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Can Conservatives Believe John Boehner?

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has often disappointed conservatives with his willingness to make a deal with Democrats -- the debt ceiling deal and the phony spending "cuts" in the budget last year being two of the greatest recent disappointments.
Speaker John BoehnerAfter all of that, can conservatives trust John Boehner to actually deliver on his promises to repeal Obamacare?
This weekend Boehner appeared to stake his Speakership on actually carrying through on his promise to repeal Obamacare. “This has to be ripped out by its roots. This is government taking over the entire health insurance industry. The American people do not want to go down this path. They do not want the government telling them what kind of insurance policy they have to buy, and how much they have to pay for it, and if you don’t like it we’re going to tax you. It has to be ripped out and we need to start over. One step at a time.”
While the "one step at a time" caveat is something that conservatives may view with some scepticism, Boehner has now made the repeal of Obamacare the central work of the House Republicans between now and the end of the Obama presidency.
And symbolic votes are not going to meet that test.
House Republicans have already scheduled a vote to repeal Obamacare for July 11, but some kind of symbolic, CYA-type pre-election vote is not going to cut it with conservatives.
If Boehner is really serious about seeing to it that Obamacare is "ripped out by its roots," then he is going to have to keep at it and work to repeal the policy and defund the implementation of the law.
That is more than a "one vote and move on" effort.
Republicans must go through each of the 2000+ pages of Obamacare and identify every penny needed to implement the law -- and then strip that money from the budget. They also need to identify every mandate and requirment in the law -- and as Sarah Palin said, "rescind" them.
To us this sounds like a lot of work; a lot of committee hearings and a lot of floor debates and a lot of votes.
John Boehner's tough talk this past weekend was music to the ears of conservatives, “All it really does is strengthen my resolve and resolve of Republicans here in Washington to repeal this awful law, which is increasing the cost of health insurance for the American people and making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers.”
But can we trust him to go beyond the symbolic votes that the establishment's Republican Capitol Hill leaders all too often hide behind?

Time and again, conservatives have been disappointed by Speaker Boehner's tendency to back down or compromise with Democrats, to the point that we have little reason to believe him when he says he is going to fight for conservative principles. 
The test of whether or not Speaker Boehner is serious about ripping Obamacare out by its roots is not the July 11 vote on the repeal of the Obamacare. That's nothing more than a pre-election stunt. The real test will come week-by-week as the House does the actual work of defunding Obamacare and repealing the mandates and penalites and replacing them with market-based reforms.

If we don't see that work going on over the next few weeks and months, then we will have no reason to believe the Speaker is really serious about ripping Obamacare out by its roots.

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We should be able to get around Boehner easy enough...The problem is McConnell in the Senate.  He's already said just yesterday:

"The Kentucky Republican said Monday it’s hard to unravel something of the magnitude of the 2,700-page health care law, WHAS-TV reports.

“If you thought it was a good idea for the federal government to go in this direction, I’d say the odds are still on your side,” McConnell said. “Because it’s a lot harder to undo something than it is to stop it in the first place.”

They are already positioning themselves to say it's all "too complex" and can't be undone afterall.  That will be the mantra after the election.  Who REALLY believes that Romney-Obo care will be dismantled...seriously now.

Revolution is in the air.



What we really need.

The Socialists have been working for decades to get this program inacted.  They won't stop just because Boehner gets this repealed, rescinded or defunded.  They will come back with more and different.

What we need is a Constitutional Amendment specifically barring the Federal Government from entering or regulating the delivery of health care.  It needs to be worded so as to block the fed from making a penny in any manner from it's involvement in health care.

That is the ONLY way to stop the US Govt from eventually taking over the lucrative practice of medicine.


If the Republicans need conservatives to win appointed positions,why do they not present conservative candidates?I am tired of milksop moderates.

Can Conservatives Believe John Boehner?

NUTS!!!...for sure, Gen. Anthony McAuliffe --the one of the Battle of the Bulge-- most be screaming in his grave, and I say the same.


Obamacare is now law. So give it up and move-on IT'S OVER. Stop wasting our tax dollars on committees, hearings heading no where. I heard Boehner some time back say he was putting forth his own republican health care plan well we are still waiting where is it?

You want to pull it out by the roots well what are you going to replace it with? He was asked his remarks were unresponsive. MOVE-ON

Americans want you to come up with JOBS JOBS JOBS health care is 3rd on the list of priorities and you know it so my conservative nemesis it's worth repeating MOVE-ON 

Boehner does not have the

Boehner does not have the guts to stand up for anything. Look at all the CR throughout the year and he lost his b**** a long time ago. His only recourse is to compromise at the lowest common demonator and try and sell it as a win. He is a RINO from the start and will continue to be unless he is voted out of office. He is really one of the enemies within the Establishment GOP party that has be replaced somehow !

Boehner is campaigning

Boehner is talking for show and to campaign. He is not serious about a knock down all or nothing fight in my opinion.

Leberalism is constant

Leberalism is constant struggle.  Conservativeism is constant defense.  The Boehners of the world come and go, the struggle lives on.

John Boehner

"believing" in politicians is a fool's game.  If Conservatives would simply measure conservatism by what it conserves then one could ask 'what has John Boehner conserved lately?'  If he hasn't conserved anything why would one 'believe' in him?  Is conservatism reduced to tales of tooth fairies?

Not a chance

Boehner doesn't have the strength or principles to pull this off.

He's a capon leading the flock when we need a rooster.

We don't need a rooster

We don't want a rooster, we want a man with well-gridded testes like the next ones: