2014 Republican Wave

Democrats Haven’t Learned Anything From Midterms

David Harsanyi, The Federalist

Why aren’t Americans consumed by Democrats’ political concerns all the time about everything always? Maybe they’ve seen the results.

How to Use the GOP Wave

Quin Hillyer, National Review Online

Conservatives should pick targets big and small. Use the wave to cut budgets and show that conservatives mean business.

Just In Case You Missed It: The Democrats Think You Are Stupid

When voters say they want their country back they understand perfectly well that it is the Jonathan Grubers of the liberal self-appointed urban elite that have stolen it.

Democrats, You Did it to Yourselves

Derrick Wilburn, American Thinker

The massive gains by Republicans in the US Congress come at a time when congressional Republicans have all-time low public approval ratings  But despite the fact that seemingly nobody can stand them, Republicans walked to massive victories. 

Chris Christie Would Have Been Defeated In The 2014 Wave

Had Chris Christie been on the ballot this year he might very well have gone down to defeat for the same reasons Democratic candidates for Governor had a bad day at the ballot box – high taxes and out-of-control state spending.

Repub. Rout at State Level = Backlash Against Fed. Control

Washington Examiner Staff

Americans have reacted to President Obama by choosing more conservative rule at the local level.

What's In A Name? Help Us Name The 2014 Wave

The NoBama Wave, the Anti-Amnesty Wave, the Bye-Bye Barack Election, the Fed Up Wave; the 2014 midterm Republican sweep needs a name that reflects its roots in a conservative outpouring against Obama's lawless and feckless six years in office. Please submit your idea for a name for the 2014 midterm wave for a chance to win a prize from our treasure chest of conservative books and other fun stuff.