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Are Republicans the Party of Stupid?

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/7/11

Tonight’s Politico-NBC News event at the Reagan Library marks the first in a month-long marathon of baby seal hunts in which liberal reporters and commentators club Republican candidates for president in a ritual Democrats would never tolerate during their nomination process.

This evening’s questions to Republicans will come from liberal sources such as John F. Harris of Politico, the same publication that accused Rick Perry of being too stupid to be president; NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, whose reporting on presidential politics has become the Michele Bachmann gaffe patrol; and Spanish-language TV Telemundo's Jose Diaz-Balart, whose network has committed to focusing on immigration in every newscast.

Imagine a debate among the Democratic candidates for President in which Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Laura Ingraham asked the questions.  It will never happen because the Democrats don’t feel the need to pander to the conservative media the way Republicans are willing to pander to the establishment press.

Indeed, there are a host of examples where the Obama White House has tried or threatened to freeze out FOX reporters and others who ask tough questions.  And lest we forget, in 2007, caving into the demands of, the Democratic candidates for President all pulled out of a debate sponsored by FOX News because of what MoveOn claimed was FOX’s Republican bias.

To many Tea Party and conservative activists, the winner of tonight’s debate will not be the candidate who best answers the questions, but the candidate who best challenges the conventional wisdom of the liberals asking the questions.  

If Republicans want to get their message out, they are going to have to show some spine and get tough with the establishment media.

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He who controls the medium controls the message

The Republican party is the most inept political machine in the most successful political system the world has ever known. They have no new ideas of how to get their message out to the people. They are caving,  yet again, into formats and questions that the Democrats are feeding them. With so many alternative media opportunities out there why go back and get beaten by the baby seals clubs again and again.

Why don't the Republicans host their debates on the internet. Since this is the “GOP” primary wouldn’t it make sense to have the GOP control the debate. This is kind of like allowing independents to vote in open Republican primaries.  Glen Beck has a new top notch internet network that could get their message out along with the GBTV premier fall season. (wouldn't this be a great kick off for a network?) Or maybe the GOP could have one on their own network GOP broadcast or use the broadcasting capabilities of the Heritage Foundation, which sends out their own conferences all the time. How about having it on CNS, the Media Resaearch' Center's news arm. These are new ideas that break out of the box, they represent a change in the GOP thinking. Will the GOP address them and come up with a few of their own, not so far, but maybe?????


He who controls the medium controls the message

I agree that the canidates should not submit themselves to the "Democraatic Mouth Pieces" (claiming to be journalists) derogatory questions.

The problems is that the canidates have too many old consultants and workers from the "Washingto Elite" whose agenda is to stay in power in the inner Washington circle. They want to stay on the Washington "A" list at party time. Rove is a prime example of a person who destroys often more than he helps. If he does not like a canidate and another canidate is better that is fine to make a choice. There is no reason to tear down another Republican canidate that won the primary election fairley. Just because your canidate lost is not reason to destroy the other Republican canidate.

In the 2010 election in Deleware and Nevada he did not like either Republican Senate canidate, elected in the primary by the Republicans, in each of the states. Instead of keeping his loud mouth shut, he destroyed them with his comments.  His opnion is just like ass...s,everyone has one but in his case, there are too many times it is difficult to determine which end of the body his comments are coming from.

If either one, or both, had won, the Demoncrats would not have been able to let BHO destroy the country.

A True Conservative

The dying establishment "Band of (Brooks) Brothers"

Absolutely correct. Rove represents the establishment, the left liberal east coast Republican party. He hails from the southern wing himself, but he is a northeast Bushie pick. His goal is to protect not only his skin, but the skin of the dying establishment band of (Brooks) brothers. He is everything that the Tea Party is not, big government, amnesty friendly, internationalist, pay to play and willing to play hide the tax increase game that Bush and Romney enacted in order to regain and retain power.

He and his ilk want to use the Tea Party momentum, not to free the people from the burden of the government oppression, but to force the (very) slightly right leaning establishments brand of Father Knows Best agenda on it's know nothing children.

It's a long and winding road, to serfdom

Entertainment value only

Anything sponsored by MessNBC or NBC is purely for laughs. I watched if only to see how they would try to bash conservatives. Although I am not a fan of Newt Gingrich I especially liked his dressing down of the host network choosing to try and divide and conquer the GOP. Ain't it the truth. So why do these fools continue to allow this to happen. Just goes to show how dumb the GOP is. Of course we knew that when they continued to pander to illegals as Americans chose to send them Bush Pesos instead of donations to the party.


The debate

I think Newt said what needed to be said in this debate and the one previous. He is not going to let the media get away with asking questions that are meant to make these candidates just beat up on each other. He wants to impart the notion that any one of the Republican candidates would be do a far superior job of running this country than Obama. The candidates need to show their differences, while being careful not to demonize each other because the media is sitting there ready to pick and choose what was said and then use it to try to defeat the Republicans. I think the candidates need to have a debate with Rush and Sean as moderators and then we would finally get some questions we want answered!

Romney and Perry: no thanks

"To many Tea Party and conservative activists, the winner of tonight’s debate will not be the candidate who best answers the questions, but the candidate who best challenges the conventional wisdom of the liberals asking the questions."

Based on your own statements, the big winners last night were Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Gingrich because he challenged the media's attempt to splinter the candidates, and Paul because several of the other candidates are now parroting the ideas he has been consistent on for 30+ years.

Right on Pepper

You are so right....why should we support 'johnnie-come-latelys when we have the real deal in Ron Paul. He is the the best of the you sure can trust him. Ron Paul 2012. 

I do not think

It has anything to do with being "stupid", stupid denotes the inability to learn. This for most is not the problem. The problem for most is being to lazy to do the research necessary to learn. Throught the indoctrination most endure through media spoon fed propaganda and the incessant media bytes ment to embed a media chosen ideal at the same time as being given adictive entertainment ment to keep them occupied and dulled it is nearly impossible for most to disengage from. 

Turn the TV off, Ignore the news which is not ment to keep you informed and start digging online. Then the "stupid" will prove they are not stupid and no longer mezzmerized by state run propaganda.