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It’s a deal, not a solution to the debt crisis

By Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, -- 8/1/11

“As usual, Washington’s insider elite has completely misunderstood, or more likely completely ignored, what grassroots Tea Party and conservative activists have been saying during the debt ceiling debate,” says Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of “While Washington insiders are focused on “making a deal” to raise the debt ceiling, they are ignoring what Americans really want – an end to the spending, deficits, and debt that led to the need to raise the debt ceiling.”

“Tea Party and conservative movement activists have long recognized that the real crisis hanging over the American economy, and indeed the future of our American way of life, is not whether the federal debt ceiling is raised in the next few days. It is that we are borrowing forty cents of every dollar we spend,” noted Viguerie. “Washington’s political elites know this can’t continue, yet neither the Republican nor the Democratic House and Senate leaders, and certainly not President Obama, have proposed a way to end this slow national suicide.”

“The deals floating around the smoke-filled rooms of Capital Hill are intended to get politicians past the next election, and none of them actually solves the real crisis,” concluded Viguerie. “Capitol Hill Republican establishment leaders are making a major blunder if they think Tea Party and grassroots conservative activists don’t understand the difference between a deal to raise the debt ceiling and a solution to the spending crisis.”

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