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CHQ Poll: House Should Censure Rep. Carson

By Staff

It’s virtually unanimous.  Rep. Carson’s claim that some Tea Party members of Congress want to see African-Americans “hanging from a tree” are inexcusable.

We asked you: “Should Representative Carson be censured by the House?”

And we explained: “Rep. Andre Carson, whip of the Congressional Black Caucus, says some Tea Party members of Congress consider African-Americans to be ‘second-class citizens’ and wouldn’t mind seeing them ‘hanging from a tree.’

“Should Representative Carson be censured by the U.S. House of Representatives for his comments?”

And you answered:

98% Yes

2% No

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At least!!!

Carson should be thrilled with censure. He should be sent home...permanently...maybe indicted for slander and inciting riot.

This is despicable behavior aimed at manipulating poor people who with honorable leadership might otherwise embrace the same thinking of our founders --black and white men-- who realized what makes men truly free...but men like Carson don't want other men to be free; they become too hard to control.  Carson is no better than a slave master, and he insults all of us --black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Tea Party, Dems, Republicans -- all of us!

It fills me with anger and shame to see men stoop so low. Carson is like the first slave owner in the American colonies-- a black man who owned another black man-- and like those black men in Africa who trapped and enslaved other black men to sell them to white men beware of men like Andre from them and far from the lies they tell you. They seek only to enslave you!