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Herman Cain Nails Obama’s Jobs Problem

Republican presidential candidate and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain’s real world business experience provides him with a unique perspective on the economy and job creation.

Despite his low poll numbers, Cain has often used his real world business experience to good advantage to show-up his better-known rivals during the Republican presidential debates.

Cain did it again yesterday when he nailed one of the Obama administration’s major problems on the economy that his rivals all apparently missed – a big part of Obama’s jobs problem is that it is not just Obama who has no experience in business – practically no one in his Administration does either.

As Cain pointed out, “Perhaps his [President Obama’s] ignorance of basic economics is due to the fact that both he and more than 90 percent of his Administration have no private sector experience at all. Thus, they are all too willing to continually punish America's job creators, all in the name of ‘fairness’.”

Cain’s point about the Obama administration’s jobs problem isn’t merely political hyperbole – under Obama we have a Treasury Secretary who has spent his entire career in the public sector and who has never run a bank or a brokerage; a Commerce Secretary who is a lawyer-politician and never run a business; an EPA Administrator who is a career-long bureaucrat; a Secretary of Transportation who never built a road and spent much of his career as a Congressional staffer; a Council of Economic Advisors chaired by a labor economist from Princeton University, who can quote Jack Black’s character from the movie “School of Rock,” but has never worked in the private sector, and the list goes on.

Cain’s commentary does a better job of summing-up the cause of America’s jobs crisis in one sentence, “they are all too willing to continually punish America's job creators, all in the name of ‘fairness’,” than you’d get from a hundred interviews with liberal billionaire Warren Buffet – too bad no one at the White House is listening.

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