2016 Presidential Straw Poll

Trump Added To CHQ Presidential Straw Poll – Vote Now

Is Donald Trump a conservative? Trump’s entry into the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, and his meteoric rise in the polls after his announcement speech attacking the establishment elite, such as Jeb Bush, for backing the open borders policies that have allowed millions of illegal aliens to stay in the United States has prompted an update of the CHQ 2016 Republican Presidential Straw Poll. To vote in the CHQ 2016 Presidential Straw Poll click this link.

Rand Paul Wins Maine 2016 Prez Straw Poll

Mike Allen, Poltico

Sen. Rand Paul, who spoke Sat. at the Maine Republican Convention, was the big winner in the party’s straw poll. Paul took 26% of the vote, to 14% for the second-place finisher, Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Biggest Inside Secret From CPAC 2014

Although Indiana's principled limited government constitutional conservative Governor Mike Pence wasn't even at this year's CPAC, and he barely registered on the CPAC straw poll, Pence's name kept coming up as the one potential Republican presidential candidate who has all the tools necessary to rebuild the winning Republican coalition.

Is It Time To Drop Chris Christie From Our Presidential Poll?

With NJ Governor Chris Christie’s reputation now seriously damaged by “Bridge-Gate” we here at CHQ are wondering if his problems haven’t cleared a path for another of the Republican establishment’s perennial favorites: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.