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Florida Poll Message - Articulate Conservative Wanted

The results of the much-hyped P5 Florida straw poll are in, and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain was the winner by a two-to-one landslide. Now the pundits will begin the inevitable autopsy to determine what the results mean.

The establishment media looking for some hidden meaning in the vote will hate the obvious and reject the idea that Cain simply did a better job of selling himself and organizing his supporters than did the other candidates.

Moderates, supporters of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and the establishment media are already spinning Cain’s win as a repudiation of Texas Governor Rick Perry due to his poor performance at the FOX/Google debate and call it a major blow to his front runner status. They may be right, but what diminishes Perry doesn’t necessarily help Romney.

Based on what we hear from Florida, our take is that the message of the Florida straw poll was not about Perry’s limitations as a debater -- it was about the terms on which the front runners, Perry, Romney and Bachmann, have been fighting the battle for the nomination.

The Republican activists who voted in the straw poll are looking for an adult to carry the standard for their concerns about jobs and the economic future of this country, and they don’t like the sniping, snarky one-liners and phony drama about other issues they have been hearing from the front runners.

In that vein, it is worth noting that for many months, Romney sustained his status as the front-runner by claiming to be the candidate with the business background necessary to get America back to work.

Likewise, when Texas Governor Perry entered the race, he shot to the top touting the Texas economic miracle that the State’s conservative pro-business policies wrought, not by stumbling through staff-written digs on his opponents.

As we noted last week, Cain’s critique of Obama and the folly behind his new $1.5 trillion soak-the-rich tax plan was perceptive and dead on. Herman Cain is the one candidate who consistently -- to the exclusion of most other issues -- talks about jobs and the economy.

None of the inside-the-Beltway talking heads seem to think winning the P5 straw poll in Orlando makes Cain the front-runner the way they all claimed winning the Ames, Iowa, straw poll vaulted Michele Bachmann to the front of the pack. We’d have to agree, but if you are a Republican activist in Florida who wants to deliver the message “get back to jobs and the economy” to the front-runners, then Herman Cain was certainly the best man for the job.

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Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse

People want to denigrate the role of the RPOF convention straw polls, but obviously not one of those bozos has bothered to discover and understand the legal requirements of Florida electoral politics, of how peoples' names are actually placed on the ballots.

Florida state law has allowed for the process of buying one's way onto the ballot, through the payment to the state, of 6 or 7% of the 1st year's salary of the elected position one is seeking.  

Another way is to provide a certain number of signed petitions from a certain percentage of registered voters of the same party affiliation one selects to run on. IIRC,for this one. that number was approximately 186,000 Republicans in the 2008 election cycle -- I haven't checked it out for this election cycle.

Beside those, Florida state law otherwise requires that the "officially recognized" political party or parties (chosen through incumbency protection laws, blue laws leftover from the time of Reconstruction) certify its/their candidate/candidates a full 9 weeks prior to the actual vote date. For this reason, the results of the RPOF straw poll at its quadrennial "Presidency" convention are supposed to be used to screen out "fringe" candidates, to provide recognition for, and better proportional representation of, the candidates supported.

At the previous Presidency (P4) convention in late 2007, the early primary date had already been set, so the convention occurred "just under the wire" of the 9 week rule. At that convention, then-Chairman of the RPOF, Jim Greer, recognized that certain corrupt county Republican Executive Committees had stacked the deck against some popular candidates (especially against Dr. Ron Paul), so he cancelled the straw poll, and declared that all participating candidates would appear on the ballot. That is why Ron Paul was on the ballot here last time, in spite of the bad press he got from Faux News.

I didn't take part in it this time (P5) so I'm not privy to how it will turn out. But the results are supposed to weigh in on final decision of who appears on the ballot. It's not just a meaningless beauty contest. And anyone who wants "in", who sat this one out, either has very, very, deep pockets, or is S-O-L.


I am starting to question if you work for FOX Richard, this ridiculous black out of Paul is quickly becoming unpalatable. You claim to stand apart from the MSM while doing the same. Paul is more of a Front runner than any of the afformentioned players and you know it. If he had half the coverage of Perry, Romney, Bachman or even Palin who is not even running it would be a complete landslide.

Boggle this one Irrifutable fact, none of the other canidates will end the wars by choice and the crushing expense of those wars will absolutely sink our economy. That is a fact my friend, no way around it.

Bachmann is a front runner?

According to the latest polls, Michele Bachmann has been polling around 4-5%, so how could she even theoretically be called a front runner? Ron Paul currently polls more than twice Bachmann's support, but he will NEVER be seen as a front runner to the establishment media. I'm a little perplexed to see Richard Viguerie play this same game, marginalizing Ron Paul no matter what occurs. However, I have come to expect it, since Ron Paul is only discussed when the circumstances require it.

Ignore the Florida P5 Poll at your peril

Viguerie wrote: "None of the inside-the-Beltway talking heads seem to think winning the P5 straw poll in Orlando makes Cain the front-runner the way they all claimed winning the Ames, Iowa, straw poll vaulted Michele Bachmann to the front of the pack. We’d have to agree...."

But, of course the Beltway talking heads want to ignore this poll (and I thought Viguerie was not one of the herd), however, there are real differences between most straw polls, including the biggie at Ames, and the P5 poll:

The Florida Presidency 5 straw poll is not one where you can buy a favorable outcome - in this poll, the delegates are committed Republicans from Florida's 67 counties, who register months in advance, are selected by lottery, and then have to pay $175 for the privilege of attending an array of events, including Thursday's Faith and Freedom Coalition Rally and FOX-Google debate, and Friday's Florida CPAC before the delegates cast their ballots on Saturday.

Therefore, not only is participation limited - shutting down the usual Ron Paul shennanigans, but also the voting is held AFTER the speeches, so that the voters have the candidates' message and performance clearly in mind when voting. This is tailor made for Herman Cain.

But wait, there's more.... The poll has been held five times now, and each prior one accurately predicted the GOP nominee: Reagan, Bush1, Dole, McCain (although Presidency 4 was not a straw poll). Now the establishment pundits want to say that we shouldn't read too much into it?

Who is Cain? What was Cain?

Find out what Cain's veiw on the federal reserve (counterfiters)sp? He was the ceo of the Kansas City federal reserve. Does that mean he will not support getting rid of the federal reserve? Check it out before you vote for him. Ron Paul is still the only one for all of us & our country.