth of government, there can be no compromise--either Wisconsin cut spending and balanced its budget or it didn’t.  Anything other than actually cutting spending was merely a debate over the rate at which government grows.
Conservatives have been hungering for a leader who could and would stand-up to the public sector unions and their liberal allies to rollback the size and growth of government before everything else--job creation, economic development, and the prospect of our children inheriting a better life and a better country--goes by the wayside, as it has in much of Europe.
In a blue state, Governor Walker has shown establishment Republicans, including Mitt Romney and the Capitol Hill Republicans, that a bold conservative agenda is a political winner.  Taking on the public sector unions and winning the battle to rollback the size and cost of government has made Scott Walker the leader conservatives have been looking for, whether he wants the role or not.

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This is what an elected official should do and it's not a reason to gush. It's a reasonto elect the next one.

Unions & Conservatives BOTH Expand Government

"fight against the endless and all-consuming growth of government, championed by public sector unions and their liberal allies."  

Richard, you do your credibility a dis-service when you only focus on issues championed by unions that bloat the government.  The GOP and some in the conservative movement expand government just as fast by supporting the military industrial complex, foreign aid, corporate welfare / bail outs and anti-terrorist programs.  When all government programs that are not constitutional are phased out, the federal budget deficit will disapear very rapidly.

The battle is STILL with Communism

Don't forget that one of Obama's "pet" labor unions is the SEIU, and undoubtedly by now, most of us have seen the utterly disgusting photographs of SEIU members parading in California with signs calling for the destruction of capitalism and the elevation of Communism as the favored form of government for the U.S.  The fact that these people are acting as representatives for a national labor union, as well as proponents of the Obama administration, ought to clearly demonstrate for all Americans that Big Labor, the Obama administration, and international Communism all go hand-in-hand.  All are enemies of freedom and liberty, which are the hallmarks upon which our American Republic was built.  Many of us have taken an oath " support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC....", and it is becoming very clear who those enemies are at this point in time.

Governor Walker

Mr. Walker's status seems somewhat tenuous, given the fact that at present it is 50 - 50 as to whether he will soon be in prison. Putting all that money in front of a politician? Sad to say its a forgone conclusion what will happen.  As Richard J. Daily remarked about 40 years ago when Chicago aldermen were  indicted for graft and corruption, "where money is involved it's like shooting fish in a barrel."

Ron Smith

Subject to Romney winning

Walker - 2016.  I kind of like that.  I'd like to see more charm, wit, and self depricating humor (aka Reagan).  If so, he'd smoke all comers, and it wouldn't be close.  Richard, your on to something.

Scott Walker President and

Scott Walker President and Sheriff Joe as Vice President OR Sheriff Joe President and Scott Walker as Vice President, either a wonderful winning combination, compared with we we are looking at.

Walker: He walks the walk

We have seen plenty of would-be conservative leaders who talk the talk, but Walker lives up to this name: He walks the walk. He had the vision and guts to take on the powers of big government and defeat them, with straight talk and sound policies. This is the biggest win for conservative values in years. Let's hope Romney and the establishment Republicans will learn something from this. Bravo!

Way too early

Richard, it is way too early to declare Scott Walker the leader conservatives have been looking for. His is certainly a rising star. But despite his successful passage through the ordeal of the past 18 months or so, there is still a lot to learn about Gov. Walker. Rolling back big government in your home state is one thing. Taking on the federal Leviathon is another.

Sadly the establishment GOP

Sadly the establishment GOP will not hear this conservative message.