2016 GOP Candidates for President

Fed. Prosecutors Subpoena Christie's Campaign, NJ GOP Comm.

Larry McShane, New York Daily News

US Attorney Paul Fishman (a Dem.) has asked both the Christie campaign and the Repub. committee to provide documents as the office investigates possible political retaliation by NJ's two-term governor.

Ben Carson Compared to Reagan as '16 Draft Effort Continues

Kevin Derby, Sunshine State News

Conservatives and tea partiers continue to try to recruit Dr. Ben Carson to run for president in 2016. John Phillip Sousa IV, chair of the Nat'l Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, compared Carson to Reagan, and argued that Carson was the only Repub. candidate who could defeat Hillary Clinton.

Why Dr. Ben Carson Should Be A Republican Candidate For President

We know an individual who has never been elected to public office and who does not have great personal wealth will have a hard time being elected President, but Ben Carson would make all Republican candidates better just by being in the game. Click here to vote in our NEW 2016 GOP Presidential Poll now.

Cuccinelli to Christie: Resign as RGA Head

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Former VA A.G. and Repub. guv. candidate Ken Cuccinelli said Gov. Chris Christie should resign as chairman of the powerful Republican Governors Assoc. because the scandals Christie is dealing with may tarnish the GOP brand and make him an ineffective surrogate.

Rand Paul in Third Place?

The findings of the new NBC News/Marist Poll are an early wake-up call that we conservatives must avoid what our good friend Morton Blackwell, founder and president of the Leadership Institute, and Virginia’s long-serving Republican National Committeeman, calls “The Sir Galahad Theory of Politics.”

Wealthy GOP Donors Giving Up on Christie?

Allahpundit, Hot Air

“The idea that he’s the prohibitive front-runner is over,” says a Republican strategist. Among the party’s money men, the reaction to the scandal that has rocked Trenton for the past week is divided.

Bridge Gate As Bad as Obama Scandals

Strident Conservative, Red State

Like Obama, Christie’s office engaged in political payback against his enemies. Like Obama, he claims that he wasn’t aware of things until he read it in the newspaper. If that's true, wouldn’t it mean that he’s responsible for creating an environment where this type of behavior would be tolerated, if not expected?

NJ Position as Least-Solvent State=Trouble for Christie?

John Merline, Investor's Business Daily

More bad news for Gov. Chris Christie: NJ is dead last in terms of its financial health, according to a new report released by the free-market Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

How Christie Lost His (Conservative) Way

Josh Kraushaaer, National Journal

Christie started out on a conservative track. But then he replaced his devotion to policy with a devotion to reelection. He developed a politically beneficial alliance with Obama. He began attacking conservatives, especially Tea Party R's who didn't like the level of fed. spending for storm relief. 

Is It Time To Drop Chris Christie From Our Presidential Poll?

With NJ Governor Chris Christie’s reputation now seriously damaged by “Bridge-Gate” we here at CHQ are wondering if his problems haven’t cleared a path for another of the Republican establishment’s perennial favorites: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Feds Investigate Christie Over Misuse of Sandy Relief Funds

Melanie Batley, Newsmax

Federal investigators have launched an inquiry into whether Gov. Chris Christie improperly used Superstorm Sandy relief funds to produce tourism ads that featured him and his family during his re-election campaign.

Cruz: All of America Needs to be a Real Promise Zone

John Hayward, Human Events

Socialists see "opportunity" as one more resource for them to redistribute. 

Yup, Chris Christie's A Bully

The most important contribution the “Bridge-Gate” scandal makes to the 2016 Republican presidential contest is not what Chris Christie knew and when he knew it. It is that “Bridge-Gate” confirms that Chris Christie surrounds himself with people who share the same kind of thinking that led to the extra-constitutional Obama Administration abuses in the IRS targeting of conservatives and other scandals.

Could BridgeGate Get Christie Impeached?

Todd Beamon, Newsmax

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could face impeachment over the spiraling Bridgegate scandal, Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine said. Emails surfaced that show Christie's staff called for the lane closures that caused ambulance delays, as well as serious traffic jams --all because a mayor wouldn't endorse Christie.

Christie Makes a Show of Signing DREAM Act

Mark Impomeni, Human Events

If Christie hopes to govern from the White House, he will have to win over Republican primary voters first.

Peter King Raised $ For Terrorists As They Killed Americans

Erick Erickson, Red State

While the IRA was running terror operations throughout Ireland and Britain, Peter King was a huge supporter. And that guy is now the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

Neo Cons Hammer Rand Paul For Upholding His Oath Of Office

The congressional oath of office binds the oath-taker to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Right now it is hard to imagine a domestic enemy of the Constitution that is more potent than the NSA.

King: Paul Hates U.S., Doesn't Deserve Senate

Russell Berman, The Hill

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said fellow Repub. Sen. Rand Paul “doesn’t deserve to be in the Senate” based on his accusations against the NSA. He said Paul was “totally uninformed or he’s part of that hate America crowd that I thought left us in the 1960s.”

Rand Paul & The Christian Right

W. James Antle III, American Conservative

From foreign policy to prison reform, the Kentucky senator is building a base of values voters. 

Huckabee: A 2016 Game Changer?

W. James Antle III, The National Interest

He might not win, but he can make it hard for others to pick up socially conservative voters. Groan.