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Left acts quickly to target Tea Partiers

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 8/3/11
The Left isn’t wasting any time targeting principled conservative opponents of the deal Washington insiders crafted to raise the debt ceiling; they have already recruited RINO Republican Nancy Argenziano to switch parties to run as a Democrat against Tea Party backed Representative Steve Southerland in Florida’s Second Congressional District.
Southerland, a small business owner with strong Tea Party support, knocked-off longtime Democratic Congressman Alan Boyd in the 2010 Tea Party sweep.  Since coming to Congress in January 2011, Southerland has been a strong supporter of limited constitutional government and an opponent of Washington’s business-as-usual spending and borrowing culture.
Southerland was one of the 66 Republicans who took a principled stand against the deal to raise the debt ceiling without solving the spending problem, saying he “voted against this debt limit compromise because it falls short of conquering our debt crisis and does little to change the culture in Washington.”
Argenziano, who endorsed Democrat Alex Sink against Tea Party backed Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott in the 2010 election, has long been noted in Florida for her vulgar verbal clashes with conservative legislative colleagues when she served in the Florida State Senate.  In announcing her intention to oppose Southerland, Argenziano made it clear she was switching parties and entering the race as an opponent of the Tea Party, saying the Republican Party had been taken over by “ideologues.”
Tea Party and grassroots conservatives should expect more of this type of opposition as the establishment media continues its campaign to convince the public that those who came to Washington to return our federal government to the limited constitutional principles upon which it was founded are “terrorists,” “extremists” and “ideologues.”

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