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Can’t Congress Stop Obama’s Lawless Immigration Policy?

Congress passes immigration laws. The President asks Congress to change immigration laws, Congress refuses. The President then ignores the immigration laws Congress passes. Congress then ignores the fact that the President is ignoring Congress.

White HousePresident Obama’s decisions to stop enforcing immigration laws began Wednesday and at the same time, the Department of Homeland Security began implementing new policies that created a whole new class of “legal illegal immigrants.” No one on Capitol Hill seemed to notice.

In 2011, in one of his hallmark efforts to pander to radical minorities, President Obama tried to get Congress to change the immigration laws and pass the so-called “Dream Act,” which offered a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young illegal aliens. Congress refused.

As The Washington Post’s conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, pointed out, “When subsequently pressed by Hispanic groups to simply implement the law by executive action, Obama explained that it would be illegal. ‘Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own. . . . But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written’.”

Subsequently, the exigencies of getting re-elected apparently caused Obama to reverse course and do what he once said he couldn’t do.

So, Obama decided to simply create his own law -- first by refusing to enforce the laws Congress has passed, and then by extra-legislatively creating a whole new class of “legal illegal immigrants.” He's getting away with it because he knows Republicans in Congress will spinelessly stand by.

However, left-leaning organizations aren't just standing by -- they are already gearing up to offer paralegals to help fill out applications and otherwise assist young illegal aliens in applying for the program.

By paying a fee of a mere $465 each, an estimated 120,000 young illegal aliens in Florida alone could be granted what amounts to amnesty through Obama’s decision to simply stop enforcing immigration laws.

What’s more, the federal courts are an unlikely avenue of redress for those who want our nation’s immigration laws enforced. As former Senator Fred Thompson noted in an article in National Review Online, “…Obama did not use an executive order. He simply directed the Department of Homeland Security to ‘reprioritize its enforcement policy’ to, in effect, put everyone else ahead of the DREAM group when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants. This way, he avoids the unprecedented use of an executive order that might even be struck down in court, but achieves his goal…”

At a stroke, by simply doing whatever he wants, Obama has increased the legal population of the United States by between 800,000 and 1 million formerly illegal aliens. Could Congress cut-off funding for this lawless action or otherwise disrupt Obama’s unprecedented refusal to enforce the law? Of course.

Congress could prohibit the Department of Homeland Security from using any funds for this purpose. Congress could eliminate the positions or “FTE” of the federal employees who process the paperwork. Congress could cut-off the phones, takeaway the computers and copying machines, etc... but it won’t.

Congress has apparently become an impotent husk in the face of Obama’s lawless decision to ignore the immigration laws it passed to keep America from being overrun by illegal immigrants. Is there any wonder that public approval of Congress is at a record low of 10 percent?

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Why is President Obama above the law?

I don't understand why the president is allowed to run roughshod over Congress and do whatever he wants without going through proper channels. I've read that he has bypassed Congress over 40 times since his "we can't wait" comments and he has been derelict in doing things he is legally bound to do. Why is this behavior accepted and why are his mandates sanctioned? Aren't there legal means to stop his reckless unchecked behavior? He's the president, not a king but no one will confront him or take legal action to rein him in. Someone, in either government or the private sector, who cares about justice and the American way, needs to step up and do what's legally necessary to stop his willful misconduct and quash his disdain for the rule of law.

Backdoor amensty

Obama Wan ts to set up a Marxism, socialist, communist agenda,..But for now, since these United States abides under a Constitution Obama has not been able to cram this socialist aganda down the throats of freedom loving America..I too,, have Many questions for Congress..Cut off the funding!! Slash the programs..Congress, stop making, 'backroom deals.'.Nancy and Harry..And the rest of the socialist crew step down or get thrown out!! It is past time that American Rep, and Congress stands up for America!! Would someone in the political system please explain why tthis is so difficult??


So how does this fraud in the WH make law and institute it before it goes to a court, how does a law making body such as congress is allow this fraud to usurp their job and responsibility so easily. my personal view is that we are not getting our moneys worth from any of these branches we pay so dearly for and told we are represented, we are being shafted and short changed. The leadership in govenment is unchecked, over paid, living off our tax money and complementing their incomes by passing laws to insure their quality of life. Term limits salary only for all elected and public appointees, a yearly public audit of all holdings, earnings. The use of a national sales tax to keep a budget inplace and abandon the progressive tax system for good. It is a start to regaining your representation and accountability of your government.......WE NEED THE CHANGE.

Only the TEA PARTY save us?

Nothing—nothing will ever CHANGE in Congress, if Americans just keep voting in the same old incumbents of the Democratic or Republican parties. Change will only come through the intervention of the TEA PARTY that is gaining momentum through the GOP. Everything will remain ‘Quid Pro Quo’ (you scratch my back, and then I will scratch yours?) Entrenched politicians are happy to keep collecting taxpayer’s money and go on trillion dollar spending spree. It’s no wonder China and other unfriendly countries own our grand children’s futures?  DREAMER’S ARE HERE TO STAY, BUT THEY COMPROMISE THEIR PARENTS STATUS? THEY ARE NOT PROTECTED.  Everything from another illegal alien amnesty, more Sanctuary cities, the passage of  E-Verify; stricter birthright citizenship; energy, bloated government, taxes, state insolvency, new infrastructure, voter fraud, and many other issues will be ignored or remain frozen. Want new policies enacted that have been sitting around for ages, according to the U.S. constitution and the ‘People’s rights of liberty, then vote stricter TEA PARTY LEADERS INTO WASHINGTON. Investigate more at tea party dot org, immigration at numbersusa, corruption at judicialwatch dot org.