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Justice Scalia: Obama’s Lawless Actions Mind-boggling

Justice Antonin Scalia certainly got it right when he wrote in his incisive opinion concurring in part and dissenting in part from the opinion of the majority in the Arizona illegal immigration case, that “to say, as the Court does, that Arizona contradicts federal law by enforcing applications of the Immigration Act that the President declines to enforce boggles the mind.”

Antonin ScaliaWhat Justice Scalia was really saying is that the reason Arizona was before the Court was not because state officials acted in a lawless manner, but because President Barack Obama was acting in a lawless manner.

Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s state efforts to enforce federal immigration laws did not provide the clarity on the issue many Americans expected. In large measure, this was because the Court did not really address the central issue in the case.

For an answer to that question, we must look not to the majority of the Supreme Court, but to Justice Antonin Scalia.

After delving into the sources and limits on the sovereignty of the individual states, Scalia concludes that while regulation of immigration is a federal power, states have an inherent sovereignty that was not extinguished by adoption of the Constitution -- and regulation of immigration in a manner consistent with federal law is constitutional.

He then goes on to write that, “What this case comes down to, then, is whether the Arizona law conflicts with federal immigration law – whether it excludes those whom federal law would admit, or admits those whom federal law would exclude. It does not purport to do so.  It applies only to aliens who neither possess a privilege to be present under federal law nor have been removed pursuant to the Federal Government’s inherent authority.” Emphasis added.

Scalia then notes that the federal government and the majority of the Supreme Court did not claim the Arizona law conflicted with federal immigration law in that manner.

And here’s where Justice Scalia brings the historical and legal arguments about state sovereignty verses federal sovereignty home to the reality of our present illegal immigration crisis, “imagine a provision – perhaps inserted right after Art. I, §8, cl. 4, the Naturalization Clause – which included among the enumerated powers of Congress ‘To establish Limitations upon Immigration that will be exclusive and that will be enforced only to the extent the President deems appropriate. The delegates to the Grand [Constitutional] Convention would have rushed to the exits.” Emphasis added.

Put simply, the central issue in the case was not really about immigration, it was “What do states and American citizens do when the federal executive branch won’t enforce the laws Congress passes?”

The problem Justice Scalia identified, and that the majority of the Supreme Court ducked, is not that Arizona’s illegal immigration law conflicts with the federal immigration laws passed by Congress, because all agree they didn’t. The problem is Arizona’s illegal immigration law conflicts with Barack Obama’s desire not to enforce the federal immigration laws passed by Congress.

What was Obama’s response to the Supreme Court’s decision?  More lawlessness.

The ink was hardly dry on the Supreme Court’s opinion when Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced they were suspending the cooperation on immigration enforcement with Arizona.

Our constitutional system of government was arranged by the Framers to protect America from the despotism and oligarchy that brought down republics in ancient times, but it does less well in protecting us from a President who refuses to enforce laws our Representatives in Congress have passed. For that, we must look to what James Madison wrote in Federalist 44: “in the last resort a remedy must be obtained from the people who can, by the election of more faithful representatives, annul the acts of the usurpers.”

November 6, 2012 is the date of the next federal election and the day we must, through the election of more "faithful representatives," annul the acts of this usurper – it can’t come soon enough.

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Looks to me...

According to this ruling it looks to me like AZ and other border states need to create there own immigration enforcment department that stricly inforces national imigration laws and ignores the executive orders.  As long as AZ does not deport anyone they should not nor allow anyone they should not this is allowed under thier states sovernty.

States rights

We,as a people,have looked the other way for too long.Laws were not made for some,but not others.If we as a people,put up with it,then we as a people deserve what comes next.How does an impeachment start ,and who should the concerned citizen contact?Meanwhile,support your State if it is getting usurped by this treasonous false representation of our National interests.The people getting dragged through the political mud are the usually the honest ones.No matter what flaws they have,their real record is available to the curious researcher.Trafficante is an obvious example.He was/is corrupt and finally went nuts, or got a dose of morals,and made an unpopular(or popular to others) speech.The next thing you know he was smeared six ways from Sunday,and did immediate time in prison.I suggest reading the speech.

Obama Disagrees With Laws or Anything That Questions Him Period!


‘Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website


Information deemed “maliciously harmful to government”


 Doug Hagmann noted that his story from last month about a DHS inside source warning of coming mass civil unrest, which went viral on the Internet, was one of the primary reasons behind the effort to shut down his website.

Hagmann is now warning that any independent website which forcefully dissents against the Obama administration could be targeted next.

“I respectfully ask that you spread the word – that the Obama “Truth Team” is out in full force, scouring any U.S. based web sites of any size or influence (yet small enough to be pushed around) that contains any information deemed “objectionable” to the Obama re-election campaign. Perhaps it’s already too late. Regardless, people need to wake up now and listen to what we’ve been saying. There might not be a tomorrow,” Hagmann told us in an email.

Watch a video about the Obama Truth Squads below:

What Next?

If this president can refuse to enforce this law, we can likely expect him -- or a subsequent president -- to similarly refuse to enforce other laws. If that is the case, which laws might be next to go? Liberals may be cheering now, but the precedent has been set that would permit a future Chief Executive to ignore any of their favorite statutes, with impunity. It is one of the constitutional duties of the executive branch to enforce the laws, and if it is permissible for laws to be selectively enforced, based only on presidential preference, why have laws at all? With this ruling, the president has become a law unto himself.

It's not just Obama

Would that we could end the expansion of the imperial presidency simply by defeating this arrogant ideologue.  Unfortunately, executive power has been expanding far beyond its constitutional bounds since long before B. H. Obama entered the White House.  The only permanent solution to not only this law-breaker, but any future executive tempted to follow in his footsteps, is to amend the Constitution to return the President and the rest of the federal government back to their original constitutional limits.  Of course, the DC elites will never initiate such amendments, so the first step is to reform the amendment process so that the states can initiate and enact amendments without having to go through either Congress or the unworkable and dangerous mechanism of a convention. See  

Justice Scalia's comment enogh to enervate Congress to Impeach

When an individual of the stature of Justice Scalia calls the actions of a President "Lawless'" that should stand as an invitation to the lackluster 112th Congress to present Articles of Impeachment. This unproved and flawed Citizen from nowhere is not only Lawless, he is traitorous by any reasonable standard. He has failed to act when he should have acted; when he acted it was haphazard or meaningless or, worse, contrary to the high standards the United States has strived to maintain.  He acted illegaly in regard to Libya, he has failed to act decisively in regard to Syria, He has acted as if he were a dues paying member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he has completely ignored the murderous acts by Nigerian Muslims massacre of Christians. Mr. Obama is a blatant disrespecter of Republican members of Congress. Need I continue?  Impeach Obama, Holder and Napolitano and expel Barney Frank and Maxine Waters from the House. Clean up the pollution.

Obama’s Fiat on Illegal Immigration is Shameful

Obama and Democrats are practicing the worst kind of naked racial politics that further split America along ethnic fault lines.  Democrats do so at their peril, however, because they forget one important thing: Asians and Caucasians vote, too.


Do We or Do They have the last word?

Justice Scalia apears to be the only Justice to understand our main document of Governance, The United States Constitution. It is readily apparent that Mr. Obama. Mr. Holder, and every Democrat in Congress is ignorant of or chooses to violate the Constitution. The SCOTUS thoroughly eviscerated Arizona's SB 1070. The court seemingly discounted or avoided Article I, Section 10 Paragraph 3 that unquestionably permits any state to take punitive action against a foreign invader when the government  fails or is slow to act. The Governor has every right to mobilize their militia, uniformed or citizen, to repel an armed and dangerous invader. Another recourse is that of Nullification, the State delares the federal immigration laws to be unconstitutional and unenforceable. Finally, this imposter President, could and should be tried for 'Treason' for giving aid and comfort to the enemy; the invader's country's government, the government of Mexican President Felipe Calderone.

Scalia on Obama's Lawlessness

State laws were deliberately written in a way that reflects federal law regarding immigration and this step taken by Obama has been just as lawless and dictatorial as when he directed the Department of Justice to stop enforcing state DOMA's.  State rights need to be respected.  The states to right to refuse to include him on their ballots for the Presidency this year until and unless he produces a valid birth certificate proving himself a natural born American citizen.  It is time to get the Usurper OUT of the 
Oval Office, in vindication of our Constitutional parameters for the Presidency.  In the meanwhile, let the  states enforce our laws however they deem necessary and that is in the hands of each state Governor to decide and direct with the assistance of the federal government to be expected as back-up support, not as co-oppressor with the illegals to be brought to justice!