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The Real Reason for the ‘Racist’ Attacks on the Tea Party

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/2/11

The deeper reason for Congressional Black Caucus attacks on the Tea Party

Somewhere there’s a pollster laughing all the way to the bank for charging the Democrats a lot of money for bad advice – to turn the Democrat members of the Congressional Black Caucus loose to attack the Tea Party as racists and worse.

The comment by Congresswoman Maxine Waters that the “tea party can go straight to hell” and Congressman Andre Carson’s outrageous comment to a largely black audience that the Tea Party would “love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree,” by-the-way his second public statement branding the Tea Party as racist -- the first was during the healthcare mandate debate -- are just the two latest attempts by Democratic members of the CBC to raise these baseless and malevolent charges against the Tea Party, but they certainly won’t be the last.

If you wonder why Democrats do this when it is patently untrue, part of the reason is obviously to inflame the African – American community to insure a large turnout for President Obama in 2012, but for the deeper reason look no further than the biography of the lone Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Tea Party backed Congressman Allen West.

Waters and Carson are both beneficiaries of, and advocates for, the racial spoils system that motivates much of the Democratic Party’s domestic agenda. Waters, also mired in an ethics controversy, has made a career out of adding a racial component to legislation, such as the recent Dodd-Frank financial services takeover bill.

On the other hand Republican Congressman West is a decorated Army officer, whose fierce independence, opposition to big government and often eloquent advocacy of the traditional American values of self-reliance and patriotism make him the poster child for the Tea Party.

Waters and Carson understand better than most that their days in power are numbered if more members of the African – American community adopt Congressman Allen West as their role model, and they will do and say anything to tear down West and the Tea Party to preserve the status quo and their place in it.

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Congresional Black Caucus

To quote from the book, "The Trojan Horse in America", Moscow has long considered the Negroes of the United States as excellent potential recruits.  Though Negroes in the U.S. enjoy more liberties and higher standard of living than in any other country,... foreign agents seek to capitalize upon prejudice in order to promote the interests of their foreign masters.

...An exaggeration of grievances will gradually separate the two races into hostile camps...  The Negro is told that he is persecuted and maltreated: that his lot in the United States is unbearably hard: and that he is, in fact, a peon or slave of his white masters.  He is told that the only country which recognizes his rights is Soviet Russia and that the only political party which will battle foe his emanciption is the
Communist(now Democrat) Party of the United States.

Moscow realizes that it can never revolutionize the United States unless the Negro can be won over to the communist cause."  The goal is hate America, hate America, hate America!  Even King George call the Tea Party of Freemen of that day "terrorists"!  Maybe the "Soviet Black Caucus" should clean its own dirty doorstep before employing racist tactics!  



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