2016 GOP Candidates for President

Christie to Sign Version of 'Dream Act' Into Law

Vaughn Hillyard, NBCNews.com

Gov. Chris Christie said he would sign a version of the “Dream Act” into state law. The move will offer undocumented immigrant students in-state tuition, but will not allow them to receive state financial aid.

Mike Lee Takes on Peter King

Elise Cooper, American Thinker

When asked about Peter King's attacks on the Tea Party and conservative base, Sen. Mike Lee said, "I would advise anyone who wants to attack our base that if most of us cannot get on the same page the country will continue to lurch towards the left. Those who attack our base are impairing the ability of their own party to win elections."

Bridge Scandal Hurts Christie's Image

Errol Louis, CNN

Gov. Chris Christie finds himself fending off a local scandal that has become an early stumbling block on his road to a run for president in 2016. He claims Dems are making a mountain out of a molehill. All indications are that the Repub. has nobody to blame but himself for his current woes.

Will Paul Ryan Run in 2016?

Russell Berman, The Hill

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has a choice to make. His GOP colleagues say he won't run.

Today Conservatives Can Remake Congress And Restore America

Congressional retirements are picking up. It does the cause of limited constitutional government no good to nominate and elect another establishment Republican. Here’s the list of open seats to-date. Conservatives must start making the calls and setting the meetings to recruit limited government constitutional conservative candidates to run in every Republican primary.

Graham: Ryan Is Presidential Material

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

“From my point of view, he's [Paul Ryan] showing leadership," Lindsey Graham said. “...if you want to become president, maybe instead of trying to please every faction of your party, maybe you should show the country as a whole I can actually work with the other side on something important.”

Peter King Starts Anti-Tea Party PAC

Alex Lazar, ABCNews.com

Seeking to unify anti-tea party forces, Rep. Peter King formed a new political action committee, American Leadership PAC, to promote an alternative to staunch conservative Repubs. “I want to create a presence for those like myself who feel Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are out of touch with the American people,” he said.

Could There Be a McClintock versus Ryan Showdown in 2016?

Someone needs to offer the principled limited government constitutional alternative to the Republican establishment on spending. Starting a “draft Tom McClintock” committee may be what is needed, because McClintock is saying what few others will – America can’t afford many more mistakes like those the Republican establishment made on the Ryan spending deal.

Christie: There's No GOP Branding Problem

Real Clear Politics Staff

"There is no stranglehold that any party has over any state that outstanding candidates that are willing to work hard ... can't get looser," Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said. "But it matters who you nominate..." Refreing to the Republican brand, he stated, "It's not our party's problem, it's our candidate problem." 

The GOP’s Paul Ryan Problem

Liberals and the Democratic Party exist solely to divide-up the spoils extorted from producers by the welfare state and cutting federal spending undermines their very reason for being. The Ryan spending deal passed by the House last night shows that establishment Republicans, led by Paul Ryan, embrace those same impulses.

Spending Vote a Litmus Test for Conservatives

The vote on the Ryan -- Murray spending deal will show which Republicans are willing to participate in the culture of lies that enables the disastrous state of American governance.

Rand Paul Rising Again?

W. James Antle III, The National Interest

Here are even more reasons conservatives shouldn't give up on Rand Paul just yet. We haven't.

Paul's Plan for Detroit, Liberally-Ruined Cities

Oliver Darcy, The Blaze

Sen. Rand Paul will travel to Detroit Friday to open the Michigan Republican Party’s inner-city outreach office and unveil his plan to “help Detroit bail themselves out.” He thinks the opening of the African American Engagement Office will help the GOP make headway in one of America’s firmest Dem. strongholds.

Does Christie Ever Shut Up?

Jen Kuznicki, JenKuznicki.com

It’s an outrage that Governor Chris Christie spends most of his time pontificating and getting it on tape, and yet, has a “good for me but not for thee” approach to congress.

Rubio Building Foreign Policy Experience?

John T. Bennett, Defense News

Rubio’s latest trek to London is telling. In a "major foreign policy address," Rubio appeared to be beefing up that part of his potential 2016 presidential candidate resume, including some red-meat rhetoric for his GOP base.

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RPaul: Christie Embraces Obamacare

Tal Kopan, Politico

Stepping up his attacks on Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul questioned the conservative bona fides of the governor for expanding Medicaid and “embracing Obamacare.” “I don’t think any one person gets to decide what is or what isn’t conservative,” Paul said. “...Embracing Obamacare, expanding Medicaid is very expensive and not fiscally conservative.”

Ryan Faces Crossroads in Iowa

Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Paul Ryan has been criticized by conservatives for supporting amnesty and for backing the fiscal cliff deal that raised taxes on the top 2% of the nation’s earners while extending the Bush-era tax cuts for most everyone else.

Christie: No Presidential Heavyweight

Star Parker, Christian Post

The last 2 presidential elections tell us that Repubs don't succeed with candidates who lack conviction consistent with the GOP's conservative platform. So why would any Repub. see a typical political operative like Christie as presidential material?

Amnesty and Paul Ryan's Presidential Ambitions

Along with Paul Ryan’s fine personal qualities comes a penchant for granting deference to the interests of the establishment GOP’s corporate paymasters and thereby alienating the two blocks of voters Republicans must have to win: Reagan Democrats and Tea Party movement voters. To arm yourself intellectually for the battle over amnesty and illegal immigration, watch the videos in our “Short Course” on amnesty and immigration and be sure to sign our "no amnesty" petition.