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Will Romney VP Choice Unite Bush-Romney Wing of the GOP?

Here’s a test to apply to the names of all potential Republican vice presidential candidates: if the Washington Republican establishment, like the GOP congressional leadership, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, defense industry lobbyists and Capitol Hill political consultants, all applaud the name, Governor Romney has picked the wrong candidate and is in danger of losing the election.

It is not a done deal yet, but if you look past the front page articles on the Olympics and the latest crime news, you will find articles reporting that Governor Mitt Romney is on the verge of announcing the name of the vice presidential candidate he wants to join him on the Republican ticket.

Romney BushAnd the names that are floating around sound like Governor Romney is all set to unite the 25% of GOP voters who constitute the Bush-Romney wing of the Republican Party.

That leaves behind the 75% of grassroots conservative Republican voters who backed Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann in the primaries.

Many of these activists still haven’t forgotten -- or forgiven -- the carpet bombing campaign that Romney ran to destroy first one conservative challenger and then another during the primary election season. And they have seen nothing from the Romney campaign that indicates the Governor has an inclination to move beyond the smears to embrace any of the conservative ideas their candidates ran on.

While the media and establishment Republican insiders float names like Condoleeza Rice, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Ohio’s establishment GOP Senator Rob Portman -- conservatives are seething.

Because it looks like conservatives are being shut out, not just of the process of selecting a running mate, but even of speaking at the convention.

Moderate GOP Senator John McCain, Bush family acolyte Condoleeza Rice, and big government conservative Fox News personality Mike Huckabee are all speaking -- but none of the high profile speaking roles announced so far are going to small government, constitutional conservatives.

Governor Romney and his establishment Republican advisors and consultants seem to think that the boogie man of four more years of Obamanomics is enough to energize conservatives – it is not.

This is a “base election” where the result will be decided by which Party’s base is most energized. That’s why Obama has embarked on his class warfare campaign, endorsed same-sex marriage, issued an Executive Order to implement the Dream Act (to pander to Hispanics) and why he continues to sit on the Keystone Pipeline to curry favor with environmentalists.

Governor Romney, on the other hand, has done nothing to appeal to conservatives, even when he was handed 20 million conservative supporters through Mike Huckabee’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day he ignored them, by saying, “That’s not something that’s part of my campaign.”

Governor Romney and his campaign team just don’t seem to grasp that all the energy in the Republican Party lies with small government constitutional conservatives and Tea Partiers, and to win they need to energize conservatives, not just get their votes on Election Day.

To energize conservatives, Mitt must choose a vice presidential nominee who conservatives see as a conservative, not one the establishment thinks is safe, but one who conservatives will accept as one of their own – a small government constitutional conservative.

In 2006, some 4 million conservative voters stayed home because they were turned-off by the outrages of the Bush-era Republican establishment leaders – many of whom are now Velcroed on to Governor Romney – and Republicans were wiped out at the polls.

In 2010, the Tea Party and small government constitutional conservatives became the face of the GOP and Republicans won an historic – perhaps even realigning – election.

So-called moderate Republicans are, at best, 25% of the Republican vote, and when moderate establishment Republicans were the face of the GOP, Republicans routinely lost presidential elections and were a powerless minority on Capitol Hill.

Now the three-legged coalition of Ronald Reagan has been broadened by the addition of the constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party. Working together, the four legs of this new conservative coalition have created a powerful political movement whose energy won what should be a 21st century American political realignment – the 2010 elections.

Conservatives look to Governor Romney’s choice of running mate as an indication that he shares their commitment to small government constitutional principles and will campaign and govern as a conservative.  Establishment figures like Tim Pawlenty, Condoleeza Rice, Ohio Senator Rob Portman or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are no conservatives and are recipes for a demoralized conservative base!

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Can GOP Dump Romney And Nominate Ron Paul



AUGUST 07, 2012   AFP 

By Michael Collins Piper 

Because there are real doubts that presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney has what it takes to displace the current White House occupant in the general election, there are some Republicans who have a message for the delegates to the forthcoming GOP National Convention: Dump Romney and nominate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

In stark contrast to outspoken populist Paul, whose integrity is undoubted, whose finances and business affairs are an open book and whose political message has been consistent, Romney can’t shake the image of being an out-of-touch elitist who flip-flops on the issues and whose business affairs seem sordid and un-American.

Paul supporters are also conscious of the danger a Romney presidency would pose to the future of the burgeoning “Ron Paul movement” (RPM) that emerged during the past four years.


As president, Romney would be in absolute control of the Republican Party national apparatus and would assuredly do everything in his power to quash any efforts by the RPM to expand its influence in GOP ranks. Romney is a fervent globalist whose allies in high places despise and fear the nationalist, non-interventionist sentiments of Paul and his supporters.

Four—or eight—years of a Romney presidency would put the kibosh on efforts by the RPM to reform the GOP from within and bend the party away from the New World Order orientation of Romney and the nest of discredited Bush-era neoconservatives who are back again and now running Romney.

But Paul’s supporters have hopes of displacing Romney—even at this last minute—in Paul’s favor.

A lot of Americans are not dazzled by the fact that Romney has been a business success, particularly since his monetary triumph through his Bain & Company operation came through shutting down American corporations, looting their assets and “outsourcing” American workers’ jobs overseas. Even conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry described Romney as a “vulture capitalist.”

Romney has also been dogged by questions arising from his refusal to release anything other than only a very limited number of his recent income tax returns. Romney is known to have stashed money in overseas bank accounts. This has raised further concerns, causing some to wonder if Romney has other unreported sources of income.

That the Obama Justice Department is waging a quiet but aggressive inquiry into Americans who have hidden money in Israeli banks—including Bank Leumi (control of which was purchased by a consortium of Jewish financiers who use GOP former Vice President Dan Quayle as their front man)—has led to speculation the inquiry is looking for further evidence of financial shenanigans by Romney stemming from his Israeli connections.


A longtime friend and former business associate of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Romney installed an Israeli woman with high-level Israeli military and intelligence connections, Orit Gadiesh, as chair of Bain, the entity at the center of the controversy surrounding Romney’s wheeling and dealing.

What remains to be seen surrounding Romney’s mysterious ventures is enough to make victory-minded Republicans uneasy. That’s why supporters of Paul urge the GOP to dump Romney and pick the one GOP contender who can unquestionably draw clear lines of demarcation between himself and the Democratic incumbent—and win the presidency on 2012.

Billionaire Bilderberger Backed Paul

By Michael Collins Piper

A strange item has been making the rounds relating to the beloved GOP Texas populist Representative Ron Paul. Following the recent meeting in Virginia of the Bilderberg group, many of Paul’s supporters were rocked by an unexpected revelation.


It turns out that the billionaire founder of the online financial organization PayPal, Peter Thiel—an outspoken libertarian—who donated $2.7M to a superPAC supporting Paul’s presidential campaign, not only showed up at Bilderberg, but Paul’s biggest backer was actually one of Bilderberg’s key members, serving on the “steering committee” of the secretive clique of bankers, industrialists, press lords and others who meet
yearly under the auspices of the Rothschild dynasty and their junior partners, the Rockefellers.

So while some at Bilderberg don’t wish Paul well, at least one thinks highly of him. Even within Bilderberg there are differences of opinion.

Just after Bilderberg, Paul’s increasingly errant son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), distressed many by endorsing Mitt Romney, a fervent internationalist, unlike the senior Paul. While some think young Paul was threatened, others say that’s unlikely: A little opposition to their overall plans only strengthens the appearance of democracy.

New Scandal: The Target of Obama’s Grand Jury

By Michael Collins Piper

Both supporters and opponents of President Obama are concerned about negative political repercussions likely to arise from an ongoing high-level criminal investigation.


It is not widely known that the Obama administration’s attorney general, Eric Holder, has upset some powerful people by launching a federal grand jury inquiry into wealthy Americans who have, according to a June 19 report from CNBC, “hidden money in Israel, many for generations” in violation of U.S. tax laws.

Two of Israel’s biggest banks—Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim—are reportedly central to the inquiry and note that in 2008 the Israeli government’s controlling interest in Leumi was purchased by Cerberus, the Wall Street syndicate run by Stephen Feinberg, described by Israel’s Ha’aretz as “a New York Jew with a golden touch.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, two top Republicans—former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and former Vice President Dan Quayle—have links to Cerberus. Rumsfeld was investing in Cerberus, which profited from the Iraq war Rumsfeld promoted, as far back as 2001, whereas Quayle is Feinberg’s front man—the chairman of the board.

This controversial criminal investigation comes precisely when Obama’s GOP opponent Mitt Romney—a close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—is waging an aggressive bid for the support in terms of campaign money and votes from wealthy American Jews.

Romney is not aiming for support from Forbes 400 billionaires, but from that second tier of multimillionaires who follow, a substantial percentage of whom are Jewish and quite influential in their respective states where polls show Obama has lost support in the traditionally Democratic Jewish base—perhaps enough to cost him key states in the Electoral College.


In a carefully crafted article, The New York Times of June 20 telegraphed the nature of Romney’s fundraising, noting the GOP candidate is focusing on those interested in “Israel, education and energy.” Driving home the point, the Times wrapped up the article by reiterating that “the campaign has organized much of its outreach around issues that energize contributors, like Israel,” citing praise for Romney from Philip Rosen, “a Romney donor active in Jewish causes.”

More subtly, the Times said Romney’s targeted contributors are “midlevel millionaires,” those who “run dry cleaning chains and small industrial companies” and “car dealership owners,” realms where Jewish donors are prominent.

In case of any doubt about his loyalties, when the GOP candidate held a gathering for big donors at an exclusive retreat in Utah, visitors were  addressed by columnist William Kristol. The well-known commentator is a longtime advocate for Romney’s friend Netanyahu and longtime functionary of the Rupert Murdoch media empire bankrolled by the Rothschild family (whose own Lady Lynn de Rothschild is a fervent Obama critic and Romney supporter).

The prime mover behind the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate in 2008, Kristol touts retiring Senator Joe Lieberman (a close McCain friend) as the likely secretary of state in a Romney administration, replacing Hillary Clinton.

Those who favor a “muscular” American foreign policy and military ventures abroad—a far cry from the nationalism and non-interventionism advocated by Representative Ron Paul—would be pleased by Lieberman at the State Department helm.


Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

Romney VP

In 2008 I wasn't going to vote for McCain. Palin won me over. I vowed in 2008 "never again" and I meant it.

The gopE ran that play last time. Been there, done that.

This time the gopE moved up the Florida primary, bought off Marco Rubio and Florida A/G Pam Bondi. Disgusting!

There will never be another conservative candidate for POTUS again. It is the revenge of GHW Bush. The gopE candidate keeps moving more and more to the left just like the Democrat candidate does. In 8 years you will all be voting for the Obama's of the world in the GOP instead of the left's candidate Mao.

There is no better time to fight this war.

Insanity is having the same behavior and accepting a different outcome. Sorry, NO MAS!

Natural born citizen?

Are you saying Jindal is not a natural born citizen because he was born in the US to parents who were here on a green card and not yet citizens or here illigally?  I was under the impression that if you were born on US soil regarless of your parents nationality you recieved a US birth cert, the term border babies comes to mind, or anchor babies.  Section 1 of the 14th amendment is very clear.  These babies are citizens, even if you dont agree with it.

Romney's choice of running mate

Like so many other voters I watched all of the Republican debates.   Mitt Romney came out with a slim majority  of the electoral vote in the GOP Primary to win the nomination for President for the Republican Party to be confirmed at the National Convention.   

As Richard A. Viguerie wrote:

"And the names that are floating around sound like Governor Romney is all set to unite the 25% of GOP voters who constitute the Bush-Romney wing of the Republican Party.

That leaves behind the 75% of grassroots conservative Republican voters who backed Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann in the primary"

My Comment:

Mitt Romney needs to do take the  mathematics presented seriously.  He needs that 75% of the grassroots who supported the  other  Republican candidates.    Any of those named  in the primaries are quite capable of being the VP Nominee. 

Out side of those names-------I would favor  former Governor Sarah Palin  and VP Candidate or possibly Robert McDonnell , Governor of Virginia.   













Rubio for VP. His comments

Rubio for VP. His comments about the economy on the internet are refreshing and right on.


A Romney presidency

The neocon republicans (small "r" as the Republican Party no longer exists) will only continue the status quo of big government, interventionist policies that are working (hand in hand) with the socialist/Marxist democratic party toward a "New World Order".  For the public that is fooled by the duplicitous rhetoric into thinking that (their) party will uphold constitutional values, that this will be the passport to the "Republicans" taking charge for dismantling what has occurred (under both administrations) for decades......  Perhaps it is, finally, time for a third party to take over the reins and restore the constitution and integrity, however, I don't envision the public coming to that conclusion until irreparable damage has been done (and, of course, then it will be too late).

Rubio has to be the choice, but

Is it possible that it's truly time for a third, conservative party? I mean, first get rid of Obama, but then move to split from the "conventional" Republican party. The status quo hasn't gotten us anywhere. And like Obama's repeated failures, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is, well, you know. So why keep struggling against the libs (now, Marxists) AND the Republicans. Let's start out on our own. Let the liberal Republicans have their own party.

Romney's VP Choice



You have hit the nail squarely on the head in every respect.  The very last thing a Rove-Republican like Romney would ever want to do is openly acknowledge the Tea Party.  

As far as the present corporate-dominated wing of the Republican Party is concerned, the Tea Party is an anathema to their blind pursuit of more government spending and higher taxes in the form of higher annual deficits and higher national debt levels. 

ex animo






Declaring war on religous groups and small businesses  will not win Barrack a second term !  America is done with the disbarred dog eating racist muslim lawyer !

Romney and His VP

Romney had better pick a "died in the wool" conservative Tea Party favorite or I will vote Constitution Party.  I have been a Republican for 65 years but I am tired of the "left-overs" that we conservatives are fed every four years.  We are duped, hood-winked, and conned by the liberal left-wing RINOs like Johny McLame, Graham Craker, White Snowe, No Guts Collins and all the rest.  Many are talking about Portman from here in Ohio.  He is literally hated by Republicans and the Democrats think he is a jerk. At least when I write Sherrod Brown and Portman with my views, Sherrod returns a letter that I don't like...but Fat Cat Porker Portman doesn't even write.  He is a disgrace. He cannot speak well.  His grammar, as a former teacher, makes Bush look like a Rhoades Scholar.  He is so wishy-washy that even Sherrod Brown has voted on some issues more conservatively than Porky the Pig. If Romney wants any help from me, he will have to nominate Rubio or Jindal.  The rest are just the "same old slop" that RINOs have fed us for too long. 


As I look on the list of candidates, I too feel left out.  first of all, I don't think Romney should be the choice of the Republican party.  He is a political choice, just happens that he has outspent everyone else, and "bought", his nomination.


However, being that as it may, the candidate to support the ticket as VP would more likely than not be an ultra conservative, not the traditional party line moderates that are being considered for the position. I can only think of Marco Rubio, but I truly think he would be very ill advised to take this position.  His best bet is to finish his Senate term and then make a national run in the next 8 year cycle.


Let's go with Jindal.....

Ignoring conservatives on purpose

If I were a conspiracy theorist (and sometimes what they say makes sense), I would look at Romney's actions and words as proof that he fully intends to lose and let Obama win (while trying to maintain the appearance that he's going all for it and supports "conservative" ideals) so that the Obama and his big-government elites still are in control. In other words, the election is rigged from the start and we are all foolish pawns.

Not saying this is true, but it certainly has the appearance in many ways.

Locking up the RINO vote

Good article, Richard. I agree with every word of it. Which is why I still can't bring myself to affix a "Romney '12" sticker on my car. A "Romney/Rubio" perhaps, but a "Romney/Portman" never.

A Conservative VP for Romney is Required

We have some excellent nominees available for the VP slot who would indeed energize the Republican base.  People such as Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal would make great choices.  Whoever he selects for that position must be 100% pro-life with the record to prove that credential and then you will see the conservative base energized as has not been seen in recent memory.  We need a strong ticket to take back the Presidency for the future of America!

Romney VP

More important than Romney's choice being 100% pro-life (which I certainly prefer), his VP must be 100% ELIGIBLE.  A large number of thinking Americans, including myself, do not believe that either Bobby Jindal (who is a great governor) or Marco Rubio (who consistently polls high as VP) qualifies as a natural born citizen because they were born before their parents became citizens.  Merely being born on US soil only gives you native born status. And yes, this is required by the Constitution in the concluding sentence of Amendment 12, which states "But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of [p]resident shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."  So if large numbers of voters who believe as I do cannot support an ineligible VP, it could cost Romney the election. I've been to his web site and told him that in so many words.

So to those who are supporting Rubio and Jindal, if either of those is chosen, my oath of office to support the Constitution requires that I NOT vote for Romney. These two could serve in the cabinet, just not as VP.

Allen West consistently polls right behind Rubio for this slot. He'd make a great VP, complementing Romney, who has no military record and seems to be weak on the threat of islam and the Middle East. Jindal has been proposed as Secty of the Interior. I don't know what strengths Rubio has other than being attractive and appealing to hispanics. But surely a good slot can be found for which he is legally eligible---just not VP.

Allen West!

Allen West would be a superb choice! He could fill in Romney's defense gaps and there is no other VP candidate that I believe would be more likely to unabashedly push Romney to the right, even as "only" the VP. Plus, I believe he is qualified to be President.

No Big Gov't pols, please

A pro-life candidate indeed, but not of the Big Government variety like Santorum or Huckabee. Neither of those politicians understand either the Constitution or Austrian economics. How about Pat Toomey or Marco Rubio? Or Paul Ryan, an intellectual tour-de-force on limited government with a 100% pro-life voting record?

I won't be voting for him.

I am a life long republican by nature but I will cross party lines if I don't agree on whom they have picked. It looks and sounds to me that the President will remain the same.


And vote for the Marxist again? Yeah, that makes sense............NOT!

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”—Edmund Burke

Vice President

I can see exactly where your are coming from, so little to encourage us, but cross party line an vote for the disaster that we have lived through the last four years, surel not that. Of course, I do not have anything that even resemles an anwer.

Stop listening to the elite, country club establishment GOP

Alot of conservative, grassroots, tea party people are standing by, Mr. Romney, for your choice of VP.  Stop listening to the RINOs and start behaving like the leader we want you to be.  This country is in so much trouble..far more than anyone realizes.  You must be that Ronald Reagan-like President who will save the Republic.  If you chose one of these safe little RINOs that the GOP establishment wants you to choose, I really fear for your campaign and for this country.  We conservative Republicans are to the brink.  We are sick and tired of having RINOs foisted upon us and then the GOP expecting us to come thru for them. 

The leaders in the GOP, Boehner/McConnell to name two, are more concerned about the GOP winning and keep making horrendous moderate decisions.  They are more concerned with their own empires, their own power, than they are with the fact that our country is going off a cliff.  If you choose one of these people, that is how we are going to look at you.  The problem just might not win with a RINO and if you don't, our country is done.  President Obama has already destroyed the Constitution (nothing that you cannot fix if you are President) but what he has planned for his second term will bring the country to its knees. 

Step it up, Mr. Romney!  Choose a conservative for your VP and show us that the 75% of the Republican Party who are conservative are not going to be ignored by the power grabbing, Obama enabling RINOs.

VP for Romney

In my mind the only obvious choice for VP is Marco Rubio.  He is NOT a lightening rod, he is admired and loved by every demographic group imaginable.  He is a bringer together of all people and not a divisive person in the least.  Pawlenty is a horrible consideration - I know I am from Minnesota - he is a ZERO!   Christie is way over the top and would not match Romney's personality at all - he's all bluster.   Portman is basically an unknown and does not have a cross section following.  Rice is great, intelligent and so forth, but again too much prior baggage and she doesn't want it anyway.  Paul Ryan is wonderful, but would be a lightening rod just like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman.  I'm praying he chooses Rubio and I think it will be a slam dunk!!!

VP for Romney

Nancy Crichton, as stated elsewhere (if they posted my comment), Rubio is attractive and admired. He just is not eligible!! Give him another post in the cabinet, but pick a conservative who is 100% unquestionably eligible to hold the office of [p]resident (which qualification the VP must also meet)! I still prefer Allen West, but Paul Ryan would be great!

Veep Choice

Nancy, looks like you're the only one that's not in the dark! For certain, Allen West would be the best choice, but Romney won't choose him....he speaks too honestly and most sheeple can't handle the truth. Romney WILL lose if he doesn't pick Allen can bank on it!! Stan


Look at NEWT again. Why do you think he isn't liked in Washington? Obama must go no matter what. I don't like Romney either and don't feel he can win. The current campaign seems to hinge on who has the most money and not about what matters the most for the good of our country. Is it to late for a third party? Lets look at putting someone in office that already knows what the problems are and who would hit the ground running to give us the things back we are screaming about. We the human race have forgotten the most important factors like respect, ethics, morales, and strong committment to family. Most of the current problems in the country stem from busted homes and families where a man and a woman provide a strong stable enviroment where their kids are raised to be GOD fearing and caring with strong ethics and morales for their fellow man. If fear that we"ll be fighting in the streets like the rest of the world soon if we don't.