2016 GOP Candidates for President

Competence, Care, and Christie

G. Murphy Donovan, American Thinker

Other than Hurricane Sandy, Obamacare might be the best thing that ever happened to Chris Christie.

Can Christie Win Outside Northeast?

Jon Terbuch, TheWeek.com

Chris Christie's provincial problem: Can he win outside the Northeast? A recent poll indicates that Christie's popularity might not extend far beyond his home state, even against a generic Repub.

Christie: The New Tom Dewey?

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Based on what Chris Christie says, the future of the GOP is in digging up the moldy “non-ideology” that is really not just another ideology but for Establishment R's an obsessive ideology. The ideology of poor old (unsuccessful) Tom Dewey that promises defeat.

We Agree With Chris Christie (On Two Things)

Chris Christie's Sunday morning talk show marathon showed that the New Jersey Governor's major flaw as a Republican presidential candidate is not the messenger -- it is the Governor's lack of a conservative message.

Christie: GOP Should Follow My Lead

Fox News Staff

Chris Christie stayed neutral Sun. on whether he’ll run for president. But the Repub. had a message for governors and other elected officials pondering a 2016 run: “Get the job done.”

Christie's SameSex Marriage Surrender

Cameron Joseph and Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to abandon his legal fight against gay marriage has enraged social conservatives and shows he’s betting a big reelection win next month matters more to his 2016 presidential ambitions than appealing to a religious base already leery of him.