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Haley Barbour Made the Right Decision...And He May Even Have Made it for the Right Reason

By Richard Viguerie | 4/26/11

Haley Barbour is an exceedingly smart politician with a finely-tuned political ear. This is evidenced in part by his decision not to run for president. 

Few national politicians go as far down the road toward running for president as Haley Barbour has gone, then step aside (detailed plans for a campaign, including a 5-day announcement trip starting on May 2nd, a $55 million budget with $35 million scheduled for five early states, large fundraising events scheduled, top staff interviewed, etc.). 

Of course, it’s likely that we’ll never know for certain why he’s chosen not to run.  I have a drinking glass that says a man has two reasons why he does something: a good reason – and the real reason.

However, I suspect that on a short list of real reasons why Gov. Barbour opted out of the presidential race is that he realized his basic philosophy of government and of governing are out of sync with the Republican primary voters in 2011 and 2012. 

President Obama, America’s financial crises, and the Tea Party, all arriving at about the same time, have radically changed American politics for the foreseeable future. If this were the 1990s and America wanted a strong, competent caretaker-president, Haley Barbour would be your man. 

Today, however, most Americans see people like Barbour (one of America’s largest, most powerful and successful Washington lobbyists) as a major reason we find ourselves in our current financial pickle. For most of the last 30 years, if you wanted to expand government, spend more taxpayer money, regulate business so that your Fortune 500 company received an advantage over your business competitor – Haley Barbour was your man who would make it happen. 

Today’s voters better understand that America’s ruling class has used and abused their positions in power to advantage themselves and their friends at the expense of the rest of us. 

So, at the end of many months (if not years) of exploring a presidential race, I suspect Barbour decided in part against running because in today’s America, he recognized that people feel betrayed by the ruling class and want to return to the vision of our country’s Founders of a small, constitutional government – that  is not Haley Barbour. 

Advice to the other ruling-class Republican presidential wannabes: ask not for whom the bells toll, for they toll for thee.  The times, they have changed.  

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Compared to Trump, Barbour would be a principled Ron Paul type

I agree with Viguerie that Barbour would not have been the best guy we could pick.  But considering that today's GOPUSA poll has Trump running ahead of everyone, even fellow unprincipled plutocrat Mitt Romney, you sort of have to wonder whether the Tea Party movement was much better than anything we had before it.  They destroyed our chances to take back the Senate by nominating idiotic neocon theocon types like Sharron Angle and Sabrina the teenage Delaware witch, then the allegedly decent House Reps that got elected via Tea Party efforts end up passing "cuts" that are nothing of the kind.  It looks like all the Tea Party turned out to be was a bunch of typical Republicans who went boo hoo when McCain got the nomination, decided that staying home and letting Obama win was worse, and decided to become voters again.  But they're the same STUPID voters who enable the Republican National Committee to get the RICHEST candidate.  This gives us such "victories" as Clete Williams in Texas (giving us Anne Richards), the Ebay and HP women in Cali (giving us Brown II and Boxer yet another time), etc.  The same sort of sycophants-to-the-wealthy who kissed up to Mitt are now kissing up to Trump.  There was, sadly, some overlap of that thuggish sort with the Perot crowd, though they tended to be the worst of the McCain types AND the Romney-Rockefeller-Trump types.  The religious nuts like Huckabee look like a good choice by comparison, and while I never understood the allure of Barbour, he's a principled man compared to Trump.  I'll retire to bedlam.

I'll retire to bedlam - Robert. Please don't, we need you


Your comments seem to be irrational and don't have a mainstay point. Are you for or against the Tea Party Movement i.e., the Sharon Angle and Glenda the Good witch candidates were better than their alternatives, both Dems and Republicans. You don't create a majority the first time out of the blocks, 2010 was an excellent beginning, historically speaking it was one of the best in 70 years. Identify the true conservatives by listening to their message and comparing it to their records. If the Tea Party people do what they have shown so far and listen, look and research, the best candidates will work their way through. We should not be confused by the claptrap that the DNC, RNC and Laimstreet media throw at us with regards to who is or is not electable. We are interested in who best represents the concept of freedom, liberty, limited government (reducing government size), the rule of law and the protection of our private property first. Once we weed out those that don’t fit the above criteria we then can choose the best true conservative. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS


Wanted: True consevatives

Stephen well put. The candidates we need will support self-governance, limited government, a balanced budget, the rule of law.

I think Robert is a flaming progressive trying to sound like a conservative and doing a terrible job.  What does it mean - "I'll retire to bedlam?"  Is this anarchy? No thank you!