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Should Tea Partiers protest Mitt Romney?

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/2/11

Should Tea Partiers protest Mitt Romney’s appearances in South Carolina and New Hampshire?

It says a lot about how important the Tea Party has become to the selection of the next President of the United States that former Governor Mitt Romney has made time to attend two upcoming Tea Party flavored events.

Romney, the apparent favorite of establishment Republicans, has suddenly found himself behind Texas Gov. Rick Perry in recent GOP presidential nomination polls, and is now making two high-profile appeals to Tea Party activists this Labor Day weekend.

In addition to speaking at a Tea Party Express event in New Hampshire , Romney changed his schedule so he could appear at a presidential forum hosted by Tea Party favorite Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina .

Romney’s recent comment that “I consider myself as someone who is in sync with the tea party” was greeted with surprise and skepticism by many Tea Party activists who recall his Massachusetts health care plan, and his waffling on cap and trade and various other issues since he began his quest for the presidency.

Tea Party allied group Freedom Works has even gone so far as to pull out of the Tea Party Express’ Reclaiming America Tour to protest Romney’s participation.

Matt Kibbe, President of Freedom Works, pointed out that the Tea Party has no centralized organization but is able to "self police" because "If every political opportunist claiming to be a Tea Partier is accepted unconditionally, then the Tea Party brand loses all meaning.”

What do you think?

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..protest Mitt Romney???

Why? ..because he once tried to construct a better money-efficient state-run health care plan for the million people then using Emergency Rooms because they had a cold???? What did he learn from that endeavor?? ..You say he "waffled" on 'cap-and-trade'? ..First, does anyone even know for sure what that law says and does? ..maybe he was unsure about it for good reasons? "Conservatives" are supposed to use reason and debate rather than emotion to solve difficulties. Romney has an MBA doesn't he? That's a good start as a public manager, isn't it? ..So what's his plan??? ..Can we at least hear what he thinks is the best "business plan" for a profitable American future? (..and then if you don't like his plan, ..throw it overboard!)

Mitt is a RINO who would persecute conservatives

Mitt Romney, who afflicted Massachusetts with Romneycare, is the penultimate RINO like his father who afflicted Michigan with a state income tax.   George Romney actively persecuted Michigan conservatives, especially those in the Republican party and I have every reason to believe Mitt would too nationwide if he got the chance.

A quick example off the top of my head:  when movement conservative Robert Huber sought the Republican nomination to run against far left wing extremist Senator Phil Hart, he had a good chance of getting it since the liberal vote was split between three candidates. Father George Romney forced, cajoled, bribed the lib candidates off the ballot and made sure his wife Lenore Romney, mother of Mitt, had no liberal opposition and otherwise made sure of "The Hube's" defeat.  Romney senior simply could not stand the thought of a movement conservative winning either the nomination or the race against a radical like Phil Hart.  Is Romney junior any different?  The vibrations I get from people who know him personally say, NO.

Mitt Romney is the only candidate currently seeking the Republican nomination that Barack Obama could defeat because on a fundamental level they are indistinguishable.  Good marketing lays in product differentiation.

Should Tea Partiers protest Mitt Romney’s appearances

We need to keep an open mind and listen to all those who are working against this current administration. One, we need to beat Obama, but we do not want another Republican Progressive.

Two, we need to get a real conservative into the White House that will cut government spending, and stand by our Constitution.

We don't want Socialized Medicine for America or Cap and Trade. I know Romney has said he does not want Socialized Medicaine or Obama-Care, what-ever you call it. I doubt he would go for Cap-and-Trade because he is a businessman and that would hurt businesses. We need to listen to what he has to say.

Romney is a Two-faced Weasle

I was a resident of Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was Governor.  He signed the legislation that initiated socialist "healthcare"—the template for “Obamacare”—which eventually bankrupted the state, just as Obama’s version will bankrupt the country.   I watched Romney sign homosexual “marriage" into law—an incredible mockery of the Divine social order, and a cultural cancer that now compromises the moral integrity of the nation.  Romney increased the pervasive scope of “gun control”—under the pretense of safety and reducing crime, both rationalizations based on farcical arguments.  I watched Romney work to increase the power and reach of the state, under the pretense of “compassion” for the citizen.

 Mitt Romney is a statist, and one just as narcissistic as is Barak Hussein Obama.  The man is not to be trusted with power.   He will remark whatever further advances his opportunity to hold power.  He is a spineless RINO, holding to no transcendent axiom, nor even secular principle, save that which promotes his "brand" of statism. 

More pointedly, and in the same vain as Donald Trump, Mitt Romney will always follow whatever course ensures his continued viability in the GOP establishment, an incorrigible cult of secular elitists, whose corrupt ranks are open only to those who have demonstrated a constant willingness to compromise moral principle for fiscal expedience or personal gain, and surrender national integrity for political opportunity.

Not that Massachusetts was ever less than a socialist basket case, dominated by reprobates of every stripe; but under the governorship of Mitt Romney, the state became entrenched ever deeper in that destructive rut.  If the GOP is now become so wreckless, by its own blind ambition for power, as to ignore the obvious and serious defects of moral character and judgment demonstrated by Mitt Romney, just so to install in the Presidency "anybody but Obama," then the party is not worth supporting or saving, and it must needs be go the way of the Whigs.  I pray the great number of Americans, who now call themselves members of the TEA Party, will  not be so desperate as to become the willingly blind dupes of this farce called the GOP.  If nominated, then Mitt Romney will be the last straw the breaks the elephant's back.


I am a member of the Tea Party and I am voting for Romney. He loves this country and will do all he can to preserve the Constitution.

TEA Party Speakers

Invite everyone to come to meetings and speak.     Be judgemental and don't believe everything a politician states.    Vote for the person you believe will support what you support.

Still a bad choice

Embrace Romney only if you want more of the same thing.  Compromise and bi-partisanship are what led to the mess this country is in and we don't need more of it.  What we need is a government filled with Constitutional Conservatives who are willing to upset the apple cart and return the government to the people!

Romney is not a Tea

Romney is not a Tea Partier.   Never has been, never was, never will be.  His record in Massachusetts shows it.  Just as Obama's record showed who he was prior to being elected President.  Look at the record.  Look at what he has stood for and done.  O'Romneycare in Massachusetts and Cap & Trade is exactly what we will get, if Romney is elected.  The closest thing Romney has in common to the current Tea Party is that the original Tea Party occurred in his state.  He would have done well to have taken notice of that long before now.

Mitt Romney

  Mitt Romney is not as conservative as I would like but lets face it, he will give us the best chance to get rid of Obama.  We have to think about the General Election and who can win.  Perry and all the others will have a real hard if not impossilbe job of carrying several swing states. None of the candidates are Regan so our job is to get rid of Obama before he hurts the country more than he has already.   We need to win this election and build from there.

Romney speaking bto Tea Party

  I agree with Freedom Works.  No matter what Romney says he is not a Tea Partier and should not be invited to speak for Tea Party groups. He is not the one we need as president.

Romney the convert?

In Chritianity we accept the true conversion of anyone who will publicly state they have accepted Jesus as their Savior.  We ought to at least be willing to listen to what he has to say for himself.  A phony should be easy to detect with a few schrewed questions.  Such as:  Would you lead the effort to abolish the Comprehensive Health Care legislation?  or "Can you tell us about your plan to replace the income tax with a National Sales Tax? "   I'm sure some really clever defense lawyer type could really come up with some zingers that would trip up all but the committed true of heart.