2016 House Republican Budget

Find Out How Your Congressman Voted on the Boehner-Obama Budget Deal

Melissa Quinn, The Daily Signal

Despite overwhelming opposition from the majority of Republicans, the House of Representatives voted to pass a two-year budget deal today that raises spending caps by $80 billion and suspends the debt limit through March 2017.

America, this is the worst budget deal since the 1990 calamity

Stephen Moore, Fox News Opinion

Republican leaders in Congress have just negotiated a fiscal deal that can best be described as unconditional fiscal surrender. ‎It is the worst budget deal to be negotiated by the GOP since George H.W. Bush agreed to violate his "no new taxes" pledge in 1990. The result of that capitulation was to make Bush a one-term president and to split the Republican party right down the middle. Every presidential candidate should be asked where they would have vetoed it and any one of them that supports it is no friend of the taxpayer.

Lack of Pentagon Money is Not Our Top National Security Problem

Don’t get us wrong, House Republicans were right to look at Obama’s national security budget and conclude it was dangerously thin, but their budget gimmickry and unwillingness to make tough choices in other areas of the budget – or even choices that should be easy for conservatives – shows that they are unwilling to be honest with the American people and acknowledge that the national security and fiscal challenges facing America intersect.

Conservative Alert: House GOP Introduces Budget

House Republicans today introduced their Fiscal Year 2016 budget. The House GOP budget proposal partly privatizes Medicare, turns Medicaid into block grants to the states, repeals Obamacare and reaches balance in 10 years, and, it increases defense spending, challenging Republicans in Congress to make good on their promises to deeply cut federal spending. To view the House Republican budget document in PDF format click this link.