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Speaker Boehner Says NO to Obama; Tea Party Looks for a Trend

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/1/11

When President Obama tried to bully Republicans Speaker of the House John Boehner into giving him the platform of a nationally televised speech to a joint session of Congress for his latest jobs proposal on the same day the Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library was to take place Speaker Boehner said NO.

Guess what, Obama folded in less than 12 hours and rescheduled the speech.

The timing of the speech was a small issue, but Boehner’s prompt NO could be a sign the Obama spell over the Capitol Hill leadership has finally been broken.

Tea Party and conservative activists hope this is the beginning of a trend and that after Obama’s speech Boehner is just as prepared to say NO to the stimulus spending, NO to the income redistribution and NO to the crony capitalism that the President will inevitably propose.

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Boehner Grows a Spine?

One can only hope he has.  I hope the good Speaker and the other Republican leadership have the good sense to stay in gridlock until January, 2013.