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Tea Partiers look out for another round of crony capitalist stimulus

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/4/11

Through Obamanomics it is a lot easier to lobby your way to a profit on Wall Street than it is to work your way to a profit on Main Street.

Any time the business-as-usual crowd in Washington starts talking about a “jobs program” what they really mean is a government spending program – and when they start talking about a “bold” jobs program what they really mean is a BIG government spending program.

Now, courtesy of Wall Street, comes confirmation that a new “bold” stimulus program is indeed in the offing.

Here’s the confirmation – Wall Street ended the month up, despite the fact that to many analysts the economic data show the economy to be flat, maybe even contracting.

You read that right, the real economy is going down, but Wall Street is going up, because according to Reuters and other analysts they’ve calculated more federal stimulus is on its way.

Here’s why they just may be right.

On September 8 President Obama plans a major nationally televised speech on the economy and for the past several weeks liberals in and out of Congress have been telling him to “go bold.”

Two weeks after Obama’s speech the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee will meet. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has expanded this September meeting from a one-day meeting to a two-day session to allow for discussion of the Fed's policy options to “provide additional monetary stimulus.”

Obama desperately needs good economic news to be reelected, so despite the lack of positive results from the Fed’s policy of printing money to support the Obama administration, there’s very little chance the Fed won’t engage in another round of stimulus through lowering interest rates or further “quantitative easing.”

No one is rooting for the stock market to tank, but outside the Beltway there’s an old joke about farmers who farm the mailbox for government checks instead of farming their land for crops – Tea Partiers should be aware that Wall Street operators are past masters at “farming the mailbox.”

You can plan on seeing more calls for stimulus from the titans of the Washington – Wall Street Axis, because as long as Obamanomics reigns in Washington it is a lot easier to lobby your way to a profit on Wall Street than it is to work your way to a profit on Main Street.

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