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CHQ Poll: Bye bye, Boehner

By Staff – 8/1/11

By an overwhelming margin, conservatives and Tea Party activists believe John Boehner should be replaced as Speaker of the House after the debt ceiling debacle.

We asked you:  “In view of the debacle over the debt limit fight, should Speaker of the House John Boehner be replaced?”

An overwhelming 79% of you replied “Yes.”

Only 14% said “No.”

And the remaining 7% said “I have no position at this time.”

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boehner betrayed

yes, we need someone standup to what american believe, spend within what comes in not unlimited credit. those guys do not know what they are thinking or as dumb as a pre-schoolers. don't they understand with $14 trillion already in the deficit and limit only add $1 trillion to spend and same $1 trillion to pay for, what about the interests on the $14 trillions accumulated every second. boehner and the GOP cowtou to the rest of Democrats care less on the interests buildup until emplosion spin our currency as toxic as skunk and cow manure mixed together. the interests no one wants to talk about because there just no way to get around this trap unless the OBamcare is done away with and other non-essential spending: eliminate plan parenthood funding, defund NRLB, EEOC, EPA, FCC and downsize many Federal agencies. i believe we can meet some balance budget sanity once these groups are defund or eliminated.   These GOP and boehner are not fit for longer term, rid these compromisers see if they can balance their own personal budget.