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Romney Uncomfortable With Social Issues, Democrats Are Not

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan gave the right answers when they were asked about the Democrats' decision to remove any reference to God from the Democratic Party platform.

In an interview with Fox News, Governor Romney said “Our founding document the Declaration of Independence references God… Our national motto, ‘In God we trust.’ I mean this is part of our heritage. I think their having removed purposefully God from their platform suggests a party which is increasingly out of touch with the mainstream of American people. I think this party is veering further and further away into an extreme wing that Americans don’t recognize.”

Paul Ryan likewise told Fox, "I think it's rather peculiar. It's not in keeping with our founding documents, our founding vision, but I guess you'd have to ask the Obama administration why they purged all this language [referencing God] from their platform."

These, of course, were the right answers, but they were to a large extent reactions to an unforced error on the part of the Democrats, who have long-been the Party of secular liberalism, but who have generally done a better job of hiding their antipathy toward Christianity and its values.

Mitt RomneyThe real test for the Romney campaign is not its reaction to this low-hanging fruit, but whether or not they make the conservative social agenda a key element of their campaign from now until Election Day.

So far, the evidence is scant that Governor Romney’s team sees this as anything more than a one day story that they plan to move away from as quickly as possible.

That would be a major blunder on their part.

This year’s Republican Platform was “the best ever” for conservatives according to Phyllis Schlafly, President of the Eagle Forum and the First Lady of the conservative movement. However, Governor Romney’s advisors seemed to make a point of trying to distance the Governor and his campaign from its social and cultural tenets.

Exhibit 1 for this problem is that when asked about the Republican Platform, one of Governor Romney’s advisors remarked, “The platform is a RNC document, not a Romney for President document.”


The Democrats let the mask slip for a moment and showed who they really are, and it is a frightening face to many Americans. However, just as it is not enough to win the economic argument by asking, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” letting the Democrats speak for themselves is not enough to win the argument on the social and cultural issues.

Governor Romney's acceptance speech wasn’t an ideological statement of where he wanted to take the country. It had all the right conservative buzzwords, but it didn’t really commit him to an agenda – and that was entirely in keeping with the preferences and advice of the Republican establishment who much prefer to run content-free campaigns.

Republicans don’t have that luxury this election. The Democrats have thrown down the gauntlet on the social and cultural issues. Subsequent to the 1964 election, whenever Americans have been presented with a clear choice between a conservative Republican agenda, and a liberal Democrat agenda, the voters always choose the conservative agenda – if Republicans present one to them.

The Democrats have done their part and presented Americans with a truly radical secular liberal agenda; it is now time for Governor Romney to begin to present the conservative alternative.

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I'm not sure what his problem is but he better get over it fast and put obozzo a way quickly 

How the BLEEP did we get Romney after 2010?!

Jeb 2016. 

How do you assure Obama's victory after such unadulterated hideousness for the past four years, so that you make sure Republicans DON'T win in 2012, so that there's a place held for Jeb to be crowned in 2016?  Run a guy who can't talk about conservative social issues if his life depends on it.

Conservative Motto - classic

" ... it is now time for Governor Romney to begin to present the conservative alternative."

Here it is:

I'v got mine. You're on your own.

Sorry, but....

Regardless of where one fails politically with respect to the "social issues", people don't vote based on them. Nor should they. Most "social issues" belong in the realm of persuasion, not coercion.

Mitt Romney etc.

Mitt Romney must point out.  how radical the Democratic party platform is.  Before long we will have a communist country or worse still a radical Islamic country.  He must stress to keep our Great Country under Jedeo/Chdristian principles.  Just the economy won't do it.

Alternate Realities

Richard here you go again,

You state Romney said "Our founding Doc. the Declaration of Independance references GOD" this is erroneous and you should have caught this mistake before printing your article. "In God We Trust" is printed in our coins and currency upon the insistance of christians who constantly tear at the wall of separation they don't believe in the establishment clause, both parties share this thinkers.

By the way you're abit late with your article the issue you're clamoring about has been resolved.

As I've said to you before Romney &Ryan would be disasterous for our country as a political junkie and promoter of right wing nuttiness you should know by now Romney will be anything you want him to be he'll say anything to get elected.

I sense the disappointment in your words about Romney avoiding the social issues that's he knows he's on the wrong side. The Dems are waiting for him to raise his head on this issues so they can pounce on him. He's on video you know thus his label Flip-Flopper.

Richard, Richard I've told you before you live in an alternate reality you're betting on the wrong horse.  Talk to me.

Romney is not a Conservitive.

Romney is not a Conservitive. We Conservitives and the Tea Party are doing fine. Audit the Fed, bring our troops home and protect our borders, nullify Agenda 21 and the NDAA. Vote Gary Johnson.

Romney and conservative social issues

I am afraid this article is telling the truth. Americans need to have a very bold message of the stark differences between the Obama World view and the Conservative world view. Are we going to have an adminstrative benevolent dictatorship or a nation concieved in and perpetuated in liberty? We must expose Obama and attack his philosophy for what it is. THe Founders were very clear about the dangers of entrusting too much power to government, to its executive or its legislative or its judicial branch- that is the argument we must bring forward. The economy is vital, but it is a reflection of political measures which in turn are a reflection of ideology. If we act timid about that contrast, we WILL see another four years -at least- of Obama and we will learn the hard way the errors of our judgment! Is this today the land of the free? Only the brave will tell.

Romney on the Social Issues

Romney has a less than spectacular past on the life issue which matters most to me but he claimed to have shifted further to the right to a fully pro-life stance and then when he selected totally pro-life Paul Ryan as his running mate he proved his credentials in that area to me.  On the issue of marriage, he unfortunately refrained from expressing support for the president of Chick Fil-A when that businessman made his statement in support of traditional marriage, but Romney did speak out clearly on the matter when he gave the keynote address at the graduation ceremony at Liberty University this past summer and he received a well-deserved standing ovation for having done so at that.  As long as he is also willing to appoint pro-life judges once he gets into the Oval Office, I think we have a great team getting ready to serve America at the helm from the Republican side this year.


MITT Romney can't and won't stand up to stand down the Social Issues that the Democrat Social Justice society wants this Country to astride. Romney has flipped flopped so much during his long run for President and his "just another Politician" positions in Massachusetts, prove that this Electorate is having trouble swallowing just won't cut it. They believe it is just the same old same ole of "just another Politician's" saga, on a different day. You hear all around our circles "we just have to choose the lesser of two evils" knowing that no where in our Good Book does it tell us to choose any evil. "We'll just have to hold our nose and vote hoping for the best" is not what we really want or need. We are still looking for just the right person to go to the dance with. We all know this. It's the worst of our fears possibly coming to the reality that it is going to take just the right person with the belief, never swaying like Romney is known to do, that making sure this president doesn't have one minute over his last moment in office, is everything "She" can do.

What this Country is still looking for with talk of either a "3rd Party" or a "3rd Person" who is "of, for and by the people" who is going to be the stark difference to get our Conservative Values remanded back to the where they should be. Respectfully ours with "Equal rights for all. Special privileges for none." Although you might think we don't have time; you would be wrong ! When just the right person comes out of the shadows and reveals that we really do have the right to hold on to our Sovereignty, both personal and as a Country, we're free!

That person right now is a lady who has been running for the past four years. She will be on our General Ballot. Now having to come in as the Independent Candidate, like good old George Washington, we will have a choice! Like Washington who set the First Precedent as the First President; Samm Tittle will set the precedent as the First Woman President. The Establishment and the Media who work overtime to "tell us how to think. What to say. Who to vote for" will come to realize that there is one out there who is "One of us for all of us". I found out about this lady and promised that no matter how bleak and how frustrating things were looking; we would see her through the Journey. Like me go over and discover that "God is still in control" and we have a good chance of bringing Democrats, Republicans, definitely the Independent. Mostly the Evangelicals, the Black vote, the Hispanic Vote and the Woman's vote, because this Lady gets it; yields our Hope. So now, as Samm Tittle will be on the General Election Ballot, and yes some States as a "Write In"; we get the satisfaction that although it may seem archaic that we have to get the right Leader in, perhaps the hard way; we'll soon have a Leader ! Check her out. The fact that this lady is in her own strong belief a God fearing, strict Constitutional Conservative who believes that "we were born for such a time as this"; we will come to realize that "We don't just hope for hope, we believe in it bringing it in to our realization that hope is still alive and well in us". (Quote: Samm Tittle)

Support this lady for President in 2012. Get in touch with her to tell her that "you still believe in yourself". Send your Ron Paul friends over to help. If there was ever a Republican who respected Dr. Ron Paul, even though they might not have always agreed, it is Samm Tittle who knows he is a good man ! Call your friends and tell them; "We the People" are still in charge !!! Call the number I called to get real answers. You won't get that from any other Candidate, but Samm Tittle is ready, willing and able. (202) 316-6278.

he doesn't have one, or if he

he doesn't have one, or if he does he would rather not say.