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Time for Ron Paul to Help the Republican Party

Ron PaulIn 1996, when libertarian icon Ron Paul was running for re-election to Congress as a Republican, a challenger filed against him in the General Election. This challenger wasn’t an establishment Republican or a liberal Democrat, he was a Natural Law Party candidate whose national platform included much of Ron Paul’s agenda.

In the key swing state of Virginia, former Republican Congressman Virgil Goode has qualified to be on the ballot as the Constitution Party’s candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has qualified in states across the country as the Libertarian Party candidate, despite running in the Republican primary elections and demanding to be included in the televised Republican primary debates.

In states like Montana, where there are close Senate races, Libertarian candidates are pulling votes from solid conservative candidates, like Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg, who is locked in a race with Democratic Senator Jon Tester that could determine control of the U.S. Senate.

The peculiar tendency for libertarians and constitutionalists to turn on anyone who works to change the Republican Party from within has reared its ugly head again this year in the aftermath of the Republican National Convention.

Admittedly, Ron Paul and his delegates to the Convention were treated in a ham handed way by establishment Republicans – but that is hardly cause to hand the election to Barack Obama and control of the Senate to the Democrats.

However, this is not really a new phenomenon – it has been going on since the 1950s, when William F. Buckley, Jr. began arguing that conservatives should take over the Republican Party and others, such as author Ayn Rand, argued for a separate movement.

The result has been the fairly steady advance – with occasional halts – of conservative ideas and the election of many conservative-minded candidates by the Republican Party.

On the other hand, Libertarians and constitutionalists, while they have gained some recognition and added to their numbers, haven’t actually been electing candidates.

Congressman Ron Paul admitted as much when he said no one would have paid any attention to him or his ideas if he had run as a Libertarian, and there is no doubt that Rand Paul would not be a U.S. Senator if he had run as a Libertarian, instead of as a Republican.

Inspired in some measure by Congressman Paul, Libertarian ideas continue to gain currency in the Republican Party. There is a strong current of libertarian economic policy in today’s Republican Party with Friedman, von Mises and Hayek being where Republicans look for economic first principles. The fact that the Republicans are willing to explore such libertarian ideas as returning to the gold standard speaks to the openness Republicans have to libertarian thought, particularly on economics.

However, there is good news and bad news in those wonderful ideas.

The good news is that while as yet imperfectly realized, Republicans have become the Party of less regulation, lower taxes and more personal freedom – this certainly hasn’t always been the case when one considers that less than 40 years ago the EPA was established under Republican President Richard Nixon.

The bad news is that many libertarians pride themselves on being destroyers, and when they lose a primary or otherwise don’t get their way, rather than cinching-up their belts and selling themselves and their ideas harder, they try to teach Republicans a lesson by causing them to lose.

If this is a bad way to sell your ideas in the best of times, it is downright dangerous to the future of the country in this election. Four more years of President Obama will take generations to undo – that is, if the economic damage and institutionalization of a culture of dependency can be undone at all.

Conservatives have been steadily working a plan envisioned by “the Buckley generation” for over 50 years.  We have made great progress in the Republican Party, and more importantly, in public opinion at large.

When over 70% of those responding to the Gallup Poll say the greatest threat to freedom is big government, we conservatives and libertarians should see that as a sign American opinion is moving in our direction.

A vote for Virgil Goode or Gary Johnson is the same as a vote for Barack Obama. The future of this country is more important than the personal slights and short term wins or losses that any candidate and his adherents might suffer.

It is time for Congressman Ron Paul and his partisans to join the movement to beat Obama, and however grudgingly, give their support to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Republican candidates for Senate and Congress. There will be plenty of opportunities to advance their agenda when Obama is gone, but very few if he stays.

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A Message to all who are TOO above for Romney - Grow up

Why don't you get on your knees you self righteous morons and pray fervently for G-d to raise up a leader in a party that can win.  Bite the bullet for now and vote for Mittens.  Grow up.  Do what's right for OTHERS for G-d sake!

So many Ron Paul lovers, so little common sense


I don't see trying to convince Ron Paul voters to vote GOP as worth the time.  a.) if Romney can't overcome the 1 or 2% that the Libertarian party is going to take from him, then he's in worse shape than we think and b.) those Ron Paul supporters who won't vote to fight for liberty aren't worth talking to in the first place.

I was a Santorum supporter and Romney didn't treat Paul any worse than Santorum. In fact, Paul himself is usuallly a little weasel that undermines other candidates every chance he gets so who are these Paul supporters kidding? Romney, who was not my first choice, has a lot more integrity than Paul does BY FAR.  

Paul supporters think they're all high and mighty but that's while sweeping their candidates many naive policies, total hypocricy, and party jumping proclivities under the rug.  Ron Paul is about Ron Paul. Heck, he may love himself as much as Bill Clinton loves himself.

While most conservatives like many of Paul's economic prescriptions he is a mixed bag on social policy. And of course, we all know his cock-eyed views on foreign policy. So I'm unconvinced that he is a net benefit to Romney.  Seems like Paul voters would just as easily want to torpedo his candidacy and get Obama elected rather than be team players.


Awww Richard you're grabbing at straw now. I told you you're betting on the wrong horse (Romney). As I've said to you before Romney lacks leadership qualities the man has no core he's just a rich guy whose only quest is to secure his name in history along other Presidents at whatever cost he'll say anything, like Sunday said; he now wants to keep parts of Obamacare. Mondays he retracks he is unbelievable. 

Now is the time for you to bail out Richard the USS Romney ship is sinking save yourself.

Romney did it to himself

There is NO way I will vote for Mitt Romney...they made their bed. They have been warned since 2008 to continue with the Bush/Rove Fear movement is suicide. Welcome to the death of the GOP. One thing I have learned is to vote conscience and that may be Virgil Goode, Thomas Hoefling or Merlin Miller. but never never Mitt Romney. If the GOP want to win they need to know it is the people who decide.

As so many have posted here...

yes...the establishment Republicans despise the principled libertarian voter. True, for sure. But worse, the dems LOVE the principled libertarian voter.

Which proves

that the dems and the repubs have NO Principles.

So not enen close

Forget it. If you want Paul in the family now, you should have treated him as family before now.

You are wrong , and for such a sad reason - No Integrity

Dr. Paul has a 30+ year track record of INTEGRITY, of making his votes in accordance with the PRINCIPLES of Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Enforcing the Constitutional Limits on Federal government and fiscal responsibility.  Romney's track record is the same go-along to get-along bait ans switch that the demoncrats have used for 100 years to Progressively ruin the country and infect the minds of the people with the plague of socialism.  He refused to stand up to the IOC in 2002 an uphold the Utah law on concealed carry, Why do you expect him to stand up on the international stage now?

The RNC is filled with scum and are not "fixable"

Ron Paul

The question is not what Paul should do, but what Romney should do to seek out Paul supporters.  Rand got it right on Hannity last night when the problem of Goode and the Constituion Party's potential for draining off Romney votes in Virginia.  Rand said Romney should say he intends to follow the Constitution and he will get most of those votes.  Romney should take positions to entice Paul voters.  Some of Paul's voters were Republicans like me.  I will vote for him, but not endorse him or give him money as long as he thinks he doesn't need me.


I can see thorough this "article".  Working hard to lay the foundation to BLAME Ron Paul supporters for Romney's LOSS.  Well, I can tell you that the FACTS about the GOP Establishment's treatment of Liberty Minded voters (lying, cheating, breaking rules and bones, and other un-Christian acts), will live on in infamy in YouTube - proving our innocence.

When Romney looses to Obama, the GOP Establishment - and sheep who believed them (you know who you are) will have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES.  And that is a fact!

Mr Viguerie gets it right

Just as Mr Viguerie stated, "A vote for Virgil Goode or Gary Johnson is the same as a vote for Barack Obama." Say what you want, rant all you want about your ideals and hurt feelings. Mr Viguerie is exactly right, and this time it's only a question of numbers. As one reader said, that's exactly how Clinton won, and we are facing the same now. The vote for Obama was, in many ways, a vote against Bush. The country cannot afford another term with Obama - it may be impossible to undo what gets done with 4 more years.

So stop your whining, put on your grownup pants, and vote for someone who can at least offer incremental changes toward your ideals. Don't be a destroyer as has been described here. Americans cannot afford it!

Mr Viguerie uses shallow basis of reasoning

The basis of reasoning of the US citizenry is certainly shallow and probably flawed, hence we have capitulated on the truth and the US Constitution, the result being great schmoozers but incompetent managers of our country, as evidenced by our financial condition.

The US Constitution is the culmination of 1000's of years of wisdom on how a people have chosen to manage their government so as to maximize individual rights and liberties without transgressing the rights and liberties of other individuals. The federal government's prime directive is to preserve the rights of the individual. This is how society is held accountable to the individual.

The individual is held accountable to society by choosing how to serve society, the pursuit of happiness. This we call free markets or capitalism. The competent and courageous individual supplies the needed/wanted goods and services of society for which society rewards the individual for their efforts.

This is our self-managing matrix of justice if the citizenry is mindful of their actions being based in this reasoning. It is as solid as arithmetic is for the primer of accounting. There are consequences for breaking the discipline of arithmetic. If the accountant attempts to make 2+2=5 or 7 because the answer satisfyies the perverted needs of another agenda (remember ENRON) he will fail in acheiving the primary desired results. With all due respect Mr. Viguerie, it is with this perverted logic that you seek for us to put aside our differences and unite under a less flawed agenda than the more flawed reasoning of Obama. For which I can only answer, in the truthful words of the accountant, 2+2=4, there is no compromise on that because your answer of 7 is as flawed as 9 or 1. 

 Mr. Viguerie, if you want unity, then the basis of the GOP's reasoning must be steeped in a logic that is as  indisputable as that is in the US Constitution as there is only one interpretation as there is only one interpretation of 2+2 . I will defend my faith in this logic at any cost and no matter how many of you tell me 2+2= another number other  than 4. No regrets, as we must unite in the truth, with all its consequences, and have faith that our discipline we bring forth our desired results; a harmonious and prosperous society brought forth by the preservation of the rights and liberties of the individual. There should be no compromise on that as 1000's of years of human suffering will attest to.

Ron Paul and the Republican Party

I suppose he should say HOLD YOUR NOSE AND PULL THE LEVER FOR ROMNEY.  That iswhat  I will be doing, voting against obama not for romney.  The republican party is not coming around, the tea party has been able to get a few conservatives nominated and elected but the old political machine is still in control and I only pray to God we can grow without violence.  I am afraid it did not work against King George but I pray it will now.

Vote "Against Obama" by voting "For Romney."

Hey, if that's what you have to do, then that's what you have to do.  It is what it is.  

Here's the problem with that, though.  

The GOP doesn't see WHY you marked your ballot for Romney; no place is designated for your reasons on the ballot, after all.  The ONLY THING THEY SEE IS THAT YOU voted for Romney.  

 The blame for Obama's reelection falls squarely upon the establishment and Romney, and NOBODY else.  

The GOP is like a business.  The voters are potential customers.  The candidates were the products they could stock the shelves with.  

The potential voters (customers) made it clear in many different ways that they WANTED to do business with the GOP, all they had to do was stock their shelves (nominate) with a product (candidate) they were willing to buy (vote for).  This product was easily and readily available to the GOP, so the potential customers weren't asking them to do anything crazy, weird, or difficult.  Just stock the shelf with a product that the business used to carry.  And not only would these potential customers start doing business with the GOP, they were all set to go to help this business sell this product through word-of-mouth and other free advertising campaigns.  

The GOP instead told their potential customers that not only would they stock their shelf with what they wanted on it, they didn't give a damn what any potential customer wanted instead.  Oh, sure, they'd have their surveys (primaries and caucuses) to let people feel they had some say in the deal, but the GOP was gonna do what the GOP was gonna do, and that's all there was to it.  Don't like it?  Leave.  Gain support to sell your point of view?  Well, we'll just change how we do things to make it harder for you to leave your opinion with us.  That was their attitude.  

So, now the business has it's shelves stocked with something nobody wanted, but many will just buy because "they have to buy something, and the other store has crappy products."  And because of this, the business has a marketing campaign (political ads and speeches) that is based entirely on "Plan B stinks worse." or "If you support Plan C, you really support Plan B."  That would be like Pepsi running millions of dollars in commercials sayin "Drink Pepsi, because Coca-Cola stinks."  Don't give anyone a reason to buy Pepsi, only just says "Coke stinks."  That marketing guy would get fired after the first ad run.  

Some of us just aren't buying anymore.  We who aren't buying will look to take our business elsewhere, or just perhaps even nowhere.  Because NOBODY can force us or guilt us into a purchase we aren't comfortable making.  

The GOP had a chance to EARN our business.  They had the product available, and all they had to do was listen.  Most of the customer base didn't care WHAT was on the shelf, they only demanded something be on the shelf.  We NEEDED a specific item, for specific reasons.  The GOP went out of it's way to not only NOT stock the shelves for us, but to activily engage in hostile actions towards us simply for asking, and filling out their surveys.  

The GOP FAILED to earn our business, so now, they'll fail to win the White House.   

Ron Paul or none at all!

Ron Paul or none at all!

You old Gops did not want my vote to be counted in the Primary.
So you do not deserve it in the General.

Ron Paul helping the GOP

There is an old saying:  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

The GOP has thrown the libertarian faction under the bus one too many times for this voter to EVER support the Republican Party again.  I may support individual candidates who happen to wear the Republican banner.  But there is no way I will buy into this time-to-kiss-and-make-up hogwash again.

A vote for Virgil Goode or Gary Johnson is the same as a vote fo

A vote for Virgil Goode or Gary Johnson is the same as a vote for Barack Obama. 

I cannot believe Richard A. Viguerie used these words.

This is the very false choice the establishment uses to keep true patriots in line every election.  It is also what they count upon as they move the country at breath taking speeds toward finanical ruin and as they confiscate our freedoms and liberties.

Every person has not only the right but duty to vote their conscience.  If we don't have that we nothing.

If the GOPe had an intention of governing in even a slightly conservative fashion, they would not have conducted the primaries as they did, conducted the Convention as they did, or conducted the campaign as they have.  

The GOPe didn't even have the "common sense" to hide their distate for patriots until after the election.  Their hatred reeks from every action they take and every word they speak.  

If progressives such as romney take control of the GOP, than progressives will dominate both parties, and patriots will have no platform from which to mount an conservative challenge....ever!

It's time for the 60% of the country that are either conservative or moderates to stand united against both parties.  Our only honest choice, our only real choice, our only faithful choice is to vote for someone other than romney and obama.

Not gonna happen dude

So based on these facts (and the lives your vote will effect, some for eternity) yes, vote your conscience.

Vote for Romney??

You know, you say that not voting for Romney will cause Obama to win. I say, you voting for Romney will cause Obama to win. Maybe you should vote for Ron Paul with the rest of us. Voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for evil.. I'm not doing it anymore.. If Obama gets reelected, it will be the conservative lemmings fault..

Organization to rescue America

There is a good chance that so many Americans are so happy receiving government handouts that Obama will be re-elected.   Thee are predictions that Obama will then move to make his position as 'leder' peermanent, desroying constitutional government.
   An organization should be started now to gather ideas and ways to restore our society.  Please send  me the email address of such a group.

George Richter, CMfgE
[email protected]


Paulites for Romney

Ron Paul has never endorsed a candidate, Republican, Democrat, or Libertarain, who does not share his fundamental views about restraining the government within the Constitution and having a non-interventionist foreign policy. Why should he start now? As for those of us who follow Dr. Paul, who worked for him and went to Tampa for him, why should we support Romney? To get him elected and have him and his non-Ron Paul ideas and agenda control the Republican Party for another four to eight years? Fat chance.

True conservatives elected Ronald Reagan in 1980, knowing that if we won we would have whole departments of the U.S. government abolished and lower federal spending. What did we get? At best, a slower rate of increase in Federal spending and that only on the domestic side. Did we slow the growth in Social Security spending? No, we increased it by DOUBLING taxes. Reagan policies did yield the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the peace dividend and Democrat overreach brought us the Republican Congress in 1994. Now we were in charge of the budget and actual spending will decrease. Did it? No, instead we got Bob Dole and George W. Bush and the drive to reduce the Federal government was derailed again.

Civil liberties? From Bush-Romney Republicans? You've got to be kidding. We got the War on Terror, the Patriot Act, NDAA, all with Republicans and Democrats conspiring together to shrink, not the Welfare-Warfare state, but Americans' few remaining liberties. Do you really think that electing Romney, who promises not more liberties but more military spending, who promises, at best, another round of tax cuts without any Federal programs to be eliminated, who promises to "protect" Medicare, which is no better than Obamacare, instead of getting Uncle Sam out of the health care business entirely, who promises, not a non-interventionist policy, but more belligerence, more dragons to be slain in countries like Syria and Iran, in the very thick of the world's region which has been a tar baby for the United States since Presidents Reagan and Clinton wisely, if briefly, disenagaged us from the precipice of war in Lebanon and Somalia, will be appreciably better than Obama in a second and last term? Do you think Republicans in Congress will have any more backbone to stand up to the White House, or will they revert to being "team players" as they did under George W. Bush, to the disservice of our country and the discredit of the Republican Party?

There is one time in recent history when our government began to move in the direction of fiscal sanity, and it wasn't by electing a Republican President. It occurred in the 1990's, when Ross Perot twice polled a large minority of votes for his drive to balance the Federal budget. He didn't win. He didn't even get any electoral votes. But we got that balanced budget. Republicans and Democrats who had ignored their own party base for years finally got the message.

So, who's going to get more action from a President Obama or Romney and a Republican or Democrat Congress to bring our troops home and balance the budget by actually cutting Federal spending? Ron Paul Republicans and Independents and other lovers of liberty rallying to vote for the Romney-Ryan (aka GWBush III) ticket, or Gary Johnson and Vernon Goode tallying the kinds of votes Ross Perort got in the 1990s? Which version of the Republican Party is going to appoint a Ron Paul as its party chair and reorient itself to the liberty agenda - one in which Mitt Romney takes the White House by the skin of his teeth, or one in which the party apparatus realizes that old kite won't fly, that old dog won't hunt no more and it is time to bow to the legion of voters, with more coming of age every year, to adopt the Ron Paul agenda and give this party new life?

Ron Paul and his supporters should do two things this Fall - they should work to elect Liberty Republicans to seats in the U.S. Senate and House who will put the brakes on the big spending, welfare-warfare state, plans of whoever sits in the White House for the next term, and they should vote for a candidate for President who reflects those same values.

I was hoping this was a joke, but then I read it.

Ron Paul has always been true to his principles of smaller government and liberty.  The Republican Party has done nothing but spit in this honest man's face.  For him to back the Big Government Republican Party at this point would be a total sell out to his principles.  He has never sold out before, and I hope he doesn't now.

I have a very difficult time finding any real differences between Romney and Obama.  You were one of my heroes as I worked on the Reagan campaign in 1976 against Gerald Ford.  I can't believe that you of all people have caved in to the party rhetoric.  What have we become?  Call me disappointed.

I am so glad there is still other choices beside Obamney

Four years ago, I changed from the Constitution Party to the Republican party expressly so I could vote for Ron Paul in the primary. When McCain became the party nominee, I changed back to the Constitution Party and voted for their candidate.

I seriously considered remaining in the Republian party this time to help support their candidate and defeat Obama, but I realize that this is just stupid and would totally violate my  principles. Romney is obviously just a "lighter" version of Obama. As others have noted here, he will drive us over the cliff exactly the same, maybe just not quite as fast. And his treatment of Paul supporters at the convention (his team - his responsibility) was just atrocious. 

So, once again, I have switched back to the Constitution Party and will proudly vote for Virgil Goode, a true conservative.

With all due respect, Richard you are a fool for recommending we support Romney and your motives are highly suspect.

USN, retired. 

The time has come patriots. The REVOLUTION is getting real now.

by Thomas McGee:
The time has come patriots. The REVOLUTION is getting real now.

This is a call to action. The following public motion was created to bring as much attention to our cause and our passion. Please send it to every governor, election committee, tv and radio station, news agency. Make it viral, please, better then that, make it global.

"Due to the shameful abuse of power and control by the GOP during our Republican National Convention, We The People of the Liberty Movement, all registered Republicans, do hereby seek proper redress for the violations of our Constitutional Voting Rights.

While following all laws, rules and procedures, as stipulated in RNC rules, state and federal laws and statues, we sought to seek the Republican nomination of our candidate, Congressman Ronald Ernest Paul, for Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.

We were met with opposition, trickery, violence and improper rule changes at almost all state levels, culminating in a gross abuse of power to disregard legally and properly elected state delegates at the RNC and last minute rule changes improperly voted upon against clear opposition.

Because of these atrocities and due to the seriousness of this election and the fact that time is critically short to properly correct each of these issues separately, We The People of the Liberty Movement of the Republican Party of America, humbly ask for, and seek immediate resolution to the following:

1. Allow Ronald Ernest Paul to be a write in candidate for President of the United States of America on this state's general ballot, without restriction.

2. Allow a true and accurate ballot counting at each polling place in your state, without restriction.

3. Allow this emergency measure to be implemented in a timely manner as to ensure that all ballots in this state are true and correct, showing this change, without restriction.

We The People of the Liberty Movement of the Republican Party of the United States of America, seek only what is our constitutional right to vote our conscience and be allowed to have freedom of choice without fear of coercion, threats, or violence. We pray you will seek to implement this motion in a timely and prudent manner."

Thank you Richard

I can understand both sides to this argument.  I voted for the Constitution party instead of McCain and instead of Bob Dole.  But, this time is so different.  I already knew somewhat about Obama in 2008.  He was a phony and I knew it.  But, now that I have really gotten to know much more about him, he needs to be voted out - period.  I am not going to say that he wasn't born in the U.S. - I just don't know.  But I can say with all assuredness that he is not an American at all.  We all know by now that he just doesn't understand the American way at all.  He is rabidly pro abortion, an anti-colonialist, communist dictator, etc........  In just four years he has literally made Congress just about ineffectual.  I do blame Congress of course too.  They could have easily pushed back and reclaimed their share of power.  

But, I can tell you that another four years of Obama will totally destroy utterly our "rule of law", our Constitution.  Libertarians, true conservatives and the like will have absolutely no redress in this country.  We will have no voice period.  All congressmen will just be figureheads to legitimize the dictator in the executive office.  If you think that can't happen in four years, look what Obama has done already.  We are the laughingstock of the world.  Our tax money is going to foreign countries to pay for their oil drilling - but it would be environmentally catastrophic to do that here, right?  $5 trillion and counting in less than four years;  Iran is going to use their nuclear weapons on us and Isreal.  Obama caters to the Muslims ad nauseum because he wants to cripple us.  He wants to make our country on the same par as third world countries.  He is doing all of this on purpose.  He doesn't care about destroying this country.  He can't stand it.  We are the big bad guys to everyone no matter what.  Well, I do believe in U.S. sovereignty. I believe that we the people can make a difference - but with Obama in, we will be totally neutralized.  

Romney was my last choice. I voted for Ron Paul.  I am disappointed.  But I can't in good conscience say that Romney is the same as Obama.  At least Romney is American.  At least he understands the workings of our country and the attainment of the American dream.  Patriotism (not blind mind you) is a virtue.  If you really think that four more years of Obama is worth sticking it to the Republicans than that is your right as an American citizen.  But good luck with the next presidential election.  I really don't believe our beloved United States of America will be around in four years.  So, that is why I am voting for Romney - And I will work really hard to get principled conservative AMERICANS in office.  I will continue to be a delegate for the great state of Virginia (yes, even though we all got a raw deal at the convention) while I still have that right left to me.  At least under Romney I will be able to help to effect these changes.  That's the difference between Romney and Obama.  

Now attack me if you must.  God bless you all.


What a crock and you're full of it. Produce your assuredness. Here we have a duly elected President by the American people ( no dictator here ), a Harvard educated professor who did produce his birth certificate yet I don't really believe it makes any difference to you since you so full of hate.

He understands America quite well thank you very much, the rest of your arguments are the attack points of the wing-nuts which you are merely repeating. As for being rabidly pro-abortion lets get something straight here, I see you as an old white southern man who has no business dictating what women should do with unwanted pregnancies, if you are against abortion the answer for you is simple "DON'T HAVE ONE". Anti-colonialism, please you sound like Newt, the overly educated idiot.

The rest of your comments are just too stupid and way out there and don't deserve re-addressing. I did partially for the purpose of high lighting what a half cocked wing nut armed with half truths and erroneous information sounds like.

I thank Richard for this website, it attacks and exposes the extreme radical elements of American politics for all to see (wing-nuts).

Romney lacks leadership qualities to be our President just this morning he preempted his derogatory remarks concerning the attack on our Libyan Ambassy in which the ambassador and other Americans were killed under cutting the administration before they had a chance to assess the situation, it illustrates my point.

I believe you're short changing yourself by settling for an inferior candidate such as Romney.

Obama's got my vote, he may be no god sent, but "ASSUREDLY" he is of superior intelligence and possesses the leadership qualities Romney lacksnand he will get re-elected.  

The question is:

How in the world do you know that Romney is NOT the same as Obama.  The guy cannot be trused to hold to a position.  In fact, just this week he has publically stated more on his GOVT. HEALTHCARE program he wants to implement.  Real Conservatives don't hate Obamacare, we hate Govt. meddling in Healthcare - and THAT is exactly what Romney will do.  Good luck with that.

Well stated!!!!

I whole-heartedly agree!  I also think, as I read through all these post, that many people (including many of my friends and relatives) are not realizing the dangers this country is facing!  If they think that another four years of Obama can't hurt us, I am afraid that they are in for a big wake-up call!  I--the same as you--do not believe that the United States, that our fore-fathers worked hard and fought to protect, will be around in 2016!   That is why I strongly implore every American to see the Documentary 2016.  You need to see what this country could very well look like by then!  This was the wake-up call for me. It made sense, it was factual and easily backed up. The choices, as I see, is that we can split votes so that we get another 4  years of Obama or Unite and protect the America we all know and love! I am finding that so many of Ron Paul's supporters are angry and extremly bitter. Yes, we were dealt a hard blow, however, we have to put that behind and think about what will be best for this Country.  United we will stand, but--divided we fall!  Thank you for your post!  If there was a "like" button, I would have clicked!

I agree with Richard. Time to Re-unite!

Mitt Romney was absolutely the last choice on my list of Presidential Candidates. What the RNC did at the convention was dispicable and a slap in our faces.  However, this country is at a crossroads.  It is no longer about republicans vs. democrats, or conservatives vs liberals.  We are at the point of Freedom vs. Tyranny. You may hate the idea of choosing the lesser of two evils--but you will hate it more when Obama turns this country into a communistic one and you lose all of your freedoms. Obama has already shown his loyalty to his muslim faith when he bows to a muslim King, when he refuses to put his hand over his heart as the National Anthem is being sung, when he refuses to wear a flag pin on his lapel as every other President and Presidential candidate has done in the past and present, when he apologizes on behalf of our country and etc.  We all heard him talk about his muslim faith when he slipped up in an interview. We all know that the muslims hate Americans; more specifically Christians; and want to wipe us off the face of the earth! We have all heard his slip up when he told Putnam that he could do more once he gets re-elected, but right now his hands are tied..." Just what does that mean???  We are already on the road to a socialistic government with all of these social programs. The idea is to make people poor so that they have to rely on the government. That my friend, is the beginning of communism. With unemployment at its very highest, with this idea of sharing the wealth (causing those who are working hard to feel "why bother--the gov't will just take it from me" to give up) just where do you think this is going to take us? Obama is also after our guns in the name of "keeping them out of the hands of killers" when in reality, he doesn't want us to be able to defend ourselves against the gov't, while they themselves are loading up on weapons? What is that all about? Venezuela just confiscated a US ship for trafficking weapons! If the government is loading up on supplies, who do you think they are planning to use it on??? Obama has shown that he has no respect for our constitution and has been abusing his right to "Executive order". What are you going to think if he decides to use his "executive order" to prevent all of us from even voting? He is a "backdoor" president who is in cahoots with the UN and is working toward weakening our military, taking away our rights and moving us toward a one-world government. Obama has shown his contempt for Israel when he refuses to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital (which God had promised to them) when he has tried to give it away to her enemies. God has placed a curse on any nation that turns their back on His chosen people. The US is Israel's only friend.

We need to do everything we can to protect our freedoms by uniting instead of allowing ourselves to become divided.  We cannot afford to be divided! So, maybe we  need to look at this election as Freedom vs. Tyranny. If you haven't seen the documentary 2016 I would suggest you take a look as it shows what this country will look like in the year 2016 if Obama gets re-elected. For me, it was very enlightening.  We as conservatives and grassroots advocates have come a long way.  Our voices can still be heard.  We need to focus on the men and women we vote into the senate and into the House of Representatives who will protect those things that we value.  But for the Presidentail candidate we have to unite if we don't want another 4 years of Obama.  All you will do is divide the votes allowing for an Obama victory.  Please consider what is really at stake here--our freedoms!

You're late to the party...

Mr. Barnett, 

Voting for the lesser of two evils has brought us to this point.  Romney is just Obama light.  He's the Diet Coke of Evil.  Almost as evil as Obama.  ONe thing is for certain - they both represent TYRANNY.

I am happily voting for Ron Paul (or possibly Gary Johnson if Paul isn't on the Utah ballot). 

I honestly want Romney to lose because it guarantees us Liberty minded folks a shot in 2016 at taking over the white house.  Right now in the mid term elections we'll continue to fight for liberty minded candidates in Congress and the Senate.

IF Romney wins then we very likely will face 8 years of a Romney Tyranny instead of just 4 years of Obama Tyrannny.  Romney is just slightly less bad than Obama but given 8 years he will do more damage than Obama in the next 4 (Obama has already done massive damage in just his first 4 years). 

So we liberty minded candidates would likely have to wait until 2020 to make our push again.  I don't want to wait that long.  I want the Republican party to be reformed and turned around by 2016 so we have a serious shot at winning with a Gary Johnson or Rand Paul or Andrew Napalitano (I hope he runs).

I want Romney to lose so America has a chance in 2016.  We know America is doomed for the next four years with an awful president (Romney and Obama are equally bad) - so why risk dooming us for 8 years under Romney.

Come vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson this election cycle.
Show the old Neocon RNC leaders that we now tip the balance in the party.
Show them we are the future.  

When pigs fly.

That is when I will vote for romney. Not only will I not vote for romney im telling as many Paul supporters as i can find in swing states that they should vote for Obama. Its a simple math problem now. 4 is less then 8. We can do this again in 2016 and the GOP had better think about how much you need the Liberty movement. See what you people do not realize is that Paul supporters are not REPUBLICAN's we are independents and most of us voted for Obama. See after 8 years of Bush we had enough of the GOP. Now after 4 years of Obama we realized he sucks also and we now know VOTING FOR EVIL ONLY GIVES YOU MORE EVIL. So you people that hate Obama had better think about how yall treat Rand Paul in 2016 If you want a conservative in office you had better not cheat Rand and you had better not black him out in the MSM. CHEATERS NEVER WIN..... you had better think about hard for the next 4 years.

Valuable lessons to take from this election season.

Richard, there is numerous valuable lessons you, your readers, we "old right" conservatives, libertarians, grassroots, tea partiers, and life long traditional conservatives, and even neo-conservatives can take out of Romney's loss in November. 

1.  The "old right," libertarians, and traditional conservatives that make up the grassroots and tea party movements largely agree on most issues.  As a unified front, we DO have the numbers to put the neo-conservatives in check in most locations.  In the southeast, the mountain west, the northwest, and even the midwest and New England, we are a future force to be reckoned with.  It's time we from all of these sides start looking at ways we actually can work together.  Maybe short-term, libertarians have to bend on some issues, but in return, so would the social conservatives who also got shafted in all of this.  Now, where these compromises should come from going forward, I can't say.  Nobody knows this today.  But, we agree on enough to hash this out.  The rewards are great for all if/when we do.  Reclaiming OUR party from the neo-conservatives, and returning it to it's successful roots. 

2.  The Republican Party, and by extension, it's base MUST accept the reality that unless they find ways to grow the party, they're on the fast track to becoming extinct.  White guys over 50 may be the most reliable of all voting bases on election day, but they are also the closest to dying.  If the GOP wants to keep the neo-conservative philosophy, it's totally up to them.  But, unless they grow their message in a way that shows a different path from Democrats, without alienating potential future members and new members, they're going to eventually become the third party.  You MUST have a message that appeals in order to grow.  No, that does NOT mean we have to sacrifice our principles on issues like abortion, for example.  But, look at what Ron Paul did.  He managed to attract a lot of pro-choice people who we're also fiscally moderate to fiscally conservative, because he had a message that resonated.  How else do you explain a Republican who was THE most fiscally conservative candidate the party had since Harding/Coolidge - if not ever - drawing thousands of people into standing-room-only sized crowds on college campuses in Madison, WI and California?  These new and future Republicans were READY for a new message, including one of fiscal conservatism, state's rights, and the 2nd Amendment, despite differences on issues like abortion, for a reason.  Discover that reason, and discover long-term success going forward. 

3.  If a major party again wants to shove an "annointed one" down people's throats, and the ONLY real message they have is "Vote for me, because he stinks." They WILL NEVER win major offices, unless it's an EXTREMELY unique scenario.  The Democrats tried this with John Kerry in 2004.  It FAILED!!  The Democrats here in Wisconsin tried this against Governor Walker in the recall (even pushing through the same clown that lost by 6% to Walker the first time).  It FAILED!!!  If it fails for Democrats, the last thing we should be doing is the same game plan!  That's asking for a loss, and deserving it, too. 

4.  Even the most loyal "team player" in all of this, following the shenanigans that brought about the rule changes that shut out the grassroots will start reevaluating their support of the party.  When Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin are in agreement with the "Paul-bots" about how wrong this was, that REALLY should be screaming to ALL OF US REPUBLICANS we are being screwed, and slapped in the face.  At some point, EVERYONE reaches their breakpoint. 

Fact is, today, we are the #2 political party.  Team Donkey enjoys a rather large registration gap advantage, despite Ron Paul bringing in all these new Republicans this season.  So, because we are upside-down, we MUST remove the criminals that control the establishment, and the neo-conservative stranglehold of our party.  It has ZERO appeal outside the party, and most Republicans today are sick of it, too.  We need to give people a reason to vote FOR Republicans, and not just constantly vote AGAINST Democrats.  People get tired of that after too much of it. 


NO WAY Rich!

The RNC has left a stain upon this country. A stain on the Constituion by the way Dr. Paul was treated. We all know the game now. More and more are awakening to the corruption. As I sit here and write this comment the wheels are already in motion for criminal proceedings. This will not go away and this will Never be forgotten. The RNC will be disenfected of all the scum and rebuilt by and FOR the Constituion and this Great country. We The People will make dam sure this does not happen again!


Action Item Needed:

We are moving forward and preparing the Lawsuit against the 50 States for all states to be a write-in. We need at least 5 plaintiffs from each state.

1. You must be committed to seeing this through, no one will be allowed to be off the case once you become a Plaintiff, no wimps allowed! Need Registered Voters

2. You will need to make sure that if there are any action items needed that you will be available to do so quickly

3. You will not need to appear in any court.

Richard's cases will not harm anyone, his goal is always to do no harm. We expect the same from any plaintiff. Your commitment to the cause is to not to waffle on your decisions by asking to be removed because the pressure gets to you or come out and endorse a different course of action. You will not be removed, if you insist or break the contract, you will be responsible for Richards Legal fees.

Come November 6th and we are not successful you are free to vote your conscience!

We expect that you will do all that you can to promote the Write-in Paul Cause and be ready for any and all action items that may come up.

I need to know at least who will be at least willing to do this? I will need your full contact information. You can email me at [email protected]  or PM


Ron Paul and Establishment Republicans

I can't add much to what most have posted in this string.  After voting for republicans about 85% of the time over the last 20 years, I will be voting for Gary Johnson this time, unless Ron Paul figures out some way to get ballot access (probably too late for this).

The Establishment Republicans show no will or desire to implement small government, libertarian principles.  Occasionally they give lip service to economic small gov't principles, but these generally go nowhere.  Their personal liberty record is abysmal. Their lust for military adventurism is unparralled.  So it is Gary Johnson for me!

Ron Paul


Nice of you to notice Mr. Paul.

Throughout his campaign you never really went to bat for the only true conservative running -- now you ask for his support for two that are far detached from the conservative ideals. Just compare voting records that tells the whole story.

And surely THIS time Lucy won't yank the football away, right?

Admittedly, Ron Paul and his delegates to the Convention were treated in a ham handed way by establishment Republicans – but that is hardly cause to hand the election to Barack Obama and control of the Senate to the Democrats.

The shabby treatment of Ron Paul and his supporters at the hands of the party statist quo establishment went on throughout the primary season. And I for one am not ready to let bygones be bygones.

Here's the thing, Viguerie: today's sorry state of affairs is the DIRECT RESULT of DECADES of your "lesser-of-two-evils"/"most-important-election-ever"/"We'll stick by our principles and hold out for a real limited-government conservative... next time" mindset.

No one who has ever trained a DOG much less raised a child can argue with a straight face that rewarding BAD behavior is the way to get GOOD behavior.  

As long as the GOP leaders know they can foist a candidate like Romney, or McCain on us, and conservatives will suck it up, hold their noses and vote for him so long as the Democrat offering is a bit more egregious, candidates of both parties will continue moving toward bigger and more intrusive government, wholesale abandonment of the Bill of Rights, etc. If two buses are barreling headlong toward a cliff, what do I care if one of them is doing 90MPH, and the bus with the "conservative" driver is "only" doing 75?

A critical mass of conservatives, Second Amendment stalwarts, Constitutionalists and libertarians (and not all of them Paul supporters, by a long shot) simply will NOT hold their noses and vote for Mitt Romney. In spite of the cajoling, in spite of having future Supreme Court nominees held over our heads, in spite of accusations that those who refuse to chip in to procure the latest RINO bankster whore du jour will bear responsibility for whatever politically transmitted disease follows.

Argue with that if you like, but it’s reality -a reality that the GOP leadership has been forced to face on far too few occasions. Had people like you made it clear early on that unacceptable candidates would be treated as such, the party bigwigs would no longer dare offer them.

The way I see it, it's time to write off this election, and try to send the message to the GOP honchos that they can either start listening to their true conservative, limited-government wing, or go the way of the Whigs.

They seem rather resistant to that message.

But in fairness, we haven't exactly been sending it with one loud, clear voice, have we, Mr Viguerie?

The irony of it...

Richard, you have made your name and your fame by throwing rocks at virtually every politician in Washington as "not being conservative enough". I don't think Moses could have gotten your endorsement, and Jesus would have horrified you. Now, you want the real conservatives to vote the fake, plastic conservative team of Romney and Ryan!! Really!! They are "worse than Obama"? On what planet?? Honestly, Richard, I am baffled by your failure to run for high office, because I have come to believe that you will never be satisfied with any candidate except your reflection in the mirror. What you really want is a patchwork of odd and inconsistent policies idiosyncratic to the great Richard Viguerie. So, run, Richard. Put yourself up on the stages, make the stump speeches, do the Sunday talk shows, and take a heaping helping of the punishment our politicians live with every day. Show us how it ought to be done, Richard. We are waiting.

Ron Paul

Sorry Richard but after the way the RNC and to a lessor degree the Romney forces treated the Ron Paul delegates and supporters I will not vote for Mitt Romney or regular GOP candidates. I had planned to write a Romney endorsement editorial as a former Ron Paul supporter until the RNC actions at the GOP convention. I would rather have 4 more years of Obama than 8 years of GOP mainstream Romney as at least with Obama, Rand Paul will have a chance to run for the nomination in 4 years. I say this with a heavy heart not because I oppose Romney but because I'm so disgusted with the RNC.  Should Romney lose the election and he probably will with millions of Ron Paul voters very angry with the RNC, the GOP establishment has reaped with it sowed with its disgraceful actions at the convention. 

You're kidding me????? Governor Gary Johnson is by far the

best LP candidate for Potus EVER. and puts Romney to SHAME!!!!!! 

If you and other conservatives,  anti-war liberals, and independents would get behind Gary Johnson so he wins, the conservative/conservative movement will replace both the establishment GOP and much of the establishment DP.  we ill then have a true compisetetion of liberty and civil rights ideas and a strong possibility to restore our Constitutional Republic.

It is no longer DP vs GOP. It  is big govt, keynesian economics  and war mongers vs small govt, Austrian economics  and peacemakers.

Doug Schell DBA

Not gonna happen

I am not voting for Romney.  Romney is just a vote to tap the brakes while headed for the cliff.  No thanks.  My vote is worth more than that.  If your vote is only worth a Romney, then so be it.  You can hug your warm 2 party system all you want - I am voting for values.

You actually think Republicans are not for big gov't?  Seen the military budget lately?

Romney and Obama are the same

Let me get this straight. The Republicans that are part of the establishment we are fighting. They cheated Ron Paul out of the election. All across the country.

I was a republican for 40 yrs. The tactics that were used on the only canidate that had a chance against Obama, was the guy you people ignored and cheated out. Now you want us to come back and vote for the puppet that has almost the same voting record. Anyone that willing supports the N.D.A.A, WILL NOT GET ANY PAUL VOTES. We are Americans that don't like the idea our president can have us arrested, detained and assasinated, without representation. Plus several other laws they have made to quell the people from revolting. My whole life I thought protesting was our right. The police are beating people and arresting them for just that. Also when a group of lawyers took this to court they got a ruling against the N.D.A.A. It was unconstitutional and not to be used. The Gov. This was several mo. ago. When the Gov. lawyers came to court a few days ago, they told the Judge they didn't know if anyone has been held since the court order. They also said they understood the lawsuit was for only the people named on the court papers and not the rest of the country. The Gov. has blantanatly ignored this court order. After 50 yrs in this country, our Gov. is so currupt, they make the mafia look like angels. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind using the Mafia to protect me from this Gov.

Romney and Obama are the same

The GOP and Dem are the same. I will vote for any Libertarian on any ticket. After Boner got elected he changed. I'm fed up.

I agree !

I agree 100% that the Republican establishment is what we are trying to defeat. The Neocon Republicans are in some ways, to the left of the Democrats. Irving Kristol, father of the Neoconservative Movement, said that the goal was to convert Christians to Marxism. Bombing other countries into submission to convert them to a democratic form of government is Marxism. Too bad the Republicans don't see it, and will follow the AIPAC lobby no matter what, in the name of Zionism.

Muslims are not jealous of our way of life, they are angry that we occupy their countries and kill innocent children and women, and men. Al Queda was invented by our very own CIA. 9/11 was an inside job.

I get so tired of people who say, if you don't agree with the wars, you must be a democrat. If you want to end foreign aid to Israel, you must be an atheist.

Fox News (fauxnews) has brainwashed most Christians into believing they are doing the right thing. Killing our boys in wars for the elite is very old fashioned and is just plain WRONG ! The Jews will have you believe that the King James Bible really means "Thou shalt not murder".

The true Christians are flocking to the Libertarian Party.

Do the right thing, end the criminal banking cartel ie. Federal Reserve System, stop the wars, end the Patriot Act, repeal NDAA, end the IRS. We all know that ursurping and counterfeiting money is unconstitutional.

Vote Gary Johnson 2012 !

Get off your couch and help get Ron Paul elected.....

Excellent comment I couldn't agree more....please join millions of us in GETTING Dr. Paul his rightful place in the WHITE HOUSE.....the LESSER OR TWO EVILS IS STILL VERY MUCH EVIL.....Stop with the NONSENSE RINO's


Action Item Needed:

We are moving forward and preparing the Lawsuit against the 50 States for all states to be a write-in. We need at least 5 plaintiffs from each state.

1. You must be committed to seeing this through, no one will be allowed to be off the case once you become a Plaintiff, no wimps allowed! Need Registered Voters

2. You will need to make sure that if there are any action items needed that you will be available to do so quickly

3. You will not need to appear in any court.

Richard's cases will not harm anyone, his goal is always to do no harm. We expect the same from any plaintiff. Your commitment to the cause is to not to waffle on your decisions by asking to be removed because the pressure gets to you or come out and endorse a different course of action. You will not be removed, if you insist or break the contract, you will be responsible for Richards Legal fees.

Come November 6th and we are not successful you are free to vote your conscience!

We expect that you will do all that you can to promote the Write-in Paul Cause and be ready for any and all action items that may come up.

I need to know at least who will be at least willing to do this? I will need your full contact information. You can email me at [email protected]  or PM

I disagree

Ron Paul will most likely not "help" Mr.Romney because Mitt is the epitome of everything Ron has been fighting his entire career. Mitt and his thugs sleazed and cheated their way through the entire primary all the way up to the convention. Why should Ron reward him for this? Why should Ron tarnish 30 years of integrity by selling out to a big government phony like Romney?

   Personally I don't think Romney even really cares if he has Ron's supporters because he will just continue cheating anyway through the general election. I think Romney is dangerous he wants to increase military spending to $2.1 trillion with no way to pay for it other then cut social programs more.

He is so eager to attack Iran I honestly can't think of a stupider move. You can't believe anything he says and he is completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. His foreign policy advisors are many of the PNAC sleazeballs and he is more then willing to serve the AIPAC crowd.
Just because Romney is on the republican ticket does not make him conservative, or honest. The way they went out of the way to stomp on anyone who might have a different (and more realistic) view on national T.V. with the whole world watching with his minions joking about it let's you know the RNC is no longer concerned with what the people want or the country needs.

I will be supporting Gary Johnson most likely. I am certain I will NEVER vote for Romney. 


and AMEN!

Sorry Richard but you are dead wrong.


You have not given Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians, or other groups among us any reason at all as to why we must vote for Mitt Romney. The mantra that, "We must stop Obama, and he will set us back for years"; is Republican hogwash at best. We have listened to this garbage for over 40 years, and the truth is, it is the same every time. Each election we "Libertarians" get the shaft while establishment candidates who are openly hostile to our views are pushed to the top of the platform by various, unsavory means. Then when the shuffle clears we are lectured about how we should shelve are principles and vote for a candidate who is not as bad as the Democratic candidate. I cannot speak for other "libertarians", but I will speak for myself. 

In the overall scheme of things, we have been set back by Republicans and Democrats alike. These so called conservatives that you speak of have made no progress unless adopting the Democratic parties, socialist platforms.  Mitt Romney will no more save us from Barrack Obama than Barrack Obama will save us from himself.  He will force feed us the same old tired programs, and policies that we as Libertarians are tired of.   In the past, I voted for these so called conservatives, and I have been disappointed no less each time than if I had voted for a Democrat.  Republicans may be in trouble this year, and for the first time that I can remember, they may get their "just desserts".  The Republican Party has for years ignored its Libertarian wing, cheated them, and laughed at them. The fact that it now needs them is in my estimation a good introduction to the term "KARMA".   The Republican Party will learn this year what happens when you ignore a section of constituents.

One reason that the slogan, "A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama" line, is not working, is because we are smart enough to know that electing Mitt Romney equals no difference from a policy standpoint.  I am not talking about minor short term policies, but long term policies like eliminating  the Department of Education, or getting rid of the Income Tax; policies on welfare such as the Food Stamp Program, or Medicaid/Medicare, or cutting the budget.  Paul Ryan for instance never actually proposed to cut spending, but instead proposed to slash spending increases, and that is why he is not really a deficit hawk.  George Bush passing a massive drug benefit program, which was heralded and signed by a Republican congress.  What about the massive TARP bailout program created and passed under a Republican President?  Please Mr. Viguerie, explain to me what kind of progress that is?  When unmanned drones circle the skies, the Bill of Rights have been violated, and the US Military may arrest American citizens and hold them the rest of their lives without reason.  Exactly what does Mitt Romney propose that is any different than those policies?  These are the policies that matter to Libertarians, and quite honestly, I cannot see one lick of difference between the Republican establishment candidates and Barrack Obama in any of these areas.  Until the Republican Party can put forth a candidate who differs with Democrats in these areas, you really shouldn't expect support from Libertarians, or anybody else concerned with Liberty.


Clifton Knox


Seriously AMEN!

Not a chance

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I understand the plea that you make, however, Ron Paul supporters were severely disenfranchised during the caucus/primary season and then more-so at the Convention.  Despite the fact that Ron Paul would not have received enough votes to displace Romney from receiving the nomination, the RNC and the Romney campaign fought tooth-and-nail to prevent the Paul supporters (who by the way had worked so tirelessly to become involved with local GOP functions) from achieving any sort of victory.

This disenfranchisement didn't just come from the RNC or Romney campaigns, but rather from just about every single other person in the party.  Fellow Republican members called us all:  kooks, crazy, fringe, delusional, morons, idiots, paul-tards, paul-bots, losers and many other 4 letter words that I prefer not recite.

It was the regular, everyday type of GOP members that unwelcomed us the most.  And don't even get me started on those groups that claim they are 'teaparty', yet refuse to acknowledge the fact that the movement was stolen from the Ron Paul crowd.  Heck, in fact, the Ron Paul crowd stole it from the anti-tax crowd who in years past has protested at post office buildings around the Country on April 5th in order to get their message across that we've been "Taxed Enough Already".  Get it?  T.E.A.?

And while many Paul supporters will acknowledge the fact that while we do not control enough of the voting electorate to actually win an election, we definitely control enough of the electorate to LOSE an election.

You can blame it on the National GOP if you want.  They DID disenfranchise us by changing the rules and stealing our delegates.  But, the voting majority of the party is just as culpable as the National Party with regard to name calling and outright cheating in an attempt to push the Paul supporters back.

Funny, now you people all want our help.

Well I challenge you to take the time and head over to some of the Paul friendly sites on the internet. and are a few good places to start.

A quick visit to those sites and you will see the opinion of a good 20% of the GOP party.  That 20% REFUSES to support Romney.  Earth could get swallowed up under a giant pilgrimage of Democrat propaganda and agenda and there is absolutely NOTHING that anyone can do to convenience this 20% of the party to vote for Romney.

The GOP screwed it all up by telling these people that they were not wanted nor needed.  Because, now they need us and they won't get us.

4 more years of Obama is far better than potentially 8 of Mitt Romney.  Ron Paul supporters are abandoning the GOP in droves -- taking their energy, money and dedication with them.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've walked my precinct for my local GOP trying to push local GOP candidates for Office.  Do you honestly think I will continue that process after watching how we have been treated?  Not a chance!

The GOP electorate and National party are out of touch and really are nothing more than RINO's.  They know nothing of the GOP platform or what the party stands for.  They vote Republican because the word Democrat has negative connotations, however, they fail to realize the policies of both parties are exactly the same.

The Obama/Romney campaign will continue to hold Bradley Manning in jail without ever charging him.  Both will continue the overseas wars.  Both will continue TSA's encroachment into our daily lives.  Both will allow drones to fly over the Country spying on Americans.  Neither will reverse our deficit.  Can any of us say $20 trillion by 2016? 

Don't you people get it yet?  THEY ARE BOTH EXACTLY THE SAME.

And after we watched how the National GOP violated their own rules by passing a rules change without the required 2/3's vote, we saw the Dem's do the same exact thing at their convention.

Neither party is any different than the other and they are both equally responsible for our demise.

And just to make sure that we are all clear ---