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fuddy duddy

McConell is way overdue to be retired.  We need leaders that have sharp and active minds.  Unless there is some hidden agenda here (and there should not be), I disapprove of this plan and tactic.  This is why term limits are a necessary evil for  politicians, I am tired of fuddy duddy career politicians. . .


My Dear Friends in Freedom and in the Defense of Liberty.  Sounds nice doesn't it?  Well, if we keep re-electing these RINO'S AND DINO'S - this greeting would have read:  Dear Comrades in Arms and Members of the Party.  Your future is more secure than it has ever been - so - sit down, shut up and keep your opinions to yourself - or else.  After all....WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU!!

My great Uncle, Heinrick Bruening, who was once the Chancellor of Germany and the advisor of Hindenberg, ran into the same problems that we see today.  Aside from the economic issues of his day - he was confronted with the same kind of evil rhetoric being spewed by the Prussian loyalists and the Nazi Party which was led by Adolf Hitler.  It was long after his elevation as Chancellor that the "swirl" began to hit the fan and he, like others before him, became the target of many finger pointing SOCIALIST.  Yes folks, the National socialist movement, just like the one we are witness to now, was in full gear in the Germany of the 20's and 30's and 40's and Hitler and his band of monsters were hell bent on destroying the national unity and the pride of the German people.  And like the Obamasiah, who must have watched many a Hitler newsreel, Adolph was not a German citizien, but rather an Austrian.

The majic and the success of the Nazi movement and the terror that followed was not just the results of Hitlers ability to mesmerize the "crowd", - it was his ability to attract the kind of "madmen" who would settle for their 30 pieces of silver and who were willing to do his bidding for even less.  And, what did the German people do?  They did exactly what the people of America are doing today.  They bought into the fear-mongering and the hatred and the class warfare and the race baiting, because no one rose up to defend Germany or them.  Hitler, like the Obamasiah, was seen as the "messiah" and the whollistic ALPHA AND OMEGA.

To be sure, Obama has to go, but until then, we as a people have to cleanse our spiritual outlook before we can eve hope to overcome our secular burdens.

My great Uncle fled Germany and came to the USA where he taught economics.  After the war, he returned to Germany with the hopes that he could participate in its rebuilding.  But, realizing that his beloved country was now a divided nation in every sense of the word, he returned to the USA where he quietly lived out the rest of his life.

I tell you this story because there are many other Americans who have their own story to tell.  One that mirrors mine or reflects the same or similar experiences.  If we forget them, then to be sure, we are doomed.  Our nation is already in dire peril and we can ill afford to allow politicians, partisans and evil ideology to divide us as a nation and as a people.  On our best day, we cannot allow this kind of behavior to overtake our judgment.  On our worst day, we dare not fall victim to the kind of empty promises that have gotten us to where we are now.  The horrors of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many other little "satans" of this world - are just a loudspeaker and microphone away.  The "masses" will accept anything and every evil solution when they have given up on the truth and have reached the point where they fear themselves.

mcconnell and deb ceiling

McConnell is a doublespeak day he speaks tough, then next day he's all  jello caving into the dems...he has to go.  We maxed out our U.S. credit card now it has to be cancelled and we have to make some tough changes to our style of living. 


 It is time for any one in Washington who has served more than 2 terms to be voted out regardless of their party.




    VOTE THEM OUT !!!!!    Larry !!

Reply to Anonymous "Anyone serving for more that 2 years..."

Lets do it!