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Paul and Palin Top List of Speakers Missing From GOP Convention

Ron PaulConservatives and Tea Partiers are frustrated that too many of the speakers at the upcoming Republican National Convention are Washington establishment politicians. A number of prominent principled conservatives have not been invited to speak; topping the list of speakers on the wish list of conservatives are Congressman, and presidential candidate, Ron Paul at 24% and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at 21%.

We asked: “The following conservative leaders have NOT been invited to speak, so far, at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Which one would you most like to see invited to speak?”

You responded:

24% Rep. Ron Paul of Texas

21% Sarah Palin of Alaska

11% Newt Gingrich of Georgia

11% Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A

7% Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota

7% Herman Cain of Georgia

7% Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina

6% Other

4% Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana

2% Sen. Mike Lee of Utah

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Let Palin Speak

Like many, I think the Washington Establishment Repubnlicans will destroy the party for their own personal gain. They are the ones, and their lack of leadership in Congress, that have gotten us where we are. They are also the reason for the rise of theTea Party. If they continue to control the party and continue to marginalize the Tea Party, it may mean the creation of a new party and the abandonment of the Republican Party as the leading conservative organization. A vast number of Americans are sorely disappointed in the lack of backbone and true leadership from the establishment Republicans. We are voting them out as fast as we can.

Dave Russell

Who made who

There is a reason Ron Paul is the top of the list besides the fact that he is the only surviving Republican candidate.That is the fact that he has the most conservative record.Newt Gingrinch?Bobby Jindal is more conservative.No,Other is more conservative!That guy has major charisma,or a lot of Democrats frequent this website.

let em

Let them in enjoy the last dieing momments of their reign of incompitence. They are aware their days are numbered!!!

Republican ELITES

Obviously the republican elites still haven't gotten the message from their voters that they are all sick and tired of the business as usual positionss of the Washington insiders .  While a life long republican I am giving much more support to the  " outsiders "  like the teaparty , the constitutionalists , the libertarians ,  and others that are fed up with the a--h--es at the top of the party and its anti-constituent attitude desighned solely to keep THEM in power .