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Bachmann-mania reigns in CHQ Poll, as elsewhere

By Staff -- 6/15/11

It seems everyone’s talking about Michele Bachmann after Monday night’s GOP presidential debate. That extends to our CHQ Poll as well, where a majority says she won the debate.

Our question to you was: “Who won the Republican presidential debate Monday night?”

Here are your answers. And to add some fun, we will compare your answers with the results of a survey of Republican and Democratic political operatives, campaign consultants, and party strategists, in a special National Journal “Political Insiders Poll.” We list the candidates alphabetically.

                                              CHQ          GOP Insiders           Democratic Insiders

Michele Bachmann      58%                 21%                                     26%

Herman Cain                  15%                  4%                                       5%

Newt Gingrich                4%                   7%                                        5%

Ron Paul                          14%                  0%                                        2%

Tim Pawlenty                 4%                    9%                                       12%

Mitt Romney                  9%                    51%                                      35%

Rick Santorum              2%                    4%                                       12%

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This Poll

How often are the results on this page updated? Or was it just a one-shot deal? I'll bet they tell a different story now.

Michele Bachmann's High Numbers

Michele scores so well because she isn't Mitt Romney. This might be a different picture all together if Sarah Palin and Rick Perry were in the race.


The biggest insight I get from these polls is the % of support from the GOP insiers/establishment.  Of course Romeny is highest but look at Bachman.  Why here?  She is a warmonger like the insiders are.

Even more interesting for those who wish to have an OUTSIDER is that 0% of insiders like Ron Paul.  Think with your head NOT your emotions.


I want to know why people

I want to know why people think she "won" the debate? What did she say that makes you think she won?

Seems a media meme has taken hold.. It's a shame that conservatives would even listen to the media (FOX included) at this point.

I hope a public servant runs and wins. Bachmann is a phony. If you don't believe me, you will one day.

Reply to , "Bachmann is an idiot."

Obviously the ignoramus who made that foolish statement has not been paying attention. This great country of ours is bankrupt in the brain department,. We have failed to utilize some of our very best talent. Condoleeza Rice has more gray matter than Bush ,Cheney and Rumsfeld combined. Both Bachmann and Palin have and use more "smarts" than Romney et al combined. We need a change at the helm of the ship of State and it will not happen if we go the male misogynistic route we have followed since the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Where we could have and should have led, we failed to follow when other countries worldwide,  chose 47 highly intelligen women to be their head of governement. When the GOP insiders choose Mitt Romney, they are showing theior lack of memory. Romney is by all measures a RINO, Gingrich is a "Booksalesman"; Pawlenty is a 'nice'guy but of too small a caliber, Cain is Well, Just Herman Cain, a Pizza huckster, Santorum has too much baggage. Class, The ladies possess that in "Spades". I vote for the Ladies!

Bachmann is a idiot

WE have to be careful when we read these remarks!   Some times they're written be woman haters and sometimes they are Liberals!   I disregard some of those remarks because they don't add up!   It's like remarks about Sara Palin....most don't want a woman president!    I listen to what they have to say and make my decesion that way rather than what I read in the blogs!   Personally, I'd like to see the two ladies get together....I think they would make a good team!   Either one could lead and be stronger than Obama ever thought of being!   Go Bachmann Go........Go Palin Go!!!!

Michelle has guts and a record to back it up

Why is it when a true conservative that has a track record of standing up to the republican political elites, that we  average joes are dismissed as jumping on the rock star band wagon, as if this was a high school popularity contest.  That was retorical  just in case .  I have never seen her waver on her principlas, she votes consistant with wants she says thats  something new andrefreshing  !  Us average Americans  know what it will take to fix this country and we know right from wrong, and when we see someone that shares our values about this contry and is authentic  ....we know it !!!!!  Go Michelle !!

Machelle Bachmann

About being a phony that is what I say about Mit Romney who is a wolf in sheeps clothing. The candidate the establishment wants to win the primary. Machelles' voting record speeks for itself she is a true conservative. How many families would take in that many foster children if they were phoney? I love children, but I wouldn't.

Patriot Acy

Bachmann just voted to renew the horribly unconstitutional provisions of the Paritot act. She is just another Obama, telling us what we want to hear while tearing the Constitution into pieces.

Ron Paul is really the last hope to restore the Constitution, peace and economic sanity.

H. Cain vs. M. Bachmann

Since M. Bachmann voted for the so called patroit act, my support would definately be backing Herman Cain or Alan West. These two are much stronger than Bachmann on real freedom and getting back Constitutional rights. Lets not be fooled by Bush 'lookalikes'.Don't vote by what they say vote by what they voted on and thier actions. This is how we got Bush and Obama the 'no change' and 'change for the worst' presidents. Americia wake up. Cain and West mean what they say.