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Republican Leaders Betray Conservatives on Spending... Again

On Friday, while voters were still trying to digest the Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare, the House and Senate passed an omnibus spending bill. 

Capitol HillThe storms that wrought so much damage in the Washington, DC metro area Friday night might very well have been a manifestation of divine displeasure over the betrayal of conservatives by the massive spending in the student loan, highway construction, and flood insurance bill.

As John Hayward noted in Human Events, "Those three subjects have nothing to do with each other, but packaging them together made it far more difficult to vote against any specific portion of it. Oppose the extension of those famous subsidized student loan rates, and you’re against highway construction. Express reservations against all that highway spending, and you’re against low-interest student loans and flood insurance."

In the face of such political log rolling, only 52 Republican members of the House, and 19 Republican senators, voted against it.

Let's be clear: this outrageous bill could not have passed without the complicity and active support of the Republicans' Capitol Hill leadership. Far from being helpless pawns of a Democratic majority or the hapless victims of wily Democratic maneuvering, the Republican leadership worked tirelessly to steer the bill through Congress.

At the center of this betrayal of conservative principles was House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman John Mica, who happens to be the premier pork barrel spender in the House and the moving force behind this year's bloated highway spending bill.

Even worse, Republicans abandoned the one worthwhile item in the transportation bill. They quietly allowed the Keystone XL pipeline which Obama nixed and which figured so prominently in the Republican presidential primary to be left out, once again.

The passage of this omnibus spending bill is further proof that the establishment Republican leaders on Capitol Hill have no real interest in reducing spending or reversing the growth of government. The votes to do so are all symbolic, while their real goal remains to not get caught colluding with Democrats to divide-up the spoils coerced from producers by the welfare state.

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Downsize DC's One Subject at a Time Act

This is exactly why downsize DC ( has been pushing the "One Subject at a Time" Act. It requires all bills before Congress to be regarding only one subject; it ends the horse trading, and gives a President something like a line item veto, since all bills will be for one line item.

Add to this "The Enumerated Powers Act", and we may start to get somewhere.

"One subject at a time" act.

It is simply asinine to bunch unrelated subjects in a single bill.  This is done to promote the pork for the constituents back home without regard for the ourageous spending of taxpayer money that occurs.  If the constituency were not so compliant in their greed to "get their share" they would not keep voting these idiot congressmen in "after all, it is government money". 

Only One Comment Comes To Mind

What the hell did you expect!

Washington Politics

As I have said so many times, the ONLY goal of the Washington crowd is to get re-elected.  They care nothing for the Constitution, their Constituents, or doing the right thing.  They have jobs that require them to work about 130 days a year, 30 hours a week.  It has all the bribes you can accept, insider trading opportunities, staff to do the real work, exotic free (paid for by the taxpayer) vacations (fact-finding trips), wonderful benefits, and a retirement package that can't be beat.

We will NEVER end the corruption until we can get some real reforms, STARTING with Term Limits!