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Republicans MIA on Social Issues, Conservatives Must Lead

In-your-face liberalism was on full display in Charlotte this week. Democrats offered a truly radical vision of the future that would fundamentally remake American society, and challenged Republicans to engage them on issues from abortion on demand to abolishing the Biblical definition of marriage.

Anyone watching and listening to the Democratic National Convention would have thought that social conservatives run Washington and that we are a vote or two away from stopping this vision of the liberal “progress” the country would make under President Obama.

The reality is Republicans have yet to offer a contrasting vision, and probably won’t.

As always, the GOP establishment, firm in its belief that the only way to win is to run a content-free campaign, and uncomfortable talking about matters, such as abortion, that rarely enter the conversation at the country club, appears prepared to once again cede the high ground in the culture wars to the Democrats.

Today’s iteration of the Republican Party’s national leadership, true to their business and Chamber of Commerce roots, may be good on some parts of the conservative economic agenda, but they don’t seem to grasp that America does not live by bread alone.

Governor Romney, as well as inside-the-Beltway consultants who run his campaign, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, Washington’s GOP insiders, and Republican congressional leaders – none of them are going to engage the Democrats on the radical social agenda that came out of the Democratic National Convention.

If this debate is going to take place, and be won, we conservatives must think of ourselves as the leaders in the culture debate and provide the alternative to the in-your-face challenge offered by the Democrats and their hard left secular liberal allies.

At the Republican National Convention, aside from Rick Santorum’s early evening speech, there were no speakers on the right-to-life or who were strongly associated with the values voter movement. Republicans seemed almost embarrassed to mention the social issues, even as their platform was “the best yet” on the conservative agenda.

Where were the Republican alternatives to the prime time speaking roles given to free contraception advocate Sandra Fluke, and the Democrats’ longtime allies abortion on demand advocates Planned Parenthood and NOW?

This lack of stomach for the battle on the cultural issues has large, and negative, consequences for the establishment Republican Party.  In 2006 and 2008 millions of conservative voters abandoned the GOP, and the Party’s popularity plummeted, because these voters saw a Party led by people lacking in principle and unwilling to fight for the conservative agenda.

That didn’t change in 2010 – establishment Republican leaders were almost invisible in the 2010 election, new small government constitutional conservatives were the face of the GOP.

The Tea Party wave that swept Republicans back into control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and elected thousands of down ballot candidates, was led by new principled conservative faces – candidates like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and Senators Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Rand Paul – while polls showed the established Republican Party itself remained less popular than the Democrats.

Americans are looking for principled leadership that will defend and advance the values that made this county exceptional.  The social issues aren’t the province of one religious group or voters in the small states of the Bible Belt.

Millions of Americans are deeply troubled by the Democratic Party’s advocacy of same-sex marriage and abortion on demand. The Romney campaign has thus far made a grave error in failing to make defense of traditional American social values part of its day-to-day message and to recognize the bottom-up power of those issues with center-right voters across the country.

VoteSince liberals began the culture war in the 1960s establishment Republicans have been largely MIA, with grave consequences for our country. This year Democrats have offered an even more in-your-face challenge to Republicans to engage on the cultural issues – to date, the GOP has ignored it.

The silence of Republican leaders during the Democratic convention demonstrates that the Republican establishment has no intention of providing leadership or engaging on those issues.

While we are waiting for new principled conservative Republican Party leaders who share our views and values, it is up to us to be the leaders we have been waiting for. It is time for conservatives to head for the sound of the guns in the culture war, to fill the holes in the ranks left by the Republican establishment and to lead the battle against Barack Obama’s radical secular liberal vision for America.

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Not the Presidents job

I like Ron Paul's answer to whether the Federal government should supply contraceptives.He said that they ought to do like they did in my day,and go down to the pharmacy and buy them.I also agree with him on abortion,it should be left to the States to decide.I can guarantee that if my daughter got raped I would be driving her across State lines,or flying to another country,to insure that that child is not born.Marriage is another thing that the Federal government should have nothing to do with.Leave it to the States.

NO NO NO -- Missing the Point

If conservatives take over in DC and enter 2013 with a plan to "apply government as a solution" to correct social problems -- then THE RIGHT IS *NO* BETTER THAN THE LEFT.

Let's nullify the 17th Amendment to restore the State's voice in law making and thereby erect a natural blockade against populism -- which has hijacked Congress for the last 100 years since Wilson.  Doing so will FORCE society to ASSERT a dominant culture since they'll no longer have the government to decree social order for them.

This is the problem of big government - societal atrophy.  Stop the atrophy.  Stop populism.   I leave you with this ESSENTIAL column from George Will dated 9/1 - read it and then just listen to yourselves, pulllleeeease:  "Obama the Real Radical in the Campaign":

Anti-Christian rombama not a social conservative

Rombama was more pro-baby killing than Ted Kennedy when he ran for senate against him. He did nothing to protect marriage when judges in that horrible state tried to destroy marriage. His goons shut down Catholic charities from adoption services because they would not toe the pro-gay line. I am writing in Jesus Christ for president this year!

Romney-Ryan on the Social Issues

It was a good sign when Romney selected 100% pro-life Ryan as his running mate and then gave the commencement speech at Liberty University this year where he declared his support for traditional marriage to the exclusion of any other combination for that union...for which he received a well deserved standing ovation.  Our presidential candidates have in fact proven themselves to be social conservatives to those who have been paying attention.  Now it is important that they lead the same way once they get elected to higher office and the first expectation to which they must be held accountable is the will of the people expressed that they get to work immediately toward the goal of insuring a full repeal of Obamacare before that monstrosity of a bill can be fully implemented, becoming then a real threat to the lives of the citizenry.

Where Are the Leaders of the Church?

This article is on the right track. The only thing I would add is; where are the pastors of the local churches? In Washington State the definition of marriage is on the ballot, and to be honest I am worried that social conservatives may loose, and Washington State could be the first State not to defend marriage.

The founding fathers of this country lead the way to establish American exceptionalism and it worked for a time. However, we must remember that the founders had the support of pastors and church leaders and they were outspoken in their church services against the tyranny of the king and of the State.

It is sad to say today that the silence from the pulpit is deafening. (Albeit with few exceptions). Have our church leaders become cowards? Has the church become so infiltrated with wolves in sheep’s clothing that it is not the church any longer? Has the church become so bland that it has lost it’s “saltiness”? Where have all the church warriors gone?

The church and their pastors and leaders were a force that helped establish this country’s founding, and without them it would not have been established. Without the church and their pastors and leaders this country will not survive! After all it is written; “that unless the LORD build the house they labor in vain that build it.”

Consider this to be a call on our pastors and church leaders to wake up from your slumber and take a stand for the very survival of this country!