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CHQ Poll: What’s Up With Fox News?

Our respondents overwhelmingly believe that Fox News is becoming more moderate.Our respondents overwhelmingly believe that Fox News is becoming more moderate.

We asked you:  “Do you feel Fox News is becoming more moderate?”

Here is how you answered:

88% Yes

8% No

4% I do not know

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Fox Newsroom Has Always Suffered From Scism

Newsrooms have a life of their own. Fox editors dominantly are Feminists attempting to be courteous and "fair" to destested conservatives. Some of them find the "Libertarians" more tolerable than the true conservatives but still a pain they could live without. If you hoped to find conservatives in the Fox newsoom or the Murdock family, forget it. I have almost come to the conclusion that Fox newsroom employees are applicants at CNN and MSNBC who have been told to find an interim job until an opening occurs. To be sure, very few professional reporters have a key to the Fox toilet.

Don't ever trust a "news" person! Even those with objectivity written on their foreheads are not worth spit. They simply are incapable of understanding integrity.


I find myself losing interest in Fox and their programing. Today I heard John Gibson go into a "foaming at the mouth" rant that if we, as conservatives didn't vote for RINOs like Romney, Perry, Christy, types, that we will hand the country over to Obama and company. That compromise is the only answer. Explain to me please, when has the left given anything in return for a compromise? Was there any compromise with Obama-care when that was shoved down our collective throats? Has there been compromise with Obama and cap and tax, isn't he going around Congress and the Senate, using the EPA to further his agendas? I have had quite enough of these gutless wonders. I have only contempt for our republicrate friends at Fox. And to the MSM as a whole, "vas te faire encule!"

FOX Losing It's Way

If you haven't noticed the word birther is still disdained and O'Reilly cannot bring himself to state there is evidence to suggest a investigation might be necessary for our CIC, who has not yet presented his credentials and we know not from whence he came.....and there is a tolerance for libs that aggravates but it does keep the arguments that oppose fresh, Bekal and Colmes are enough to remind anyone who is reasonably sane that libs are genetically incapable of understanding benevolent theft is at the the mainstay of their belief.


Yup, they are RINO led. I'm done w/them. No different than any of the others.

OReilly a wishy,washy namby pamby egotist

O"Reilly talks a good game but lacks any depth. Rush is right- He is Ted Baxter! He came out for Geraldo over Michele Malkin on immigration so let's call him what he is a Big Fat Phony! He is so happy when he gets Obama on his show it doesn't matter what he says - it just means Bill is a STAR! LOL

Ever since Rupert Murdoch came out with Bloomberg for amnesty I have watched Fox with a skeptical eye. I rely on the web for my news. Hannity maybe the only true conservative but I think he is leaning middle of the road to keep his job.

OReilly has changed

I seldom watch Fox anymore.  And I've stopped completely on OReilly, he's become such a phony.  Plus the fact that he ALWAYS interrupts and has to get his bloviated opinion in, talking over his guests before his guests even get a chance to finish what they're saying.  I'm surprised any of them go on anymore.  So I now get my news from the many reliable internet sources.  Fox has become infiltrated with too many liberals and moderates posing as conservatives i.e., RINOs.

Fox News.... O'reilly and Hannity Prime Time

Yes, I feel Fox News at least on TV is becoming more moderate giving excessive coveage to the liberal left political views and shows Obama continually in polictical speeches. Obama is shown getting on and off Airforce One or Helicopter repeatly even more then the other TV channels. I uderstand the fair and balance approach to news however I feel the balance using Fox Liberals is leaning too much toward illustrating the left and Obama. The so called main street media of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN all lean heavy to the left without giving a balance to conservative issues and if a conservative issue is discussed it's reflected with a negative impact. If Fox News want to make reference to Obama or liberals do it by word messages rather than show Obama so much and reduce the strong liberal left people talking so much. Actually it seems Fox is promoting Obama with so many screen pictures of him. Jim K.

never true

Fox has always been part of the MSM. They have an agenda like every other MSM outlet. It's not one that promotes liberty. That is clearer every day as they omit and misrepresent the facts. They actually removed polls from their own audiences that illustrate overwhelming support for Ron Paul, because they don't equate strict adherence to the Constitution to conservativism - Wow, they completely miss the point! Their favorite "conservative" pundits are little more than right-sided members of the political class, a power elite, determined to maintain centralized power and wield it for their own cronies. They don't really espouse "liberty and justice for all", just for neocons and RINO's. Fox Business channel is another bird altogether. The people from that netherworld must hide their actual POV when "entertaining " the fake conservative audience. The FoxConstitution Bus crowd certainly are strict Constitutionalists, which defines true conservatism.

Follow the money.

FOX News is owned by a big media corporation, just like all the other media outlets. They are owned by a very small group of people, whose worst fear would be a truly informed and intelligent population.

Every media outlet seems to be on a race to the bottom to see who can make the American people dumber. You can see the result all around you, people care more about singing and dancing contests or sports teams than the freedoms they are continually losing. Case in point, try to find an actual news report on any of the cable "news" stations. It's almost all talking-head opinions.

I also think it's interesting that the recent smackdown of Rupert Murdoch seems to have coincided with FOX becoming more like their liberal brethren. Perhaps somebody decided it was time to bring them back in line.

Kinda like politicians who

Kinda like politicians who are conservative as long as they are candidates and first (s)elected, and then when they become part of the "group", they adapt to "fit" in.