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The Death of Reality

By Richard Viguerie - 8/1/11

The deal to raise the debt ceiling is the death of reality in Washington, D.C.  Everyone involved in this deal knows that it does not solve the real crisis that the American people want solved -- the unsustainable spending, deficits and debt that has created the need to raise the debt ceiling.  

The same Wall Street-Washington axis that demanded and benefitted from TARP is now demanding that Congress raise the debt ceiling.  The Capitol Hill insiders who put this deal together are either so corrupt they no longer care about the truth or the future of our country, or they are so entirely unhinged from reality that they actually think the spending can go on.  

Either scenario is a serious problem that only the Tea Party and constitutional conservative movements have had the sense and courage to challenge, yet are dismissed as “extremists” by the corrupt (or clinically crazy) Washington establishment.  The American people will not stand for it and the economy and the taxpayers cannot sustain it.  Tea Party and conservative movement activists are opposed to this deal.  We demand an end to the business-as-usual spending that brought this crisis about and urge every Member of Congress who cares about the future of this great country to vote NO on any deal to raise the debt ceiling and YES to a solution to the spending crisis. 

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Moody's Unmoved

If the premise of this plan was to avoid a default and preserve our credit rating, then it failed on its face. Moody's said that because the debt plan was not nearly sweeping in its spending cuts, that it would do nothing to affect its review of our credit rating. To everyone outside of D.C., who honestly cares about our long-term financial stability, this was not a surprise. But, then again, these same people realize that elected officials (in both party) care about financial stability up to the point they retire from office. After that, it's no longer their problem. 

Debt plan failure

We The People are not fooled by thinking the cuts in spending are true cuts. Much of the cut will be the reduced cost of maintaining armed forces in Iraque and other spots around the world. WHY DO WE SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS all over the globe in places where the people are openly against America and our way of life ???? Why are we spending BILLIONS in Somalia, when there are people in America who are suffering hunger every day. WHY should so many people in America be homeless, and WHY should so many people be taking money from the government for doing NOTHING productive. Many of these people use these dollars to support drug and/or alcahol adictions???  "We get too soon old and too soon smart" When will our elected officials get smart and start doing the right things for THE PEOPLE , and not worry so much about re-election. While I'm at it, WHY don't we CUT the automatic pay increases for Congress, get the all paying into S/S, and change that rediculous retirement program for these servents of the PEOPLE????