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Paul Ryan’s Toughest Opponents Will Be Romney’s Liberal Staff

Paul RyanIn the afterglow of Mitt Romney’s announcement that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan -- a strong fiscal conservative with a 100% pro-life voting record -- would be his running mate, conservatives were excited to think that this might mean a shift to the right by the Romney campaign.

We want Romney to win, so we hope that is true.

However, such assumptions discount the influence of Mitt Romney’s liberal campaign staff on both the direction of the campaign and Paul Ryan’s fortunes on the ticket.

Go here to sign our letter to Governor Romney urging him to turn Paul Ryan loose to tell America the truth about Obama’s out-of-control spending.

Governor Romney has no longtime movement conservatives in his inner circle and who you walk with says much about who you are.

In contrast to Ronald Reagan, who surrounded himself with conservative outsiders, such as Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt, Lyn Nofziger, Dick Allen, Ed Meese, Marty Anderson, Judge William Clark and others thoroughly steeped in conservative policy and politics -- Governor Romney’s inner circle is made up entirely of establishment Republicans, such as former New Hampshire Governor and Bush White House Chief of Staff John Sununu and super lobbyist and Bush 41 political director Ron Kauffman.

Some of Governor Romney’s most influential staff are veterans of Florida’s liberal Republican turncoat former Governor Charlie Crist’s campaign. This includes Romney’s chief media strategists, Stuart Stevens and Russ Schriefer and Romney’s floundering press secretary Andrea Saul, who was Crist’s communications director and also worked for establishment Republican Orin Hatch.

In addition to explaining why Tea Party backed Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who defeated Crist, never had a prayer of being Romney’s running mate, it also creates the perfect environment for the campaign to be plagued by the liberal staff versus conservative vice presidential candidate intrigue that bedeviled the 2008 McCain/Palin ticket.

In 2008, someone someplace in the McCain operation was smart enough to figure out that after eight years of Bush, if McCain was to have a prayer against Obama, he needed a running mate who was an outsider who would shake-up the race and excite the conservative base of the Republican Party.

He chose Alaska’s conservative Governor Sarah Palin, whose successful 2006 anti-establishment campaign against good old boy Republican Governor Frank Murkowski in many ways presaged the Tea Party rebellion of 2009.

Palin’s conservative-themed acceptance speech at the 2008 GOP convention electrified the audience, fired-up conservatives and was the high-water mark for the McCain campaign, which began to founder when it was faced with real choices between conservative principles and establishment pressure to support the Bush administration.

McCain’s campaign staff, made up of his longtime Capitol Hill staffers and Washington Republican establishment veterans of the Bush White House, were also soon in a tizzy because Palin was drawing vastly larger crowds than was McCain.

Don’t let this happen to Paul Ryan, sign our letter to Governor Romney urging him to turn Paul Ryan loose to tell the truth about Obama’s out-of-control spending.

What’s more, the things that Sarah Palin brought to the ticket -- an eloquent and heart-felt advocacy of the right-to-life, a readiness to acknowledge divine influence in one’s everyday life, a healthy skepticism of Washington-based solutions, and a sharp wit ready to tweak establishment insiders -- were all things McCain’s Washington establishment staff and consultants weren’t about to make part of the campaign and certainly didn’t want on TV coming from their candidate for Vice President.

The result was that Palin’s benefit to the ticket was wasted as she was set-up for interviews with hostile establishment TV reporters like Katie Couric and Charles Gibson, but prohibited from meeting with right-to-life leaders in New Hampshire who were on the outs with the state’s GOP establishment.

Is the Romney/Ryan ticket going to be doomed by the same establishment insider staff versus conservative vice presidential candidate intrigue that doomed Republicans in 2008?

The Washington Republican insiders and consultants, who are velcroed on to Governor Romney -- such as Saul, Stevens and Schriefer -- readily accept the liberal premises upon which Obama and the establishment media want to frame the campaign. Romney’s advisors are certainly much more comfortable attacking conservatives and defending establishment Republicans, like Crist and Hatch, than they are at crafting winning conservative alternatives to Obama’s disastrous liberal agenda.

Paul Ryan, on the other hand, got where he is by applying conservative principles to Washington’s spending problem -- even if the result wasn’t as bold as many conservatives, including myself, would have liked.

No doubt Paul Ryan is going to run circles around the hapless Joe Biden during the vice presidential debate and Ryan’s facility with the numbers behind Washington’s spending problem make it unlikely hostile reporters will trip him up there.

Ryan’s toughest opponents will not be the Obama campaign and the Democrats or others outside the Romney/Ryan campaign, they will be the liberal insiders and Washington GOP establishment figures who have crafted Governor Romney’s content free campaign and who want nothing to do with the conservative economic ideas and commitment to the right-to-life and family issues that make Paul Ryan so appealing to conservatives.

Go here to sign our letter to Governor Romney urging him to turn Paul Ryan loose to tell America the truth about Obama’s out-of-control spending.

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Rome Burned, Will We?

PS. I am not Liberal! Never have been!


Rome Burned, Will We?

      Ruling class accelerates planned economic implosion 

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As America’s engineered economic implosion accelerates, the parallels with how the Roman empire fell are staggering. It is now abundantly clear that the ruling class is preparing for a planned economic implosion after which they will declare themselves the saviors.


A recent Reuters report highlighting how the Federal Reserve has been telling major banks in the U.S. to prepare for a “worst case scenario” financial collapse and that these banks would not be able to rely on government support underscores once again how the elite are positioning themselves to exploit the next leg of the orchestrated financial meltdown.

Just as happened in the aftermath of 2008, the ruling class is getting ready to offer the solution of more centralized control and more financial serfdom as the solution to the problem they created in the first place.

By making the public and industry beg for QE3, the Federal Reserve will once again try to manipulate the crisis to portray itself as the guardian of a fragile system and accumulate yet more power.

America is now ruled by a gaggle of completely corrupt financial terrorists who will stop at nothing to hollow out the country in pursuit of their own maniacal and selfish gain.

This precisely parallels Rome’s rapacious ruling Emperors and Senators of the fifth century who were so obsessed with seizing wealth and control that they ended up destroying their own culture, their own country and its empire in the process.


Well congratulations Richard I'm glad to see you elated over Romney's V.P. choice. But I must warn you, careful what you wish for, for  Ryan is the re-incarnation of Draco himself. If, if elected and somehow he is allowed to implement his Draconian measures on American society I doubt you yourself would be happy with the results.

I've sent you many e-mail's in reply to statements you post on this website but you choose to ignore me. However I do want to know why you work so feverishly to destroy America as we know it. Now, I know you like most other conservatives want low taxes and small government, but I've got to tell you it's only a slogan republicans use to run on to get elected once in they're off to pursue their own agenda's. I should know, I've been hearing it all my life and it's never changed. Just look back at the Bush Admin. and the mess he left behind for Obama but you guys have been beating him merciless and have been relentless in blaming him for every ill.

So I hope you will understand when I tell you that I hope there are enough sane Americans to reject Romney & Ryan this Nov. Hopefully with a resounding defeat you right wing-nuts will retreat back into the shadows and Draco can go back to the 6th century where he belongs.   

Grow Up

The right wing nuts you yirrup peon loving fascists love to hate made America a great nation. You idiots cannot even make lunch. Enjoy your last days of power. When the American people ROAR their distrust of socialists in November, I hope you will join the hollywierdos in yirrup where you belong, haters.