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Does Mitt Romney Belong at a Tea Party Rally?

By Staff

Two-thirds of our CHQ Poll respondents say “invite him” along with the other GOP presidential candidates.

We asked you:  “Should Tea Party Groups Invite Romney to Speak?”

And we explained:  “Mitt Romney has agreed to speak at a Tea Party rally in New Hampshire this weekend.  Some Tea Party groups say all GOP presidential candidates should be invited to present their ideas to Tea Party audiences.  Others say Romney is clearly not a Tea Partier and should not be invited.  What is your opinion?”

Here is how you responded:

60% Invite him

30% Do not invite him

3% Undecided

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Romney at Tea Party Event

Mr. Romney should speak at Tea Party events.  Then we can hear first hand how he explains away ORomney-Care, the pre-cursor and prime example of Obamacare.  He is afterall, a candidate for the Presidency of the United States.  Hear what he has to say.  I personally do not care for what I know about the man, but I am willing to give him some "ear time".  On the flip-side, I do not appreciate him touting himself as "in-line" with the Tea Party.   He has not been, nor will he be, in-line with the Tea Party unless he does some major flip-flopping yet again, which only does more to discredit his already lack of credibility (because of several previous "flip-flops on issues)  in the first place.  But let each voter decide for themselves after hearing him.  We all want "our day in court" (so to speak), so we can grant Romney his day.  Just "don't drink his cool-aid" either.   I personally see him as a RINO Obama. 

Romney at Tea Party

Romney may very well be a RINO but what is Rick Perry?

Perry gave in State tuition to illegals, he is not in favor of Arizona sb1070,wanted to force young school girls to get the Gardsil vaccine, he was in full agreement with Mexico President Vince te Fox on open borders, praised Hillary Care.

Perry is no Tea Party Concsevative ... Michelle Bachman is the only one in the top tier that can honestly wear this mantle.