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Big Labor and the Tea Party

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/5/11

This Labor Day the Tea Party is helping to free all American taxpayers from Big Unions

As the Tea Party has risen to become a force in American politics Big Labor has been among its fiercest critics. A clash over Big Labor’s support for liberal policies that actually hurt American workers, such as ineffective enforcement of immigration laws and unreasonable environmental regulations, was inevitable. But the real reason for Big Labor’s attacks on the Tea Party has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with who makes-up the majority of union workers these days – government employees.

Today, according to the latest figures from the Census, there are actually more public sector union members than there are private sector union members. While private sector union membership has dropped precipitously over the past 20 years the number of unionized government workers has steadily risen to include over 7 million government employees.

Through lobbying and supporting ballot initiatives to raise taxes these unionized government workers became a protected class virtually immune to the economic realities faced by other American workers.

As government unions have grown, union-negotiated work rules have bred an attitude, reminiscent of the old Soviet Union’s “nomenklatura,” that union members are not representatives of a constitutionally limited government, but that power lies with the government employee as an individual, to be exercised at their whim.

As government employee unions have grown the unions and their Democratic allies created a sweetheart system in which the unions pressured Democrat-run governments to grant them ever increasing salaries and benefits – in return the union bosses collect union dues, extract a percentage to support their lifestyles, and kickback a portion of the increases in the form of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party and its candidates.

When AFL-CIO labor boss Richard Trumka complains that the deficit is not really where our economic problems lie, what he really means is that he wants to continue to use the coercive power of the tax collector to keep the cycle that feeds him and keeps his mostly urban Democrat allies in power.

Then along came the Tea Party.

The Tea Party’s opposition to the borrowing and tax increases necessary to maintain and expand the government bureaucracy from which Big Labor now draws the majority of its membership is a mortal threat not just to the power and lifestyle of Big Labor bosses; it is a threat to the very existence of Big Labor.

The Tea Party rebellion is about a lot of things, but one of the reasons it is growing is because middle class taxpayers are fed-up with the government employee unions that are part and parcel of the corruption and oppression of bloated government. This Labor Day as the Tea Party rebellion has begun to reign-in union power, America’s long-suffering taxpayers are beginning to see the day when their tax dollars actually go to serve seniors, build roads and perform other vital services, and working families won’t be required to mortgage their own futures to fund an arrogant and oppressive union-run bureaucracy.

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It Is Time To Get  Serious, Lets Double "Tea Party' Membership," RECRUT YOUR NEIBOR" !!!

tea party and labor

The rhetoric of the unions is strictly low-class and thuggish.  As a tea party supporter if any speaker within the tea party base got up and resorted to such inflammatory, foul language in this speech, I would walk out.

I've never heard any republican on the podium or wherever, threaten anyone, tell them to go to hell, label them as terrorists and  inject such incendiary and foul language in their presentation.  We definitely are dealing with class-less people who can only resort to name calling and ignore truth nor see the ramifications their remarks might have on those less intelligent than they (then again, they probably are aware of that).  Those remarks, those speeches are what incite mob rule and chaos without our society and we've seen it happen and unfortunately is a sign of what is to come due to these lowlifes.  Breakdown our infrastructure is what our enemies want especially the islamist.  A country divided will not survive.